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My strangest cfo ever?

Discussion in 'Toontown General Discussion' started by Sarcatstic, May 4, 2009.

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  1. Sarcatstic

    Sarcatstic Guest

    After doing a couple of thousand cfos, I thought i had seen about everything to see in one. Wrong!

    A typical cfo for me is to do the cogs and sometimes question gag choices of other toons or my own toon....LOL(sometimes with chat or sometimes in my head).
    Make sure at the end of the cogs all toons are healed on your side.
    Just the normal simple things we all do in a cfo(unless a toon is training gags then you can mess with them, which is always fun -LOL-)

    Then you get ready to move on to the cranes (move mouse pointer to bottom right of screen to be ready to jump off crane if needed).

    Then its simple after that?

    Now for the strange cfo i did.

    A group from toontownhall was doing a two day marathon this weekend so late sunday i thought i would drop by and see how that was going and do a few.

    I had noticed one toon on saturday had done alot of cfos and i happened to go on my first one and they were there. It was a 5 toon cfo so i was a little busy but it did seem to go slow?(didnt think about that until later)

    So I decided to go on one more. This time as before it was a 5 toon cfo. I left one toon standing at the top of the steps at the doors to the cfo. Well while i was in the cfo a toon started talking to my parked toon. It seems that this toon that had done so many cfos during the marathon just stood to the side of the cfo for "every" cfo they did? Not doing any stomping or crane work?

    The toon talking to my parked toon told me that they were going to let the "do nothing" toon earn their keep? Well toons that know me will understand how quick i got on board this idea....LOL.

    So cogs went fine and this toon does ok helping to get rid of those. The crane round starts and I go from crane to crane setting up the safes like you do for a cfo solo.

    The other toons join the one that stands to the side and inform them they will have to earn their win if they want it?

    Then one toon whispers to me lets block the cfo doors so we blocked one(try to block two and the goons can push one side out of the way).

    All this time some of the toons are having a discussion with the toon that is "resting" LOL.

    I got alot of great practice throwing live goons at the safe on the cfos head, so that part was great!

    This went on for quite a while we had treasures stacked up on all sides of the cfo....LOL.

    I'm not sure how long this went on but it was a long cfo and finally the toon had enough "rest" and Xed out and we finished the cfo.

    In my mind the "strange" part of this is what fun is just standing and watching others do the fun parts? (this was not a few cfo it was many many)
  2. Thats what i call people being stupid, i think you should catch on that your the same player, all your toons are just about the same looking, so its like... Duhh?

    Lol wonder if they died.
  3. ZippyW

    ZippyW Guest

    I've seen it happen often enough in CEO that it doesn't even surprise me anymore to see a toon just standing to the side to take the win without anyone actually playing it. These are almost always people who are playing 2 toons at the same time, so they park one to the side and just fight with the second. I think it's poor playing because they took the place of someone who actually wanted to play and earn a promotion, but that's JMO.
  4. susan4633

    susan4633 Guest

    in 2 toon defense-i do play 2 when we might need more bodies for cog rounds. and this weekend (and on other occasions) while i was craning i did move the "parked" toon to stomp as i could. if there are enough people i don't take the 2nd, but having the extra gags does help for cog rounds.

    that being said i don't think, in that situation where i am putting my 2nd toon in harms way (from gears/laser lights) as well as using her/his gags to help in cog round, that it is not fair to let her/him get the prize. am i wrong?
  5. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    I think it depends on the situation and/or how you look at it.

    Arguments for running 2 toons...
    * I paid for both accounts, I should be allowed to do it.
    * If there is room, ie not taking a spot someone else would have used, then why not?
    * Promote/reward 2 toons at the same time

    Arguments against...
    * Taking a spot someone else would have used (that's if others were there, if not then this point doesn't apply)
    * Can affect the difficulty level of the CFO run
    * Upsets others who think someone is just being lazy for an easy win

    I personally don't mind, provided that it's either a friend or a spot wasn't stolen from someone else. If it's with randoms and there's no one else to fill the spot (ie, they make #8 and we'd be short without them), then big deal, who cares? If they run only one during the main battle to help us win and can keep their other toon alive at the same time, so be it. But if they prevent someone else from getting on just to do it, then that's different. That other person could have gone on the run and helped the group in place of the spare toon sitting on the side.

