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My History in warcraft

Discussion in 'WoW WotLK Beta' started by Tollarac, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Tollarac

    Tollarac Guest

    <b>My History in warcraft</b>

    Hello, My name is James. About 3 years ago i started playing world of warcraft on a orc warlock. I enjoyed my time playing and i was actually very good at it. Then one day when i awoke i heard people spamming chat "get to sithilus now!!" I had no idea what was happening until i got there to see a ENORMOUS crowd had gathered at The gates of AQ, The gong was rang and hugh collosal warbringer's submerged .At first i was confused but then i got told by guildies, My experience in Worlf of warcraft differs to other games, here i have had a chance to communicate through Ventrilio and recently added VC, I enjoyed my time on my warlock until one day i attempted to log in to find my account was deleted, I began shaking i thought it was an error of some kind so in the morning round 10am i phoned blizzard and asked them for a backup copy of my character, they were very useful and explained my character was under suspension for harassment they told me my profile was going to be unusable so i panicked and i told them it was a mistake and that i had no use of my profile, soon we came to an understanding and within a few days i had my character back, at this time burning crusade was released and i was happy to see my guild members getting the expansion and racing to 70. But soon it didn't last ..our guild of nearly 350 was disband due to stress from out guild master, he was taking too much time on world of warcraft and had to leave.. my time changed from then on..my guild would raid MC, AQ and Nax..I was soo displeased that i left world of warcraft myself for 4 months, then in september i was really bored that i came back and started playing, then when i logged in sadly to find "Friend removed because the character No longer exists" I was shocked my friends list on nearly 50 was gone , my good friend told me that the free migration hit the realm and people moved for the sake of it, my life in wow was a dump from then on the realms had practically died away and all the good levels 70's had left..I could not care because i was only level 63 but i liked being around people who had maxed the level cap.. My wow experience from then on 2007 has emerged from its grave! I have found alot of fun to do every day from now on , I had previously tested PTR's and found them absolutely a spoiler to me. Once November came my new guild was prepared for Mount hyjal and BT, though we had heard Illidan had nearly 5million Hit points we were so lifeless ! Kel'thuzad had half of that and we wiped many times to him. Then one brilliant afternoon we emerged into BT as heroes are player's had brilliant understanding of the situation as they had check many websites for what the bosses tend to do. We got to Illidan sometime later, my heart was beating loud and my hand was shaking. Illidan soon was going 40% 30% and at 15% we had out first death, a rogue who aggroed too much had died but luckily we had a battle ressurect and was soon to be alive, 1% came and i stopped just to take a screenshot.. i had no time to save it and then my eyes saw orange, Warglaive of Azzinoth was on loot , even though i was a warlock i couldnt stop looking at it NEVER in my entire experience in MC , AQ or Naxx did we get legendary item! So i thank you for reading this and i hope my chance's are the same as many others who spent 1hours writing history, Goodbye now and see you another time :thumbsup: