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My days in UO

Discussion in 'UHall' started by kuika, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. kuika

    kuika Visitor

    Sep 4, 2011
    Likes Received:
    Hello. (my english is poor so forgive me for any language mistake)

    I am a relatively new player in UO i have only 25 mounths account and iam doing a balance at what i do in the game.

    My days in UO summarize in hunt yomotsu warriors and Tsuki wolves to farm money and itens and grind non combat skills. I tried to hunt some cool monsters but my best efforts was hunt paragon daemons and ratman champ in abyss. Anything up this is a clear death for me.

    In these 25 mounths i up some crafting skills like imbuing and blacksmith that are about 102 and some combat skills like magery, necromancy, bushido and archery 100. I have only one 120 skill that is sword.

    Another way that i pass my time in this game is fishing but im still only 82 yet.

    My char is simple like my gears. I don't have good slayer weapons but in the future when i become a better crafter i guess this is change.

    For the curious my main character is a samurai paladin that have the next skills:

    Sword 120
    Parry 100
    Bushido 100
    Healing 100
    Anatomy 100
    Tactics 100
    Chivalry 71

    SDI 18
    LMC 24
    MR 7
    DCI 35
    HCI 30

    I was pondering that this game today is a top character game where they have a lot of things to do like champ spaws, peerless monsters and etc but i understand it because this is the main game base player.

    I saw also that the dungeons and places to hunt is to easy or to hard. The only mid term that i find was the revamped Shame where i hunt sometimes but only in level one and sometimes in two.

    I have to thanks the devs to make the Traders Quest because this took me from the routine :D and thanks to for the events like halloween that make the game so amazing and i can participate (with some deads to the butcher and his lichs...).

    I never went to the felluca spaws first because i can't do any champ spaw with my char with these equipments and second because my pvp and my ping sucks (ping 150 in a good days).

    My hope for the future is that the devs continue making something for the middle players like me that don't have top chars like sampire or 120's paladins and mages because we, middle players, have a big gap while we grind skills and farm money to get or/and buy materials to make a top character.

    And i have hope also that this game that i love lasts for a long time to not say forever :p
  2. old gypsy

    old gypsy Grand Poobah
    Professional Stratics Veteran Campaign Patron PITMUCK

    Dec 18, 2010
    Likes Received:
    It sounds like you have accomplished a lot in the relatively short time you have been playing! And it's good to see you posting. :)
    kuika likes this.