    That said, I know that there are a few people who run a couple of toons at a time, even into boss battles, and it doesn't bother me because for the most part, it's either to balance the load for the cog round(s) just to get an extra win since no one else is there to take the spot. Main point being that there is a spot that would otherwise not be used.
  6. Squeaker

    Squeaker Guest

    To the original topic - from what he told me - that was one person running one toon - just trying to get a free ride... over and over again....

    As far as running two toons - I enjoy them! There are many different levels of running two toons. I'm on two toons right now in a building - I will run them in a factory too... on my own. I won't embarrass myself with witnesses.

    And then at the other end are those that have to convince you they are really just one person. To each his own - I don't mind at all. Some of my favorite boss battles have been with duellers. They run their toons better than me on one!
  7. Sarcatstic

    Sarcatstic Guest

    The point of the thread is what made this cfo strange?

    Running two toons in a cfo does not make it strange even if someone is standing one? I've done four toon cfos when there was only two players? And they are not really that much fun. So why do them if they are not fun?

    The strange part of this was the chat that went on during the cfo between some of the toons that were tired of doing all the work for this toon for two days. I was only in two cfos, they had done many with this toon. I'm talking about dozens of cfos that this toon did in two days?

    It is just strange to me that standing and watching would be enjoyable.

    Back to the off topic part...............I never noticed the cfo changes with suit sizes? I know the cj and ceo does........but I never noticed vp or cfo does.

    There is a trick I do when going to a ceo. I keep a 130 laff toon in a flunky or pencil pusher suit. One of these two toons only go to help fill the load. Since the suit is small it doesnt hurt the average suit size for the load. I can play two toons this way thru the feeding and the cogs left over from the feeding. Then i x the extra toon when its table time and that way i never have to get their options

    There is alot that take two toons to diff boss battles but very few that fight with both at the same time. Since I've done it both ways over the years I have diff views at diff times I guess. It is hard to judge all players by the same standard, some are lucky to keep up with just one toon.:sleep2:
  8. ZippyW

    ZippyW Guest

    My point was about bringing them in and parking them in some corner. If you are playing them, then they deserve the reward. If you bring them along and don't actively play them, there is... IMO. But to bring a second toon, and say "well, I put them in harm's way, but they never really played in the final battle" doesn't hold any weight with me.

    It doesn't "upset" me, but have fair warning that if I see some toon just coming along for the ride and not actively playing, I won't be doing any tooning them up. I guess, since the player is playing two toons, the one can just stand there and the other can keep tooning them up, and neither help out in the battle at all. I would just a note of the names.
  9. Sally Toons

