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My Modest Dream....

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Pluffina, Apr 4, 2001.

  1. Pluffina

    Pluffina Guest

    I think about house deco WAY too much. But anyway, I have this little teeny modest dream.

    If you have a castle and about 50 MILLION dollars in EXTREME rares you should absolutely hire me. heh.

    Here is what I am LONGING to do -- Make a Fairy Tale Castle. Every room would be decorated as if it were a STORY.

    The Snow White Room for exaple, would have a glass coffin with a pillow at the head of it and a BLACK roof for hair like ebony, snow piles and roses on top for skin and lips, 3 little tables with Apples, a Doublet (for the corset) and (see here is where is gets tricky) a Hairbrush (because there are no combs in UO) and a bottle of poison.

    You could do a room with a spinning wheel a loom, one side piles with gold, the other with straw bakes and scattered hay -- SEE SEE?

    Sleeping beauty, Cinderella -- these can all be done. In the BIG room upstairs, build an UNWALLKABLE THROUGHABLE forest with a PATH that leads you to a litt e HOUSE made of Quarter Staves and Valentines day CANDY and a BIG FAT OVEN! There's Hansel and Gretel -- maybe a different path takes you a blonde vendor, bear heads, bowls of stew, beds, chairs -- GOLDILOCKS!

    Man it would be just about the COOLEST house in uo. Sigh. Cept maybe for the the Odditoreum.



    Visit Plush by Pluffy, a UO Decorator's Website
  2. Beregon

    Beregon Guest

    Sleeping beauty can be done till she becomes sleeping not-so-beautiful-lootable-remains.

    Agarwaen, Sonoma
    Halbarad, Sonoma
    Beregon, Lake Superior
    Agarwaen, Lake Superior
    Maglor, Lake Superior
    Cuthalion, Lake Superior
    Bug, Lake Superior

    All my Faces =)
  3. sse_goku

    sse_goku Guest

    Ning could probly pull of the 50 mil in rares. Also as soon as I get a good house in fel and some money,can you decorate it?

    SSE GOKU-Lumberjack and occasional sh*t talker
    SSE GOKU(2nd account)-Fencer and horse killer
    SSE GOKU(3rd account)-Possible thief
    Charlie Benante-Scribe and Alchemist
    Scott Ian-Carpenter,Tailor,Miner,and Smith
  4. Towenaar

    Towenaar Guest

    Saw your site and it was like 'OH MY GAWD' way cool.

    If you can't find a castle you could see about having public places offering to exhibit a few of your works.. ie
    Shower by Pluff
    Piano by Pluff
    with recall stones indicating you and linking to your place or another exhibit. : )
  5. Beregon

    Beregon Guest

    All I can say is I was amazed... I'd love to have you decorate any big house I get =)

    Agarwaen, Sonoma
    Halbarad, Sonoma
    Beregon, Lake Superior
    Agarwaen, Lake Superior
    Maglor, Lake Superior
    Cuthalion, Lake Superior
    Bug, Lake Superior

    All my Faces =)
  6. Ning could also pull off the castle too, but I rather like its present form........even tho Im definately no Pluffy when it comes to decoration. Ive seen alot of her handywork, and am quite impressed.


    Im Glorious, own a castle, and the ladies are STILL unimpressed.....is it because Im only an inch tall?
  7. I am Legion

    I am Legion Guest

    I don't like this idea... And has it ever been done?
  8. BobMcForge

    BobMcForge Guest

    You dug up a post over two years old just to say you don't like the author's idea?

    What, did the cable go out in your apartment and you can think of nothing better to do?

    Bob McForge
  9. DemanKnght

    DemanKnght Guest

    Is reeal life that BORING that we are digging this stuff up folks? I mean yeah the first time it was funny, heck even the second time, but come on, this is just space wasting at this point. Heck even Ning and Goku have taken a sabatical for a while now. Geez..
  10. Chocolat

    Chocolat Guest

    Post deleted by Chocolat
  11. I am Legion

    I am Legion Guest

    at least someone respects my evil plot of bringing back posts
  12. DemanKnght

    DemanKnght Guest

    At least bring back the funny ones. Find the one she posted about how her son walked up to the key board and named that dragon of hers. Now that's funny.
  13. lancell87

    lancell87 Guest

    ok sweety (ning) where you been hiding ???????? saw the post dropping a ALOHAS TO YA

    huggys and kissys
  14. BobMcForge

    BobMcForge Guest

    You might want to check the date on the post of Nings before you get to excited about it.

    Bob McBob
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I gots no castle, but i do have a 18x18, and maybe not 50m in rares, but at least 5! can i hire ya? :p

    *** poo, 2 year old threads should die &gt;.&lt; ***