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My Plunder Ship Was LOST!!!!

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by flashbaq, Apr 4, 2004.

  1. flashbaq

    flashbaq Guest

    My poor ship. Used in many a countless search for lost treasure , gold and gems.
    Ooooo purdy purdy gems. Was lost. Well actually the bloody key. I send out a urgent message to all my friends to assist me in finding my boat. Since there's so much gold stacked about this ship. None of my friends know the complete answer. But are told to stand in spots about the island of MoonGlow.. Holding said clue I come running by and then they tell me the clue. I am normally able to put all clues together and am able to find said key. Well I've lost this key so many times I decided to teach myself a lesson. Give the clues to those about. Let them find the key, and give them the Plunder ship. A painful lesson for a pirate to loose her ship. So the clues were thus.
    Clue 1. Go to the Eastern most Reagent seller. Which would obviously send me to well, the eastern most reagent seller. The building called Masters of Illusions , there standing was a friend whos profile said the words, YAS YAHO(SAY AHOY)
    Clue 2. A perfect Night for stargazing , which should send me to the telescope. There also a trusted friend with the words OT MFE BQSFAALHA placed in their profiles. (TO FEMFLASHBAQ)
    Clue 3. A Center of Knowledge and Culture, the Lyceaum in the corner of the Island, there my friends had placed a mongbat and 2 crafted Golems with their names changed to KOLO NI (LOOK IN)
    Clue 4 A portal to a lost land, which is The teleporter to Papua in Encyclopedia Magicka. There was the clue HTE INPK GBA. (THE PINK BAG)
    Clue 5. Here is were I was. The questers had to find the 4 clues. Put them together and find me here. The clue was thus. Somnolence for the studious.
    which was the Moonglow Student Hostel (inn in the NORTH of MG City). There I stood.

    The questers for FlashbaQ's Plunder ship. Had to assemble all clues. Because a partial answer just wouldn't do. They then had to say to me
    "AHOY, (to Femflashbaq) Look In The Pink Bag. " 5 people in the half hour I stood there tried in vain to say Look in what? Or Pink Bag! Pink Bag! or they would run in the building and look thru all 3 rooms and not say a word to me.

    Just when I was ready to sign off on by boat and let it decay at sea for I fear none would find it. Along game someone with the True Answer!

    Jingo Ninefingers says "Ahoy! Look in your pink bag!"
    So, mumbling to my self , I unshoulder my backpack and begin the search for first some pink bag. Upon the ground I spill my contents. 9 fish of assorted flavors. Fish patties. 6 paintings and 3 bone piles. 15 gems of assorted brilliance. more bone piles, 13 scrolls of low level skill small amounts of gold .
    A HA! A small pink bag hidden under my tattered rune book. Inside was shells , another bone pile, (I really should organize my stuff) couple gems and the key. My pretty pretty key! Well , sigh, to teach my self a lesson I handed my key to the winner. He promptly casted his strange magik upon the key. And arrived at the ship. Where pepper about the decks was gold gems fish barrel staves and odds and end trinkets. A friend of mine who was on the ship normally berates me for loosing my key yet again. Was there to congradulate the winner and tell him the contents of the hold also has 3 chests brimming with loot freshly fished up and unsorted. She then escorted him back to the building where I was waiting . To him I presented also a 1 million gold check. (a painful reminder to me to stop loosing my key) And I believe I also presented him with some other stuff. I cannot remember. All the gold gone. (sigh)
    Also 2 more contestents arrived. To round out the evening.
    Una Vera 60k gold, One of every painting. and 5 pillows he was second place.
    Noahs ark boy 40k gold, one of every painting , 5 pillows 5 mibs .
    I do hope I spelled the names properly. I am working off memory and didn't have a spare quill and scroll handy to write the information .

    I am deeply thankful for your help. Also to the assistants whom stood for almost a hour. Their feet must be tired. And I promise a bottle of ale to each. My treat!
    And special thanks to Drizzt. Whom is a riddle master .!
    And to Queen Mum. Whom should get the Golden Cookie Pan award for a festival to make even a Pirate proud..

    Well Done!
  2. Awww...that's terrible news, especially for a Pirate. :-(

    Pretty wonderful the way others were rewarded through your misfortune, however...and a nice story, to boot. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    Thank you for posting this, and for lending your efforts yesterday. :)