    Sally Toons Guest

    I am this so called “rest” toon." I was asked to participate in the CFO marathon by the leaders of Toon Hall. I have been in many battles all over Toontown with them usually in Nutty River where I live (smile) I was not a member and yet we are sfs in TT so go figure.
    I showed up as an invited participant for the CFO Marathon not knowing who was a member or not. Thankfully it all smoothed out as time went on. I was told that there was one rule and only one rule to follow: DO NOT JUMP off the elevator once boarded! This is highly enforced by Anita and others and is a well respected rule. Next day the sun comes up and I am still at CFO doors and cfoing because it was SO much Fun!!! ALL the ppl were Awesome. I don’t think I have ever met a nicer group of people ever. I haven’t laughed so hard in over a year as I did last weekend. I know what you’re thinking and no, I never went to bed. How can one sleep with that much fun going on and the best rewards in TT to boot?
    I had no clue how many cfos I did and if you have ever been up over 24 hours and cfo'ing back to back none stop with no breaks at all except to gag and wash (lil rest break) its hard to count. lol I found out how many cfos I had completed from a toon. I was unwilling to turn off my toons to even look. It was 37. So life is very good and I am happy happy! There was not a problem or care in the world, and I was surrounded by wonderful people.
    Next day I went right back again to cfo as soon as I could and as long as I could. I went on to do about 16 to 17 more and not one problem occurred. All the people were happy and not one incident of any type I saw.
    Then as I was standing outside waiting to cfo, Mr. Bob (Here) and CAT showed up. I hadn't seen them one time at this event. In 10 minutes there is the very 1st Problem. After what had been now over 60 cfos that I was in with this private organization, the very first PROBLEM occurred. It started with Bob jumping off the elevator; and as stated previously, that is wrong. Who ever I personally invited with me I preached it to them beforehand to BEWARE of this. The only rule. Even if your own friends come with you, you have to leave them behind, No Jumping! I told dozens. Members said on the elevator that he knew better but CAT called him he obeyed her and jumped. All because of me. I said after the doors closed that she doesn’t like me and that’s why ...sorry guys. Members said that’s wrong he knows the rules etc. This made me for the very 1st time sad. For that matter anyone else I was around the entire marathon.
    I was hoping that jumper and drama queen (not a toon name) were gone when I came back to CFO again but there they were again. We had words and a member said "NO drama here." lol I said ok and went on to cfo some more. I didn’t see them anymore.
    Much much later I was outside waiting for people to go in and 4 toons came up so the 5 of us ran in. I had seen 100's of toons by then and they all looked alike by now to me. lol These 4 toons were not the toons they usually played, so all 4 were complete strangers to me at that time.
    Here it is now. They not only broke the only rule that 100's over this particular weekend obeyed...they decided to do something even MORE. To bring grief. This is something you do away from such a social function as this. Plenty of time for that, I feel. But not these folks. Let's ruin it for Toon Hall and Sally. They wanted to take me in a cfo and slaughter me slowly. No way they could ever do that but wanted it badly. Not on cog round so they could later make up this story. What Bob here has written is a total lie. I was circled by them immediately after the cog round and all blasted with the most vulgar obscenities TT allows. The most horrible things I have ever heard from a toons mouth in my entire life in TT. It was one threat and insult after another non stop with laughing, all you can probably imagine. I have learned a few new things to say to someone if I were a "Hater". It was a 100 % set up to grieve me and KILL Eye Candee. They did everything imaginable to accomplish this, never once stopping their threats and insults to me. When it reached the point had to use unite I left. (gotta have those unites, get real!) I was having fun dont get me wrong saying things back to them like this is fun, catch me if ya can, you ppl are insane, lols, etc.... Here's the funny part. I had no clue who they were at this point because they were disguised. I was thinking, oh well maybe they are jealous of a (not so many times) Top TOON? I never reported these toons because I didn’t want to spoil the very 1st event I was invited to and be a cry baby to them. I wanted all to be happy and enjoy themselves for what ever time was left.
    I want to tell all who reads this pathetic thread that this is not about a toon playing 2 toons and in a CFO. This thread was made to get any of you to come out and say I don’t earn my keep in TT and to seek revenge. Anyone that has played with me or any of my toons knows that’s not true ever. There are no perfect people in Toontown and I am not even close. 20 + hours in a row is a long time. I may have gotten up a few times but NOT on COG ROUND and plenty of gooners around. I was fortunate enough to be with Rockin Toon in her 1st CFO record breaker of cfos in one day. We did 79 CFO's in one day. (Not the 100 cfos record they later went off to do!!!) I was in all 79 of them and you can go read all about if you wish. I never once complained about anything the entire 24 hours and that was well written. I was praised for all of my hard work unlike what Bob here is saying. Nobody but these 3 people here has complained about me in a MARATHON. So in the future, please note when Sally does Marathons I don’t sleep much, if at all. I was taught by Jess when I could get up and refresh myself or get snacks Yes a few times I did this but only when we had a sufficient crew. I would whisper to a person I knew I would brb so there was no danger. Bob found out that I knew it was him and his friends in that cfo. He wasn’t about to say a word here till he knew they would be found out as they were on IM. They set out to cause harm to me and kill Eye Candee. They didn’t. We all have a past. Kurse never shuts her mouth saying to anyone how much she hates me, even if you are a stranger. She is jealous of me. One toon ironically is still a sf on another toon I have. I haven’t deleted him yet because I like to keep my enemies as close as I can (wink). Bet he's POOF after this lol
    Another incident was this very fun toon I was doing many cfos with had the Phrase “Do the Math” I said I am the worst at math just terrible at it! This caught on and became an inside joke with us. We were playing and I would count goons for him pretending I can’t count very far. Was all in fun but I think a few may have thought I was crazy and seen it as not so funny. No animals were harmed in the making of the fight! I just needed some comic relief after so many hours in a row.
    It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out Bob made this thread about me. This was all planned out. You knew exactly who I was and were on IM laughing about what all 3 of you were doing LIVE play by play to Sgt McWolf. You are some sick people. I don’t even visit Stratics anymore or bother any of you. Nice job (mouse) trying to gear people back to me and it’s Not about a toon playing 2 toons Bravo! (Your work is never done is it?) Trust me, I was laughing at all of you just as hard. I have been urged to say who the toons are and everyone involved, so I will. Bob (2 toons); Kurse (cat) aka Lily Bageltoes a Dog; and Liquid Blue (dog), aka Yellow Magic a yellow cat. So Bob, you need to start a thread about being a Hater in TT. I don’t even know you. We hardly ever played that I can remember, unless when I had (EX-) Sally McWolf which I DELETED and resurrected with a new name. So who else did you do it for I wonder? Why can’t you people get over me? Mrs. Kurse, you need some serious help woman. Aren’t you afraid of being banned 4-ever since you are one of the most reported toons in TT and TT even receives letters as well? Not by me. Still mad I took your boyfriend(s)? Mmmmm, aren’t you married with kids? I did not take your boyfriend at all, you X’d the both of us, remember? We were done with your Drama and vulgarities. Mr. Blue, as for you I still care and hope you find peace man. You were not like this a few months ago when we were with each other everyday. I wonder what has changed you, hmmmmm. I am truly shocked and disappointed in you. These are just SOME of the reasons they did this to me, it has nothing to do about the way I played last weekend in a lousy CFO with you.
    Good Grief,
    P. S. Sorry, Wolfie and all you decent wolfs, that you have to read this, but I didn’t start it, they did.
  10. Sarcatstic

