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My turn

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Axe44, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Axe44

    Axe44 Guest

    to finally say Goodbye. My 666th stratics post is also a symbolic way to send my "greetings" to EA for letting this game rot. The process started couple of years ago and ever since i've had this growing anger because of mishaps, unfixed bugs, irrational changes, rampant cheating, design flaws, nerfs, lack of testing, lack of service, lack of presence, lack of vision, you name it... there must be no other product with a consumer protection quite like this!

    As few of you might remember last drop was losing all my stuff during infamous Magincia invasion due to a insurance BUG (read my lips EA). The bug you never admitted, never commented even i wasnt alone, several other people appeared and told a similar story of their own!!

    65 mils of stuff, hopes and sentimental value blown up to sky. For me that was much. I never cheated or exploited, i had worked eight RL months for some of that stuff and this silence, ignorance and denial didnt do any longer.
    I looked at my stripped, naked character one more time before limping back home to Malas. I logged out.
    On that moment i turned my back at EA and stopped logging in just waiting for my faithful 6 months subscription cycle to end for good.

    It took months for me to even stumble here and write this message. Yeah, flipping out that much :p means i didnt even want to remember i once played this... this... GAME since i only felt huge stupidity for paying and investing my time for (what's left of) UO this long. Hell yeah, i feel ive been somewhat faithful during many years and maybe deserved something else, but this was a great reminder for myself not to be too naive with this company.

    Well, im mostly over this right now so enough BOOHOO. I wouldnt be back here if i wasnt. I just feel sorry and sad knowing i'll never be back. I remember warmly all my friends on Europa and my guild TWP to where im leaving so many dear dear friends. Friends i learned to know and trust a way i didnt believe possible in mere game!! You know who you are - you will stay in my heart and in my ICQ forevah [​IMG]

    I have preserved my opinion - about UO being not just a game but a lifestyle at its best. Take care of this community u guys, thats a strenght im not sure EA has ever recognized.

    For all of you who havent yet flipped out or lost their hope, i wish exciting adventures and profitable journeys in the game which used to be the best!
    When "your turn" finally comes i hope you can leave this game with at least as much warm memories and bittersweetness than i. Fare thee well.

    P.S. My apologies to all innocent bystanders for this long post, i never seem to be able to hold my horses [​IMG] Hopefully you'll allow a man his last post as a co-player.
  2. Babble

    Babble Guest

    Have fun