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My resists are all screwed up! (help inside)

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Burgmeister, Feb 24, 2003.

  1. Burgmeister

    Burgmeister Guest

    I second this recommendation. Can help people from freaking out like I did.
  2. Itsminenow

    Itsminenow Guest

    Proposed title: My resists are all screwed up!

    Has this happened to you since AoS? "Even when my character has on no clothes or jewelry, my physical resist is negative, and I have elemental resists." Or is your physical resist positive, and your elemental resists are negative?

    These are from the Age of Shadows changes to the reactive armor, protection and magic reflection spells.

    Reactive Armor now gives you +15 physical resist, at the cost of -5 to each elemental protection.

    Protection now makes you uninterruptable when casting, at the cost of 35 resist (the skill) and 15 physical resist.

    Magic Reflect now adds 10 to each elemental resist at the cost of -25 physical protection.

    RA, protection and magic reflect now last INDEFINITELY, and in any combination. You need to cast the spells again to toggle them off. They will last across server lines, after when logging out, and through server maintenance.

    So if your resists aren't at 0 when your character has on no clothes or jewelry, figure out which spell(s) you had cast.

    Let's say you're going to be hit by spells only and not melee (i.e. a barricade). You can cast magic reflection to buff your elemental resists, and also protection to make your spells uninterruptable.

    Or if you're fighting a monster with strictly physical attacks, cast Reactive Armor to give yourself more physical protection.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I can sticky it to the top of the forum - I'll let Dor decide if she wants to make or put it in a/the permanant faq.

    In the meantime I'm gonna change the title a tad - just so people know what it's about /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  4. flatscan

    flatscan Guest

    Careful, reactive armor is ok against a non-magical creature, but you should check to see what there damage type is. It will do you no good to cast reactive armor against a fire steed who's damage is 80% fire damage. It's an extreme creature, but just to people are aware that non-magical creatures can also have alternative damage types.
  5. Itsminenow

    Itsminenow Guest

    That's true. I'll edit it to clarify, "creatures that are strictly physical in their attacks."