    Sarcatstic Guest

    Strange cfo now a strange post?

    If any of those toons were in a cfo with me I dont remember them?

    A couple of toontown hall leaders have told me the issues i saw have been addressed.
  11. Sally Toons

    Sally Toons Guest

    so have all 3 of you , my friend! All i was told about was counting goons outloud. Yellow Magic came to me and was bragging about what all 3 of you did STOP LIEING!
  12. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    How untrue. There have been a few times in the last couple of months when you have bothered me. Then after the incident, you run off to someone to cry that I'm being mean and making it seem like I started something when really I'm either telling you to leave me alone or explaining to you WHY I refuse to play with you. Your credibility with me is already at zilch. With the way you act, I think you need to seek out professional help and soon. You've already alienated a few people that used to consider you to be a friend. Now you're alienating even more. The pitiful part about all of this is that you look for and find reasons to blame everyone else for your problems. You are so blind to the problems you are causing that something is bound to smack you in the face one day and you'll wonder why you didn't see it coming right at you.

    Take a good hard look at your post. How many people did you name that weren't already known to be part of that CFO? Compare that with how many the OP named. Did he name you? No, he described an incident and to be honest I didn't know he was referring to you. You named others who were in there who may have preferred to not be named. Think about it, it's not that hard to realize that you cross boundaries that others respect and that's one of the big reasons you've been making so many fiends lately.
  13. Brrlgrrl

    Brrlgrrl Guest

    I took the liberty to cut most of the nonsense that didn't apply out, leaving only the nonsense I would like to comment on.

    It was pretty obvious during the marathon the user was not exactly balanced, but her reality differs so greatly from the reality of so many others, I am compelled to comment.

    First of all, after several complaints about your toon standing and doing nothing in CFO, and being present in a couple where I witnessed the same behavior, it was decided you would no longer be dancing and freeloading with us. Had you been just a little smarter, you could have gotten away with it and we would have just taken you for a bad player. What blew the free ride for you was your mouth. Standing to the side taking advantage of the team is one thing, but to do it and make stupid comments is another. It got you the attention you were looking for.

    You said we were saying horrible things to you, please tell me which was the most horrible- "Please disable the goons" or "Please operate the crane"?
    You said you were threatened and insulted. You actually weren't threatened, you were told that since your method of CFO was working so well, we would join you and we did. We stood to the side with you and did nothing until you left, then we proceeded to stomp, crane and dance.

    I told you after the first time you would not be dancing in any CFO with me unless you made an effort to do something. You never did, and continued to try to freeload for 6 more CFOs, plus an early run where you alted in the elevator after I asked if you, "Third times a charm?"

    Get some help. It is even more apparent from your post here that you have more issues than simply attempting to freeload in a CFO.
  14. Sally Toons

    Sally Toons Guest

    Seems you too have never cfo'd non stop over 24 hours.

    Will you please stay out of this Wolfie. This is not about you. Sgt McWolf sent this thread to a friend of mine that THIS thread was written about me. Only reason I knew it existed. She named me 1st to others this thread was about me. Ask her.
  15. Brrlgrrl

    Brrlgrrl Guest

    I guess I have never done a CFO marathon before... (Is there a sarcasm smiley here?)

