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My reply to DE Leet

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by jrede23, Jul 1, 2009.

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  1. jrede23

    jrede23 Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    Mar 29, 2009
    Likes Received:
    I call AZ, Slip junior because his ego is second to only slips. Neway u can refer to my post back to azria, and ur obviously blind. Let's see wasnt it u who tried to raid solo despise a few weeks back and kill me and one other person out of three? You obviously didnt notice that FOA had 9 there with dragons, they were doing the spawn not us! We raided with three of us and put two down right off the bat. The only reason we lost was cuz you came and in a sense helped them by gettin thru our fields and dropping two of us when we were targeting FOA. Then u ran out from all of them as well. So like what u ask us to do we've done soooo many times its not funny. I'm sure FOA even though they hate our guts will admit that they've seen OBLIVION (me) and christina raid like ten of them numerous times. WE always die and we don't run out to save from stat loss when the other one falls. As for sneaking spawns off the only time we EVER pop despise is when FOA's carol ghost is there and we say waiting for u to raid. If we wanted to sneak spawns off and get scrolls we'd do T2A we're not that stupid man. I understand u gotta back up your boys, but everything ive stated in all my posts is tru. We are the only guild that raids consistently and have for almost a year way outnumbered. If its close to even numbers we almost always win. We took out 5 of u with 6 of us on that day way back at yew bank, and ur guild cried we had 7 stealthers and blah. That was of course until the few onlookers chimed in and told everyon that that was completely false. We never claim to be the best guild, or the leetest, like most of you do. We never talk **** when we kill ppl. I actually have congratulated ppl when they've killed me straight up, like elite wooped my noob ass the other day. I just dont like all the trash that u have to endure to play this damn game. Some ppl have serious God complexes. I'm sorry but the world is out for FPD, we are the first ones targeted. Ne blue at the gate will help every other faction to put us down. AZ and nick help FOA try to kill necro and blade allllll the time. U attacked us in despise when u shoulda been worrying about the OJ's first then tried to kill us. I guess u just didnt want us to take it from FOA who knows. so yea i'd say everyone attacks us at first site. FOA won't even show up at the gate without 2v1 odds and we still don't lose. So what u are talking is nonsense. I think I'm gonna hire a few trammy's to just walk around spawns and yew for a few weeks and snap thousands of pics. Then once and for all we can see who fights outnumbered, who runs, who hides in houses, who talks trash for no reason, and who cheats and then acts like they're superior. I wonder how much that would cost me :(. As i've stated before the only other guild I consider actually cool ppl in it is UHOH. Don't know them all and i have problems with kengo for ganking in a duel as well, and turles. But they do have some legit good players who arent ***** and think they are God. yep UHOH and FPD only ones left with cool ppl in it, who are actually good. I'd say cya on the field but like Ive said ur same faction so theres nothing to gain or lose in that scenario, so i don't bother.
  2. AZRIA

    AZRIA Guest

    TRY ?!?!?! You mean , we kill Necro and Blade all the time in Despise ? The only time their survival rate is above average is when they run into the yew house , or log on blues spamming guards.

  3. Gowron

    Gowron Guest

    Gee, am I going to have to start a thread that has reply to some other person just to say this thread is lame? Oh, the other "reply" thread is lame too. Seems to me that this crap should stay in the PvP thread.
  4. Beastmaster

    Beastmaster Guest

    YES it should but we don't have effective moderation here to handle it.
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