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My first log-in

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by GiorgioAnMani, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. Hello! Today i've logged for first time in UO Europa, its not my first time playing Ultima Online but my first time on this Shard. I'm lost about what to do, i've started macring Magery with a 70% LRC armor (Thanks the man that gived it to me), but.. what should i do? I've thinked about going Doom and try get some Artifact then selling it for buying my first pieces of armor. Another option was farm bolts and try get some heartwood kit for getting my first's checks of money.

    I'm really lost, I hope someone can tell me whats the best to do (with a 70% lrc :p).

    Thanks so much!!!
  2. Tjalle

    Tjalle Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter Gilfane

    May 12, 2008
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    Hi there! :)

    Well, first I´d say forget about the bolt/heartwood thing as it would take you forever to get a heartwood kit. And with the delay on the bolt quest you would lose interest in no time.

    First get your skills up before worrying about getting expensive equipment.

    Just go train your skills in places where you can hunt monsters as well and you might get some nice amounts of gold while training.

    When your skills are high enough perhaps you could try some Ilsh or Tokuno spawns and maybe get a SoT (the pink skill scrolls) or two... I´ve seen them sell for a lot on vendors.

    Oh well, just take your time and have fun and the stuff will come to you eventually...

    Welcome to Europa! :thumbup1:
  3. cheerful

    cheerful Guest

    as tjalle says skills are more important at the moment, depends where your at now. If under 50 then stay in Haven and do the quests after that you could try Despise dungeon, all differenr levels of monsters there.

    Whilst in Haven try and buddy up with others that are in your situation.

    Try to get that suit to 100% lrc, again there may be people willing to help in Haven.

  4. Seasseragh

    Seasseragh Guest

    Also the stats (Str, Dex, Int) are important. I think they also made it harder to train them recently.
    You can use Evaluate Intelligence skill on people, for both bonus to magical effects and Int gains (Int gives you Mana, to cast more spells in a row).
    Consider gaining Str (Health and carry capacity) by using
    Lumberjacking or Mining, you can loose those skills later.
    (At least those were good years back, not 100% sure they still are the best)
  5. Kas Valentine

    Kas Valentine Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 27, 2004
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    S'moving away from the topic but s'the best name I've seen for a while, good work ! [​IMG]
  6. Caremachine

    Caremachine Guest

    I just basically finished playing my first week @ shard.

    started mage/parry template.

    that's what ive done.

    logged in:
    There are good escort quests in New Heaven, just speak to those lads who's trying to speak to you. Accept their quests, lead them to the location they need (takes 1-2 minutes to find tailor, or inn in Heaven) its good gold at start - 500g a pop. And those quests are repeatable, u can take on another quests 5 mins after u finished one. That's how i've got enough cash for horse, runebook and buying skills from npc to take them to 40%

    Then ive met up with some guys and fairly easy got into the guild.

    guildleader was nice enough to give me 100% LRC suit (very handy at all times)

    After that i was doing escort quests in New Heaven killing zombies and skeletons around while waiting for 5 min cooldown. The goal was to get enough cash to insure my LRC suit and get some recall scrolls.

    When i was starting char i chose to have 50% magery, so success rate of casting bladespirits spell was like 40-50% for me from the start.

    I went to Arctic Isle (there is a good rune library W road out of Umbra, just have 1 recall scroll with you) to the little dungeon out there, cant recall what is the name. Deciet iirc. Found two nice spots with mummys there, so i was just casting two bladespirits in a row watching them kill mummys. The amount of gold made there is amazing. Like 1 hour of farming is sure 20-25k gold, some gems and sometimes if your lucky - items.

    Between all this action i was putting my char on macro to cast Greater Heal first, then after 60% magery, Paralyze up to 75%, then Invisibility.

    So basically for 7 days playing (and i'm a working man, dont have much spare time) ive got 100% meditation, 95% eval int, 70% resisting spells (casting paralyze on yourself gains it!), 92% magery, around 50% in parrying and 60% macefight


    Basically all of the people above are right. Skills always come first. And also, carefully choose the mobs you fighting against. Some of them are really tough and fighting them for a long period of time is just waste of time and gold you can earn killing multiple easymode monsters.

    Sorry for such a long message. Just felt like sharing my own experience with the newcomer :)
  7. Alezi

    Alezi Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 29, 2007
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    Just a small tip on your template. I would suggest that you replace Mace Fighting with Wrestling. It goes _very_ well with Parry.

    If you choose to take mace fighting you will have to have 90 Tactics if you wish to perform special moves, but if you take Wrestling that's all you need to Disarm/Parablow.
  8. Caremachine

    Caremachine Guest

    Thanks for nice info.
    Was going for mace just because i love boomstick so much. Not going to pvp with this char for sure. PvP with this mage will be healing myself and running away :D

    btw, i have 6 skills now in my tp.

    eval.int - 120
    magery - 100
    meditation - 100
    mace - 100
    parrying - 100
    resisting spells - 120

    And after reading some forums on Legendary scrolls. I figured that 120 magery is basically useless, comparing price payed for PS scroll and those 3,5-5% less fizzles it gets you and some fancy title, since level of magery doesnt afflict dmg anymore, xept poison spell iirc. Eval int 120 is usefull on the other hand. So, basically i have around 60 skillpoints unused. Where to invest them?

    Thank you for your answer
  9. Silverbird

    Silverbird Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 3, 2001
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    I am not shure, waht you want to fight with that template ...

    Hitting with a boomstick sounds silly to me. It simply lacks all somewhat important melee-stats. Without anatomy and tactics you wont do much damage with any weapon. You cant use any weapon specials. (Those require 70/90 tactics to use. But thats not a great loss on the stick, course its specials arent that good and the first one even needs bushido/ninjitsu to use.) On top of that you will miss a lot with 'only' 100 weaponskill.

    If you dont want to pvp, 120 resist spells is wasted. (Except maybe if your hunting in Fel and needs to expect reds attackings from time to time.)

    I for myelf put on magery-using-chars usually 110 magery. That simply means that they will never fail on a 7'th circle spell.

    If you want to keep your tp an add another skill with those 60 free points, I would go for focus, ninjitsu, poisoning or tactics. Best would be to boost some skills with jewelry, too.