    So, are you saying that just because you decided to parcticipate in a scheduled marathon, that somehow you were justified in trying to freeload? You obviously missed the point we were making in the several where you decided to leave rather than help. Nobody likes being taken for granted. It shows a huge lack of respect for the others on the team, and would no longer be tolerated by you. Did you care to comment on the fact that you were called out for lying in the part of your post I quoted?
  16. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    First, this is a forum made for public access. Second, you brought me into it when you referred to me. Thirdly, you told a lie which included me.

    You do visit Stratics still, you do bother people from here and you need to start thinking about how you would view someone who acts the way you do, if you weren't that person. You need help, get it before you go and lose more friends.

    Try this.... rolleyes:
  17. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 31, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Sally, I always liked you. You're full of energy that's fun to be around. But I think you're dead wrong on this one. Sure you were having fun, doing marathons.. but if you're standing around while others do the work, are YOU actually doing the marathons? I understand if there were some previous arrangement that freeloading for the benefit of the top toon list was OK, but it doesn't sound like the case here.

    For the record, it wasn't obvious Bob was talking about you. I thought, til you posted, this was about a random encounter. So you did in fact name yourself. You also named many others and you need to watch that here. You also need to keep your personal issues separate and stop ragging on people for things unrelated to the issue at hand.

    *wave Brrl* haven't seen you in forever!
  18. Sally Toons

    Sally Toons Guest

    What people do to Not cause drama now in TT... is the Drama? Is that for ppl like RED to do it now? Have I been so quiet now I may be being missed? Non of this was about a cfo. I woke up and saw where a few of you wont leave me alone. All I did was try to make it all fun for all.Go look at TOP TOON before I sent my reply I had no way knowing who was in it. look at all names envolved. I rest my case.
    WE all need serious help that plays TT as much as we do. I admit it, do you?
  19. Brrlgrrl

    Brrlgrrl Guest

    Firstly, you had no personal invite from the "Leaders of Toontown Hall". This was a scheduled CFO marathon, one among the many that we do and it as well as all the others, are open for anyone to join.

    Secondly, it most certainly was about a CFO. You "woke up" and a few wouldn't leave you alone? Get real. Was that the first time or the sixth? Were you sleeping when you told craners in several CFOs you were standing off to the side, not stomping goons because:
    "So I can gaze at you"
    "I am counting goons"
    And other nonsense to the effect that you were a "CEO artist" and carried maxed toons in CEO... It was quite honestly more nonsense than anyone cared to contribute to or reward. I am sure we all play more than we should, but if you are so involved that you think only "girls and husbands" would be offended by your behavior, I will say again, "You have issues." For you to be so proud of a Top Toons where you did nothing but freeload speaks volumes. I feel sorry for you.
  20. Sally Toons

    Sally Toons Guest

    Sorry but its the only way I know what a true maraton is. I have been in no other teachings Susan of how it all goes. To me a Marathon means ya dont go to bed? I would never let a toon go sad in one.
  21. Sally Toons

    Sally Toons Guest

    I was invited by them. I had many ppl that understood me while I functioned in this marathon. You need to worry about other toons. Was there a second in your toon life or the team in any jeopordy? Didnt think so. All you saw was what you wanted.
  22. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    So the group came up to you and said, "Our group is inviting you to join our CFO marathon"? If someone who is a friend of yours that is a member of the group happens to invite you, that's not a personal invite from the group.

    But regardless of who invited you or not, you insist that you haven't been visiting stratics or 'bothering' its members, yet I have gotten a few PM's from you. The latest one being this:
    You should learn to quit while you're behind. Not like you'll actually win and not like anyone cares. We play the game and when we get pissed, we gripe about it and move on.
  23. Sarcatstic

    Sarcatstic Guest


    I was done with this thread but you have hurt Lemontoes feelings since he was tied for the top in vps with Red! He already has issues being the "left hand" toon. Please in the future be sure you include him. (He said to remind you that he is the yeller cat that carrys lipstick)
  24. Sally Toons

