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[Imbuing] My first imbued suit

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by [JD], May 16, 2010.

  1. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    Did this with 94.5 Imbuing and 102.x Tailoring...

    Just finished my first super suit. Keep in mind while critiquing that I only have 94.5 imbuing, gained soley by unraveling, and random +.1’s from doing small crap for my friends…

    Goals for the suit were to make a great suit at a cheap price. One that would be good for just about anything – spawning, PVP, farming, etc.

    This is on a faction character and uses some faction arties. I’ve kind of built in a couple fallbacks for myself when factions change, and also left myself open for growth for when I get stuff like Tangle.

    Some of the things are not max intensity as this would conflict with the “cheap price” goals. However, the option is always there for me to gather the special ingredients and imbue them. If I ever feel like spending 6 mil for 40 seeds of renewal to have 19 MR instead of 15, I can do it! (probably not!)

    Something which was really cool is any exceptional Gargoyle Leather piece has 61 resist points on it before you even imbue… it blows human armor away. I chose Gargoyle because this is a Myst Mage and I wanted to be able to fly while having RC.

    Methodology wise, once I began crafting exceptional Horned pieces (I went with Horned because it had better fire resist even though it had 1 less resist point than barbed), I had started out with the easiest piece. But then I got to thinking, why am I starting with the easiest piece because as I progress I’m going to need more and more specific resists and I’ll have to craft far more pieces with more failure. So I then changed to craft the HARDEST ones which take the most resources and failure and did them from hardest to easiest. It worked out very well. Overall I didn’t use more than 500 Horned Hides to do this.

    Lastly because my skill is kind of low, I did the first 3 imbues (usually LMC, resists, LRC, maybe mana) and had to have a 120 imbuer do the last 5 imbues (MR, hp, and some mana)

    Without further adieu, here goes…


    HP: 131
    STA: 20
    Mana: 168 (Could be 182 with special ingredients and Tangle)
    STR: 128
    DEX: 20
    Int: 140 (Could be 150 w/Tangle)
    Resists: 85/71/70/80/70 (Can use no penalty protect, some protection from Corpse Skin, fire/poison can be higher w/special ingreds to protect against corpse skin)
    LRC: 101
    SDI: 25
    FCR: 8 (Couldn’t help it, overcapped cause of arties)
    FC: 2
    LMC: 39 (Could be 40 with special ingredients)
    HP/STA/Mana Regen: 7/2/15 (Could be 19 MR with Seeds of Renewal)
    DCI: 70 – (Immune to HLD With Boomerang and Tangle)
    Special Abilities: 5% Poison eater, 30% Soul Charge (Would have liked to have worked Lavaliere in here but I don't have one)


    Neck: Pendant of the Magi
    Arms (imbued): HP4, Mana 7, MR 1, LMC 7, 18/14/12/15/12
    Chest (imbued): Mana 7, MR1, LRC 17, LMC 7, 18/13/12/18/10
    Legs (imbued): Mana 7, MR1, LRC 17, 14/19/16/19/9
    Kilt (imbued): Mana 7, MR1, LRC 17, 15/15/20/15/14
    Weapon: Currently 15 DCI -20 Mage SC Gheal Wand, having a +25 DCI Boomerang made
    Shield: Mystic’s Guard
    Ring: Faction Crystalline (can replace with imbued when faction changes come)
    Bracelet: Faction Orny (can replace with real orny when “ “ “)
    Earrings: Altered Faction Folded Steel Reading Glasss (“ “ “ Real ones or Night Eyes when “ “ “)
    Talisman: Special Sonoma Ricardo Quest Poison eater 5%, LMC 5, STA Regen 2, Poison Resist 3
    Waist: Faction Crimmy (Replace with Tangle for +10 Int and 70 DCI)
    Back: Altered Quiver of Infinity (If I lose crystalline ring, replace with Rangers’ cloak of aug for SDI)
    Cloak: Shroud of the Condemned (Replace with Cloak of Death for SDI if I lose faction Crystalline Ring)

    It takes about 7.5 sec to meditate the mana back from casting a RC.. the mana bar flies upwards
  2. Yen Sid

    Yen Sid Guest

    Looks pretty good. Don't bother with raising the MR any more though, 15 to 19 you won't notice any change. And have you used this suit yet? I'm not sure how a mage wep throwing weapon works but if it works like normal throwing, you won't be able to hit anything using a shield.
  3. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    It's not actually to use to throw - it's for the 25 DCI to be immune to HLD. (ranged weapons can have 25 DCI)

    I might make a version with 44 hit area or something and drop the shield temporarily to help wipe out low level spawn/annoying ettins etc...
  4. Shelleybean

    Shelleybean Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jan 30, 2003
    Likes Received:
  5. dlwiii

    dlwiii Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Aug 26, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Thank you for the post - I am trying to do the same thing for my elf sampire. I look at the pieces and see way more than 5 properties though. How do you get that?

    For example: Arms (imbued): HP4, Mana 7, MR 1, LMC 7, 18/14/12/15/12

    What properties did you imbue, and which ones came with the armor?
    Did you start with leather then enhance with horned? I am unclear how imbuing and enhancing work together.
  6. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    dlwii, i crafted gargish barbed leather. no enhancing.

    i think what you're getting confused on is that i found out exceptional gm arms lore gargish leather has 61 resist points without even imbuing one resist.

    human/elf barbed has only 47 resist points - a difference of 14.

    the imbue points on this were hp4, mana 7, mr1, lmc 7, and physical resist 18.

    all the other resists were already there because gargoyle leather has more resist points than human/elf.

    you may want to look into red dragonscale (craft with val hammer, see recent post by connor on warrior forum in nyses' best sampire ever thread) or since you're elf, heartwood/bloodwood and then enhance...