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My opinion about the Chinere power lvl and The Chinere farmer

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by skytau, May 3, 2010.

  1. skytau

    skytau Visitor

    May 3, 2010
    Likes Received:
    The two new words, Chinese power lvl and Chinese farmer ,have appeared in front of us since the WOW operated They represent all the derogatory and our resentment .I think nobody could get rid of being killed by them if they have stepped into WOW since the beginning .Compared with the Chinese farmer ,the Chinese power lvl is better ,they will leave after killing you .while the Chinese farmer will waiting for killing you more times until you leaving their territories or your off lines ,if you get in their territories by chance.
    Once ,I hold a neutral attitude to Chinese power lvl ,because they never take the initiative to kill someone ,sometimes they seem to be very gentle .If someone keep saying thanks, thanks ,when you help him with a task or save his life ,it would be a Chinese power lvl with a 90 percent. They will also take the initiative to help you with the task , and they will leave after that without saying anything .Of course they sometimes may ask you "whether your mission have all done? "before they leave. So many times I have felt that the Chinese power lvl is particularly lovely.
    About the Chinese farmer ,I hate them so much that I can not find a word to express .you can not finish this kind of mission that you have to step into the Chinese farmer's territory .if you dare to challenge them ,they will kill you many times .if you luck enough ,you will meet a Chinese farmer that is in the Same camp with you ,he can not kill you himself. But don't be happy too early , the Chinese farmer will send someone else in the opposite camp to kill you until you leave.
    Once I called to remove them out ,but I have changed my idea now .so many years passed, I have known a lot about them and I have felt pit about them. As reported that the Chinese power lvl and Chinese farmer have to work at least twelve hours to earn their low payment.Sometimes,their one month's hard work's payment even much lower than our relief fund .so, I have more tolerance to them.

    Now, I have more thanks to them than anything else. For I can no longer carry on without them .They are now one part of the wow .we have get used to their existence .You can find the Chinese power lvl to help you to increase your level when you fell doing it yourself is boring .They can make it in a short time .The Chinese farmer will make our dream come true in a short time if you can not pay for a bird, an elephant or making a motorcycle .When you fell the basic dungeons are so hard for you or the glory is hard to get ,you can let the Chinese power lvl do them for you .they will be very glad to meet our needs. And we just need to give them a little for the equipment and their hard working. I can not forget the first four months I begun to play WOW. I tried my best to make my role to the top level .When I finished ,I found my equipment was so awful so I found a Chinese power lvl .He let me own seven top level roles with good equipment called " the battlefield "in four months.
    I used nearly one month to make my one role to the eighty level .Every time I saw the experience point increasing a little ,I felt discouraging and unhappy .As soon as my role getting to the eighty level ,I went to find the Chinese power lvl "kgh" and gave him a order for six 70-80 and he made it just in one month .Later that I also let him help to achieve the glory and find better equipment .Now ,I have owned seven roles with s7,t8 and t9.
    Above all ,I will show many thanks to them the ones that I hated once ,the Chinese power lvl and the Chinese farmer ,thank you for what you have done for me .Specifically for the website "kghcn" in China, thank you for letting me get what I want in such a short time .good luck to you my dear friend "kghcn".