    Sally Toons Guest

    Yes wolfie I was very much invited to this event and many others, just this one appealed to me the most. I am sfs with with the TOP ppl. I was asked to be friends. I know each of them that are the most respected in Toon Hall. They are on my toons list. 2 have been for MONTHS.They even gave me taxis. This was the 1st event I have attended of any social nature. Otherwise if they are short on ppl I will run in and help fill an elevator in CEO or whatever. What is all this about I being invited or not? I have been asked to join them since I dont know HOW long!This particular marathon was to be for me to have a chance to meet ALL of the members and see if i wanted to join. I have been playing with them but just in RIVER where I always battle and play. I like the river and taking new suits and randoms along. I am never without request to friend. Sorry to tell you this but its true. AS for the PM you are right and only reason I have ever been here. If you remember it was you chasing me all over BOSSBOT me saying dont bother me and that was mean over and over. I thought you lost your mind! Thinking I did something I never did. I never did get an apology from you. Dont start on me! I dont bother you at all and you know it unless I am bothered. I dont bring you ppl up at all or comment to anyone when I hear your names. Again as a reminder for you all.... I woke up and was told a Thread was WRITTEN about me it was told by SGT McWOLF that is it was written about ME. That's is the only reason I am here. Do the Math.
    Brrrrrrrrrrrgurl :next:Who are you? My goodness you can even quote what I do word for word and all my actions. lol I needed you in that CFO so I could remember all that was said! the " Let me gaze at you " we all have been using for months when we play.Mmmmmm Do you get out very much? Wait till you see me run over to a cranner ( I know ) and say Wow! nice arms let me on that Bow Flex! we have a ton of things we say. Are you for real? Go out and get some beans and buy yourself a sense of humor. Seems you really like to watch me alot.... youre kinda scarey. lol I really dont have much to say to you since I dont know you and hope you can get over what I am doing every second.
  25. Sarcatstic

    Sarcatstic Guest

    OK go get a glass of water.....find the long plastic box that has,


    snap open the section that has sunday on it (be sure to go back and check friday and saturdays sections to make sure they are empty). take contents with the glass of water.

    Get back to me later if this helps.......

    Advice is free! Good advice will cost the beans!
  26. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    One time in Boss HQ, you invited me to CEO with you. I told you no and I told you why. You got upset, IM'd someone and made it seem like I started it. I didn't go chasing you around Boss HQ. Another time, I went into the CJ lobby, you whispered to me and I said, "Please don't bother me." and you continued. I have now taken to reporting you when you whisper to me so hopefully after enough reports you'll get a small ban from TT with the reason being that you're harassing people. It might be the wake up call you need to start looking at how you're treating others. You used to be a good toon, but you've gone bad and in the process convinced yourself that it's everyone else causing the problems with you being the victim all the time.

    You've said that you've stopped coming to Stratics but then admit (after it being pointed out) that you do come here to send me PM's. You've said that you don't bother Stratics members, but you've bothered me and I'm sure you've bothered others. That's two lies right there that you're caught in. Let's point out how you said I chased you around Boss HQ.. That's another lie. People can't trust people who lie.

    As for your getting constant friend requests.. Well gee, I wonder why.. Oh yeah, because you're over 100 laff (you have to be in order to be able to CEO). When was the last time someone with over 100 laff didn't get friend requests from others (per a normal TT visit)? I bet those requests would drop if they knew the problems you create. I've heard complaints about you from people that never knew that you and I used to be friends. That right there is really bad, when you're the topic of discussion (complaints) among randoms.

    I'm sure I speak for several people when I say that you need professional help. We don't hate you or anything, we feel sorry for you and wish you'd get the help you need so that the good Sally will return. The one that doesn't go telling lies, causing trouble and making fiends wherever she goes.
  27. Sarcatstic

    Sarcatstic Guest

    Ok I don't really need to explain who Brrlgrrl is but..........

    On the site that you keep mentioning she was toon of the month for march.
    I'm sure many think of her as one of the top toons there.
    In 5 months her page at that site has been visited over 1300 times.
    I'm a fair player of this game but I can't keep up with her in a battle.
    She can play two toons as good as any i've seen.
    That site as most toontown sites welcome people to join it takes about a minute.
    Do you think anyone really believes that they hunted you down and begged you to join. ;)

    and last but not least, I would not want to get her looking thru my trash she is too witty and should i say sarcastic for me to mess with....LOL

    (since im a member there also, ill just post a link to this thread so they can get a laugh also)
  28. Sally Toons

