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*Must Read* Vladimere, Jessica and Sheffield, OH MY!!

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Satejrat, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. Satejrat

    Satejrat Guest

    I was stealthing around last evening when I heard voices from inside a small private house thru a side window.
    Here is the conversation I heard and what I saw happening.
    EM Vladimere and Lady Jessica was faceing each other talking

    EM Vladimere: I tucked you away to be kept safe from harm with the Trolls....
    EM Vladimere: And the thanks I get is your new title, The Evil Lady Jessica
    Lady Jessica: The Trolls secretly captured an Evil Mage who taught me the ways of the dark magic
    Lady Jessica: The Trolls cousins the Frost Trolls want the ice creams, the goblin cabe and thier ice cream makers
    Lady Jessica: They asked me to inturpet their language into human form so the Goblins know what to expect
    Lady Jessica: The Goblins was given a 30 Day Eviction Notice. Atleast the Trolls was nice enough to do that
    EM Vladimere: The Goblins have many different races that are friends with them, Like the Humans, Elves and the Savages
    Lady Jessica: Their friends of the Goblins need to stay away too or they will soon be attacked also
    EM Vladimere: You and the Trolls intend on trying to take over?
    Lady Jessica: No... Just the Goblin Cabe and the Ice Cream Makers
    EM Vladimere: I noticed around Luna their are Goblin Traps and Goblin Cages. Some of the Cages already contain Goblins!
    Lady Jessica: Yes, The Goblins are few and should be no problem trapping them all. I have Goblin Trackers out looking for them when they are alone.
    EM Vladimere: I heard that the Goblins have trapped a couple Trolls and put them in a large cage? They want to make a trade.
    Lady Jessica: They tried to trap me too but i am too quick for them.
    Lady Jessica: The Trolls are many and the Goblins are few. The Trolls have the advantage with their size and numbers
    EM Vladimere: I hear foot steps outside, If you wish to hide for a few minutes I will see who is there.
    Lady Jessica: If your trying to trap me too, I will hunt you down and put you in a Special Built EM Cage!!
    EM Vladimere: Just hide for a

    Then I saw a bright flash of light for a split second and Jessica was gone.
    A couple moments later a knock came from the front door.

    EM Vladimere: Who is it and what do you want!
    Sheffield: Its me Chief Detective, I need to speak with you for a couple minutes
    EM Vladimere: Come inside, I dont want the citizens to see us talking.
    Sheffield: I have been following leads and clues and thought Lady Jessica was in here.
    EM Vladimere: Do you see her here?
    Sheffield: No not at this moment. But I did see a bright light for a split second as I was walking up toward the door
    Sheffield: It is well known that you took Lady Jessica and placed her in hideing a while back
    Sheffield: EM Vladimere, I must ask you officially, Are you hideing or helping Lady Jessica again.
    EM Vladimere: Do you have orders from Queen Dawn to question me!
    Sheffield: No.... I am sorry but I do need the questions answered.
    EM Vladimere: This once I will give you an official answer.
    EM Vladimere: NO!
    EM Vladimere: I will also give you a official warning.
    EM Vladimere: Don't you ever come to me again with questions like that or question my loyality to the Chessy Shard again without orders from Queen Dawn
    EM Vladimere: I will have you Jailed in the darkest dungeon and you will never see the light of day again.
    EM Vladimere: Chief Detective Sheffield, Do I make myself Clear!
    Sheffield: Yes, I am sorry to have disturbed you and it will never happen again without orders from Queen Dawn.
    EM Vladimere: Get out of my sight before I summon Queen Dawn and the Royal Guards!

    A moment later I heard foot steps, a door opening and closeing.
    I peeked inside the side window and saw EM Vladimere scribbleing out a note.
    I was barely able to see what it said

    "Lady Jessica, Do not ever visit me again.
    I will not have my Loyality to Chessy Shard and the Citizens ever questioned again.
    I will call the Royal Guards!"

    EM Vladimere then grabbed a messanger bat from a small cage and tied the note to its leg and threw the bat into the air and it disappeared.
    He looked like he was really mad and a second later *poof* he was gone too.
    I got out of there really quick after that and tried to find a shard reporter to let them know what happened in case they know or saw me and decide
    they want to Jail me too
  2. Merik

    Merik Guest

    ((Sorry Satejrat. I have been falling behind. Adding your story to the News section.))