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My Pics

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by Malador, Dec 21, 2008.

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  1. Malador

    Malador Guest

    From now on will not be showing my tool bar except by accident. The reason I am posting about it is because I was accused of cheating by Bodi last night simply on the basis of not showing my tool bar. My answer to that last night was show me yours and I will show you mine.

    The real reason I am not showing my tool bar is the following. I am playing in 800x600 mode with my tool bar on auto hide because that is how I like it. No offense intended but aside from feeling the need to explain I am not going to let it bother me if you doubt me. The following are pics that demonstrate a few things. My tool bar is on autohide because I like to see what I have typed. My screen is at 800x600 cause my eyes dont need the strain. You can see I am running uo assist in every pic I shall post. Like I said before no offense intended but if that is not good enough too bad.

    Check sizes. All of these will be 800x600 when expanded

    Toolbar Missing


    Same pic like a second later showing toolbar


    Pic showing typed text cause tool bar is hidden


    Pic showing tool bar annoyingly hiding what I have typed


    I am asking mystra to lock this thread because I dont want to see all the arguments and speculation about am I or arent I. Given past events I hope it can simply be locked before everyone puts thier two cents in.
  2. Not like my opinion matters but to me, I wouldn't really care nor would I have a reason to hide my tool bar. But the thing is, just about everyone in UO has cheated at some point in the game and it is also my opinion that the majority of current pvpers cheat to some degree.

    Its like a Bullsh** meter when these arguements swing back and fourth. We all know the truth and tbh its okay (not to cheat) just that we know how the story goes (in fel at least).

    If you are a legitiment pvper then gratz at least you have the ballz to wander fel without scripts:lick:
  3. Still Frame

    Still Frame Guest

    Mal i have a quick question for you. Do you feel like 800x600 runs a lot better? I get really laggy in duels so i decided to try full screen once and it seems to help a lot. Now my comp is a POS and still lags in full screen but way less.
  4. dukarlo

    dukarlo Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Why dont you just ask someone in UOD how they get the "most" out of thier computers. Doesnt seem like too many of them have any problems. Heck Id ask Saint or Victoriosamity how they have thiers set up seeing as they really cant be caught in game.
  5. Mystra

    Mystra Guest

    Now you know I read this post and say to myself, What good can come of it. And self says....

    lets move on
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