    Sally Toons Guest

    Wolfie this is getting wayyy out of hand. You are the one that has changed You used to be nice and fun to be with. Its not me that changed its you. I hear things out there too. You did too and I told several ppl online while you were doing it.You chased me down and get in my toon face. You chased me all over it. All four corners of it. Over and over you did this. I "Sad " faced you, and left finally when i couldnt figure out why. Then YOU went and made a Thread about it next day. See, you thought when I deleted Sally McWolf I made other wolfs delete theirs. You later found out it was untrue I had nothing to do with it. Another occasion you came up to me going off on me about something I did to a toon? If I were to be paid each time I have seen you do the Same thing, I'd be rich. Only this toon danced. How is that your busineness anyways.Why are you lieing? I am exactly the same person I was. I also have never PM'd on Stratics but YOU btw. Ask anyone if I have unless it was a WELCOME. You are still mad at me for killing Sally McWolf it seems. Get over it. You leave out that alot of vital imformation to see what this truley is all about Wolfie. My behavoir is not any of your business any more. I am not longer your lil Wolf following behind you every day. That one night infront of CEO only reason I asked is there were 4 flunkies all newbies and too scared to go in without 8. Wow, sorry man.
    Brrrrrrrgurl! Hey lol just saw you in Hall and YOU do Rock Hard! Congrats! Guess I'm in trouble now. Way I see it is it was handled when you complained about me counting goons she didnt think it was funny. I was told when we cfo dont count goons. <<<< just like that. Then you come here for what reason ? What have I ever done to you? You came here to bad mouth me, why? It was handled and over with. I even went as far as to ask our leaders to go tell ANYONE ( you ) that I was just having fun and meant no harm and to say I am very sorry. I guess you didnt get the memo.
    As far as being invited to join. What is it with you ppl, give it up! I was. Its a fact... geeeez!
    Lastly being asked to be friends. You betcha I get asked. Lots of BW's, BC's, like to play that are maxed, so what?
    Lemontoes!!! lol Dont want to leave you out. OH I have changed a lil..I like the feather now a lil more than the lipstick:p Sorry man they took you thread away and its content about a CFO.This is much more fun I guess for you guys. Thats so sad this is what you ppl do for a living. Go look around and ask when I have ever in my life made a thread. I am not trouble you are. This proof is right here as long as you keep this going.
  29. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    You've never PM'd anyone on here except for me.. Then you include others you've PM'd? Isn't that like saying that you've never eaten food except when you're hungry? You contradict yourself.

    Not once have I even mentioned the McWolf issue in this thread and it has nothing to do with how you are acting or the fact that you really do need to seek out professional help. You're just like Harvey "Two-Face" Dent from Batman Forever. Very obviously in need of professional help but seemingly pointless to tell it to you because it's like you filter out that fact from fear of hearing it.
  30. Sarcatstic

    Sarcatstic Guest

    Ok as they put the ole lock and key on this thread(we can only hope)

    Lets end this maddness with one of my favorites, The definition game!

    I give the definition you guess the word!

    W______o : a person who is extraordinarily strange or eccentric.

    oh one hint its a noun?
  31. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    Don't forget Yakko and their sister Dot. :danceb:
  32. Elga

    Elga Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 12, 2003
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    ((Paging Nurse Trish to the Emergency Room-Your assistance is needed.))
  33. Sally Toons

    Sally Toons Guest

    I counted all the PM's I have done in Stratics and I have a total of 12. All to you. Plus 1 hello From a stranger I never answered and a Hello from Snout when I first came here. I did just PM her so she can see this though.So that makes a grand total of 13 PM's.mmmmm Wow 12. I am such a bother to you all. Now look at the date I joined and tell me how much I have troubled you Wolfie or others. I said IM as in Yahoo.
    LOL I would like to start a thread about all the toons that have TT Mental Heath issues when maxing BOSS on 3 toons all at different times. I didnt know you cared so much about my well being. If you would had just been a man and said I am sorry I did that, we all would not be here today. I followed you around like a puppy dog waiting to play with you when I first met you. You were my TT God. P.S.I only have PM'd you 12 times in my life. Yez I'm craaaazyyy.

  34. Sarcatstic

    Sarcatstic Guest

    Off topic!

    Did i mention while going by elga's cooking thread! I melted my grill!

    You can not get that much hog fat blazing at the same time! Now i know why it was called the "Bacon Explosion"!

    But it does keep your coat nice and shiny!

    (and works on hair balls also)
  35. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
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    Oct 31, 2003
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    Yeah, that's enough. Y'all are fighting about more off topic stuff than on now.

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