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my sampy build

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Chyna of Sonoma, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. after trying a bunch of different combinations this is what i have ended up with. seems to work pretty good so far though i dont like failing so often in chiv so might drop anat a bit to boost that.

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  2. I'm wondering why you went with all of that mana regen. I don't have any on my suit and never run out. I'd have gone with HPI or even MI before mana regen since you have mana leech on your wep. No HCI either? Granted it's not absolutely necessary, but if you want to use specials, like Feint on your leafblade, you can't utilize LS at the same time so you're going to end up missing. I think you might have been better off adding HCI to your jewels instead of the Str bonus and put HPI on the armor to make up for it.

    That's just me though...
  3. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest

    Wait... Bramble Coat?

    and what kind of robe is that?
  4. Val-Tur

    Val-Tur Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 27, 2005
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    Your armor setup made the crafter in me curious. I played around with crafting/imbuing some exceptional wooden armor today testing your properties to see if I could come close.

    1) Is this armor you made on a production shard? I noticed all the POF that it must have cost.

    2) Did you enhance with heartwood after POF and Imbuing? That is the only way I can see how you made those arms. 8sta, 8 LMC, 2 MR, 10 DCI (from heartwood) - already 4 properties. Then the 16 FR and 17 ER must have come from imbuing. Thats 6 properties, if my count is correct.
  5. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest

    Heartwood has very high poison resist.
    Bloodwood is the same for fire.

    He probably made pieces until they had exceptional bonus resists distributed well and then imbued, then enhanced.

    Spendy, most definitely, but the results are astounding.
  6. right, it was pretty expensive but i have been playing this game since the start so i had almost all of the materials i needed except the imbue ingreds. I made everything heartwood because it gives a random property when it is exceptional which might be crap or might be HCI5 or DI10. I just cranked out heartwood arms until i got a couple with DI10 and then went on to legs and made 2-3 with DI10 and so on. So once i had 2-3 of each piece i got out my spreadsheet, plugged in the glasses and the bramble coat and swapped in my heartwood pieces until i got the best possible resist combo. I used pieces in such a way that i would have to imbue resist in only one category per item if possible so i could use the DI10 as one property and one resist and have 3 more (STA, LMC, MR) for each item. I came up a little short so i used the last properties (which can't be 100% anyway) on my jewels to max all resists while in VE. I was way over on poison resist but the reason i used the heartwood is only for the DI10. That allowed me to only use DI on one of my jewels and only requires me to use DI15 on any weapon to max out. I didnt enhance the items with heartwood, i just made them out of heartwood.

    I went with the MR over the HPI because you only get 5HPs per so that's 15 which isnt a huge bang for the buck. When i am fighting something like paroxy that busts you down to redline on hps and stamina in one punch it is nice to run to the other side of the island and be able to confidence back to full health. when i had no MR i was screwed. also if i die i can get back in action much quicker. Also 6MR helps keep me LSing on the named changlings that keep sucking your mana.

    I decided on the bramble coat because it is essentially the same as the heart of the lion with slightly less resist but you get the self repair, RFD25, HPI4 and 150 luck. Not much but why not make the most out of it if you can.

    I see i forgot to put my gloves on that pic. they are much the same as the legs i think.

    I had 45 HCI on a previous suit (using the same heartwood technique only with HCI5 items) and decided i could use the points elsewhere better. Since i have the glasses for HLD i am able to evade, then LS up to achieved perfection and then feint every 5th hit. I figure at some point during the 4 LS hits i am going to get a HLD which allows me to almost never miss on the feint. I also work in evade so use the feint technique when the evade is recharging. I don't even notice the difference with 0 HCI. I have little problems standing toe to toe with paroxy using this technique as long as i can pop the occasional refresh pot.

    The robe is the one you get from the SA entry quest. i think it adds some INT is all. i havent looked at anything better. i dont even know what's out there.

    I have recently dropped ANAT to 96 and raised CHIV to 65 which has helped a lot with failures on CW and EoO.
  7. Thunderz

    Thunderz Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 3, 2008
    Likes Received:
    With my build and choice of wepons i never use CW or DF, I only use chiv for EoO [even to get about i drop into wraith and use recall (never fails)]


    [PS just a usless bit of info there from me :) ]
  8. Here is a new pic with the gauntlets and the skill adjustment. As you can see with the gauntlets i had to use 3 imbues to max my resists which left only the DI10 and the LMC available. Very important to work it all up on a spreadsheet before you start so you can imbue resists where you need them with the fewest number of imbues.

    Attached Files:

  9. Val-Tur

    Val-Tur Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 27, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Ty for the response. Back to your arms. I still dont see how you got 17 energy resist and 16 fire resist on top of 4 other imbued properties. I cant get that high of any resist but poison when I craft (exceptional) with heartwood. The legs for example make sense. 4 mods, high poison (from heartwood), then imbue higher fire for 5 mods total.

