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My First Crux Event :-D by Lord Xavyir Rider II

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by AnthonyMichaelMusic, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. [hey all! Xavyir Rider II here! [/B]

    Tonight was not only my first event with the Knights of the Crux Anstata - but also my first event since returning after an almost 4 year hiatus from UO!

    Everyone involved seemed excited to get going with the event and I could tell that a lot of effort had gone into the planning and presentation of the event which was awesome! but more importantly, despite not being present for the other events the knights have had, between friendly players and helpful EM's I was able to get caught up on the lore and become an active participant in no time.

    The Event!

    Starting tonight at 10 pm sharp we all gathered in a great meeting hall, the order symbol covering the stone floor upon which out chairs were placed. Despite there being a somewhat rag-tag group of my fellow knights present everyone seemed eager to delve deep into the mind of Charlotte Armandine. We were on not so much a rescue mission, but a scouting mission to learn more about how she became possessed by the as-yet unnamed deamon, and to hopefully gain intelligence on how to release her from her prison.

    Upon meetings end our group headed for my old haunt; Trinsic's; jail to take the first step into Charlotte's mind. After speaking with Adamu we headed in for what was sure to be a mind-bending adventure.

    We were met with some opposition in the form of Charlotte's faded memory of murderers - ghostly apparitions that attacked on site - however between our swords and spells and animal allies these ghouls had no chance. After slaying the beasts we found ourselves face to face with the marbleized statue of what we learned to be Charlotte's memories, surrounded by what we learned to be "Soul Locks." Just one of these items could mean the end for our damsel in distress... but to our dismay we found her surrounded by six of these infernal contraptions.

    Upon further investigation we found what appeared to be the remains of a burned down building; still fresh with the stench of burning flesh. However, amongst the burning wreckage and decaying bodies was a book in perfect condition, a tale and a puzzle of sorts wrapped into one where the "adventurer" must choose his or here own tale. This of course turned out to be none other than the events that occured just before, during , and immediately after poor Charlotte's possession. upon reading this the marble statue began to react shouting out all sorts of curiosities that both baffled and bewildered us.. until a memory of Charlotte's sister, our leader, Danica manifested.

    Throughout the adventure we learned more and more about the possession and hopefully learned more about a way to undo this wrong-doing.

    I for one can not WAIT tuill the next event! to my fellow Knights of The Crux Ansata! I will see you soon! and GodSpeed!

    - Lord Xavyir Rider II of The Black Tower