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My reply to Cytex !!!

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by AZRIA, Jul 1, 2009.

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  1. AZRIA

    AZRIA Guest

    So if I'm hanging with them before I fight them and die to them 3 v 10 I am joining them ? Your logic is flawed little boy. The difference here is we actually fight them outside of an island grinder with greater dragons. Furthermore , we don't log on blues when there is people to fight , nor hide in our house. You however , do. For instance - you have your reds at yew gate. My guild comes , even numbers and you all run to your house or log on blues. End of conversation on this.

    Yes , bola is better than anyone in your guild. Period.

    Newsflash ****ty. I attempted to recruit them to **** slip over and take all of his members. Do you really think I would have allowed them to stay in my guild ? Achilles is your only decent member. He would have been the only one that stayed , and I say decent because he syncs and xheals decently.
    Notice I never pursued asking them to join after I was told they were starting FPD up , lmfao. If I was really trying to get them in I would have allied LOL ! WHICH I DIDN'T !!! And man did Necro get all emotional over that.

    As far as stat loss in concerned , you obviously don't see much besides the screen frame that surrounds your gate house. I fight uneven numbers all day long, I attempt open field 3 v 1's etc. I die all the time. Stat loss is not a concern. I could be like the majority of this server and run everytime more than 1 person attacked me. I would NEVER die if I did that. I prefer fighting, win or lose.

    Also , you keep talking about fun. How can it be fun when 99% of your game time you are either dead or hiding in a house or guard zone ?
  2. jrede23

    jrede23 Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    Mar 29, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Finally, we can agree on something! There is no one happier than I am that we didn't ally. I wanna have fun with guild mates with character, not another guild leader who needs a pat on his shoulder every five seconds by his minions.

    U obviously don't pay attention as well sir. Me and necro over 20 times just two of us have raided 10 FOA and put four or five down before getting pwned at despise, then we run an alt char in to rez us up and we go back and fight in stat. I've done the same with just blade, ive done the same with necro and jedi against 10 and on and on and on. Yew is different but when its a spawn we don't run or leave till everyone else is dead or everyone of us is dead. That's just us though obviously u run when ur friends go down.

    As for blues, most of our main's are blues. I personally take no pleasure in killing noob blues, there's nothin to gain or lose. I only fight faction members cuz putting people in stat is fun. Blues hiding in guard zone is just irritating so i dont bother. GS doesnt flag to us cuz most of us are blues, they field the house like noobs so the single one person in the house can get ganked by 10+ FOA or uhoh. If there's two or more of us in the house we are grabbing bars and getting ready to push. I may have balls but im not stupid and jumping out for instant STAT.

    As for your comment of being a ghost all the time or hiding, u don't get 700 points by dieing alot and not killing neone. There was actually a few days that i couldnt kill ne of the elooms, drow, or bamba without getting the recently killed no punkte message.

    I don't bother with your ur noob guild, cuz they're trash for one and in the same faction for two. No need trying to kill u guys and gettin stealth killed by a minax noob that you guys prolly icq'd to come in. Daphne? trash! super leet mage who had to spam strangle on me when i think at that point i had used my mage for four weeks. and still didnt kill me. Nick? fights with FOA soo much he might as well join them. Murm is cool one minute and as soon as u or someone else shows up he's all on ur jock. De leet is havin words on another post, whatev he's gotta back up his boys. Don't really have ne thing bad to say about him. As for you, step off ur high horse, if u want such a good challenge and ur sooo leet, everyone knows that ATL is where it is at. Chessy PVP doesnt even compare. I know my place and im a very good team field fighter, not a great dueler although im learning. Don't much care for dueling either with the spam weaken and magic arrow, kinda boring. I like having us 3 or 4 against 10 FOA like we have ALWAYS done, ur still new to being in that position without massive numbers to back you. I suggest u realize ur place as well. If u were so good u wouldnt even bother with this shard thats all i'm saying

    Oh and since ur sooo on Bola's jock these days, he lost fair and square to a 2 month old mage who in our guild is only better than myself. Necro owns him in two dumps, so thats embarrassing for BOLA and ur way off ur rocker with that comment.

    But ur right we are sooo bad that we almost never lose a field fight unless massively massively outnumbered. 3 of us take out 7 uhoh, me necro and blade took out 6 FOA with 4 tamers and two archers on sunday i believe. Yep ur right we are soooo horrible. but I know ur a drama queen so if you think ur getting a rise out of me nemore, ur not. I just think ur trash talk is funny son.

    but honestly TALK ABOUT FLAWED LOGIC!
  3. AZRIA

    AZRIA Guest

    K :) Now it's time to back up those words !!! I offer a challenge , even numbers fight. Get your ****ty guild together , they'll die. Let me know when you kids are ready.
  4. Sir Achilles

    Sir Achilles Guest

    Enough is enough guys, I don't want to see anymore arguing outside of the PvP trash talk thread, that why it's there. For talking about matters such as these.
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