    Is there some trick to getting those arms like that?
  10. only the imbued resist on those arms is energy. they started with 16 fire. lucky i guess, or maybe they were enhanced ones. i started out enhancing but they kept breaking so i just started making then straight from heartwood. when i was making pieces i also looked for ones with lower than average poison or very low in one resist because i knew the others would be higher so i could imbue the low one and make a good piece. We're talking a LOT of makes before i found ones that worked. i guess those arms would fetch a fair price now that i look at them ;)
  11. i guess they arent that great... they were very low in phys and cold so they made up for it in fire and it just happened that they worked on my build.
  12. Death Adder

    Death Adder Guest

    Question: How does that leafblade exist? I'm coming back to the game and learning the imbuing rules, and to my understanding you can't make a weapon like that. It has 100% stam leech (100 intensity points), 100% mana leech (110 ip), 100% hla (110 ip), 100% SSI (140 ip) and 70% DI (70 ip). That adds up to 530 intensity points, exceeding the 500 that I thought was the cap.

    I ask because I'm trying to make my own imbued leafblade, and am obviously missing something. I want mine to have Hit Fireball, HLD, Stam Leech, SSI and one other. How was that one made?

  13. i think it is right at 500. i cant log in to look at it since the login servers are down again. i have a 120 crafter with 100 armslore. i make an exceptional leafblade so it has 40DI. first imbue is drop the DI to 1 so i dont fail on the relic imbues (if i add slayer or lightning and ssi). then i do the the ssi max, mana, stam max, hla max and bring Di back up last to as close to 500 as possible. I dont know what any of the formulas are, i just made what it allowed me to make. Maybe the mana isnt maxed, it gets higher on slower weapons. im going to check because i only need 15Di to max and if i have more hml available im going to drop the 35Di and reimbue it. ill let you know when i can look at it.
  14. Death Adder

    Death Adder Guest

    Supposedly a 30 SSI weapon with base 2.75 swingspeed maxes out at 52 mana leech, so you're at like 98% intensity. Weird.
  15. leafblade
    30SSI = 1.1 110%
    50HML = 1.1 110%
    50HSL = 1.0 100%
    50HLA = 1.1 110%
    35DI = 1.0 70%

    = 500/500

    thats what it shows when i look at it.
  16. Death Adder

    Death Adder Guest

    Ah, my error was thinking SSI was 1.4 weight instead of 1.1. Thanks!
  17. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest

    True, but fey leggings are better than both, so you could imbue a torso piece and put on the fey leggings for more DCI and HPI

    ... and conjurer's garb has DCI 5 and MR 2

  18. fey leggings are one thing i have never gotten in all these years. you are right they would fit right into my build with the low poison and high energy. i might be able to gain a property on a ring with those.... always something better out there! stay tuned
  19. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest

    Also, consider the Gladiator's Collar if you have one or the gold for one.
  20. Val-Tur

    Val-Tur Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 27, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Recently I got my imbuer to 120. After reading this and similar posts, I have been able to free myself of the problem with the Artifact based Sampire. That problem being the HUGE sacrifice in many areas of resists just to gain a desired stat or magical effect. Examples are the Jackles collar, Rune Beetle Carpace, and Leggings of Fey. The gain they allow come at a huge cost to resists. My suit had a couple of gaping holes even with arms that had 70+ resists.

    I simply took some frostwood made exceptional arms & a breastplate that fit my basic resits I required. Then made a gorget from Verite with a Shadow runic hammer to get the 23 fire resist. I then imbued a few missing resists, 16 Sta, 14 LMC, 13 Mana, 5 HP, etc. I made jewelry with 7LMC, 22DCI, 7 Dex, 15 DCI, etc to finish it off. Bye bye RBC & Jackles Collar. My sta, mana, hp, di, and resists are now much higher than with these two *essential* artifacts. The best part is that I can replace any of these 3 new imbued pieces without much trouble other than the POF it would take.

    My sampire isnt as stacked as some of you guys, but its a large step closer to my dream setup.


    119 Str
    120 HP

    144 Dex
    160 Sta

    30 Int
    70 Mana

    53 DCI
    13 HCI
    104 DI (with choice weapon)
    28 LMC

    Crafted/imbued arms, breastplate, gorget, & jewels. Fey Legs, Mace & Shield, Gaunts of Nobility, Conjurers Trinket, Cloak of Death, & Melissa's Cloak. I would kill for a Crimson Cinture.

    One day, if I can get enough POF - I might try something from scratch like the OP did. But for now this will satisfy me. The only thing I really want to improve over time is my Sta. But that will require a total rework I am not willing to do just yet.