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My evening ride

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by HectorFirebrand, Jan 5, 2002.

  1. It was a lovely day so I loaded up Pooterhead (my trusty llama)and headed to Trinsic to visit a close friend of mine. Unfortunatly he was not at home so I decided to take a journey to Britain to stretch Pooters legs a little.

    Well when I got to the gate what should I see but a caravan loading up thier animals with gold and goods. This was quite disturbing to me as they were all talking at once and I could scarcly hear myself think! So I pushed my way through the crowd and finally found myself standing at the gates. Finally I was on my way.

    Pooterhead and I started along the road whistling a happy tune and enjoying the view when I noticed a group of strangly intellignt Orcs hiding along the roadway. Of course I had little of value and was only a little nervous so I continued on.

    The air began to run cold the farther up the road I got and was rummaging in my pack looking for my heavy robe when who should I see but the lovely Harmony of DP! She seemed to be awfully busy healing one of her compatriates so I simply bid her a hellp and a few polite words and rode on.

    Shortly I heard a voice calling my name and turned to see who it was. Brandon Rahl rode up to me, his llama frothy from his haste. "Whats the matter Brandon?" I asked.

    "Havent you heard?" he replyed, "The PAS have enslaved many Llamas and are forcing them to bear heavy loads of gold against thier will!"

    I gasped in shock and anger! "Well we must do something about this Brandon! Do you know where the caravan will be heading?"

    He informed me of the route and we quickly devised a plan to build a barricade at the guard outpost and order the slavers to release thier fine llamas from thier servitude in order to pass. We rode quickly north to the bridge and met my good friend Mystro along the way. We told him what was up and he was nearly as upset about it as we so he joined us.

    We got to the outpost in a short while and set about stacking chests and stones and bookcases quickly constructing a crude barricade. We were quite pleased with our little plan and sat down by the road to wait for the caravan to arrive. Well I had been up all night reading the night before and soon fell asleep.

    When I awoke I saw Brandon nestled up under a shady tree and a band of rouges had set about dismantling our fine barrcade! Mystro was protesting loudly but alas they were gone almost as quickly as they had arrived. Disillusioned Mystro opted to abandon the cause and go home. I roused Brandon from his slumber and he also was quite upset. He vowed to retrieve our fine chests and such and rode off in search of the foul knaves.

    I stood there fer a few minutes pondering my actions when a song leapt into my heart and I was inclined to play. I was concentrating on my chords when I noticed a group of Golgothans ride by like the devil himself was at thier heels! In the midst of them I saw the man known as Pan. I waved to him as he passed but he simply scowled down at me and hurried on his way.

    Well I wasnt too keen on impeding the progress of the caravan in the first place and set my sights back on Britain. Suddenly the air was filled with the wings of messeger pigeons bringing me news of how Mystor and Brandon were getting on. So I sat by the roadside fer a few minutes to read over the messeges and send them back on thier way with replies. I stood and was about to mount my faithful steed when a bandit leapt from the bushes!!

    He rushed at me without a word and took to thrusting his spear into my round belly! I tried to call a teleport spell to mind to put some distance between us but alasit was too late. He struck me in the side of the head with his spear and all went black.

    In my restless sleep I dreamed of a man in red robes standing at my side. He looked at my sadly and informed me that I was the victim of foul play. "If you wish revenge sir I will gladly annotate his misdeed in the annuls of time," he offered. So I thought about it fer a minute and told the strange man that I felt no regret towards my attacker as I was sure he had simply mistaken me for a deer due to my brown robe. The strangers smiled at me and faded away.

    When I came to a stranger was kneeling over me tending to my wounds. "Be easy friend, he said gently, "youll be good as new in no time."

    I thanked him when he was finished and climbed atop Pooterhead and returned to our ride to Britain. Not much further up the road I came to a bridge. Standing there by it were a group of Zog members with lust for blood in thier eyes. I called hail to Thraximus and asked him how his health was getting on.

    He replied that he was well and began to rant about how the caravan had been routed and seemed quite pleased with himself. I felt it fortunate that I had caught him in such fine spirits. I asked permission to cross the bridge and he granted it. I rode on feeling thankful to have averted death at the hands of a known criminal.

    Finally I started to see the fine houses dotting the landscape that made up the outskirts of Britain. I rode to the moongate and stepped in. While I was choosing to return to trammel Pooterhead looked back at me at said solomly, "you know if King David had asked us we could have gated them to Vesper."

    You know sometimes I wish that llama would keep his mouth shut...
  2. Pluffina

    Pluffina Guest

    This is really great Hec!!!! hehe I love all the RP posts that have been showing uo recently!!!
    ALSO, posts like this and interviews with many of the principles is letting me get a good overview -- sounds like a BLAST.

    I am SAD about the multiple counts, but next time remember that ONLY PAS and OOD promised not to give counts. If you attacked blue characters in "bad" guilds who were there to attack the caravan, they may well have given out couhnts, and none of them ever said they would not. If you attacked spectators who just came to see what was going on, neither trying to protect or loot the caravan -- they too may very well have given out counts.

  3. *blush*
    aww shucks
  4. Maness

    Maness Guest

    I do have to admit we had a great barricade heh.
    Wish i woulda got a screenshot
  5. *kicks the post to the top*
    I loved it! Specially the llama...(even though those damn things and I DO not get along).

    Bravo! *claps*
  6. *blush*

    nothin like gettin a good review from the "competition"


    thx fer the complement Rose
  7. *yawn* boy it sure is late guess ill go to bed...

    *walks over to bed*

    OUCH!!! i stubbed my toe on this post!!

    grrr whats it doin way down here??!!!

    (ok ok i know this is lame but only like 70 people looked at it... :(*
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Great story Hec!!!

    Oh did I bump the post?!?!?! Oops ;)
  9. Cromagus

    Cromagus Guest

    Wonderful story!
  10. *bumped in protest of not having an lbr cd*