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My Ultima Online adventure (Part 1)

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by Teslawear, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Teslawear

    Teslawear Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Nov 21, 2011
    Likes Received:
    It's been a VERY long time since many of us have had fun on this little 2d game. I really have some time this morning, so I am gonna just tell my story of when I got into UO.

    The day the game was released I was 17 and staying with friends, my friend Steve and his wife Jennifer. (Jennifer is still one of my great friends)... He got Ultima Online for Christmas. I had NEVER head of a multi player game. He logged on for the first time, and I sat there and watched as he created his character... Then watched him play... Asked him if I could play. He let me creat a character which I came up with the name "Hollywood Hogan", all I remember doing was going out of town and killing afk players and having the title "The Dread Lord". I don't remember much about that time cause when I was 17, all I cared about was drinking and women. I just remember his wife and he got a divorce cause she cheated on him with someone *clears throat*.

    I moved out and forgot all about the game till 2001. I had just bought a new computer, and wanted to do something online other then getting kicked out of chatrooms. So I remembered UO. I went out and found the game, brought it back home, downloaded it, and was SO excited!!! Then I needed a credit card.. DAMN! Asking ALL my friends if I could use theirs... Got denied a MILLION times over. Called my mother (who lived 4 states away) she was glad to. Off to the races I went.

    I remember trying to see of Steve played (Since he sent me an email forgiving me).. I remember his character name was Elderon (Either on Napa or Pac). Anyway, logged onto Pacific after giving up the search on various forums. I sat and I sat and I thought about what the perfect name would be for my character. After narrowing down names from, Agent Orange, Warrant, Bo Jackson, Mathturbator, Uncle Daddy... I just wasn't feeling any of them so I decided to settle on Agent Orange. The girl I was dating at the time was a HUGE Tesla fan (like me) and she popped in "Modern Day Cowboy"... THAT was gonna be my characters name!!! Didn't fit, so I decided "Tesla" would probably be MUCH more useful for me. Tesla was born.

    I logged in the little guy told me he had gold for me but a Mongbat took it and if I wanted it, I had to kill him. So I started to sweat, shaking hands, I attacked this thing... Killed it in two hits "You have gained some fame"... Looted it, got my gold. I thought I had accomplished something MAJOR because it said "You have gained some fame"... I figured when I got out to other players everyone was gonna be shocked when I killed this thing, and I would be a hero! I got out there, and nothing. Just a TON of players, and this is when I discovered... Haven.

    I played and pretty much kept to myself (if you can believe) for about a week just going out far enough to kill a thing or two and when my health was low I would run back to Haven bank where everyone was and yell "CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HEAL ME". Nobody told me about bandaids. Between that point and AoS comming out it was pretty much a blur.

    When AoS came out there were problems EVERYWHERE, you couldn't go hunting due to the lag... At least I couldn't (I spent my first three years playing UO on dial up). So I sat at Haven bank for a few days. IN those few days I met a girl named "Barbi Entreri". She was awesome! In meeting her I met another couple housewives. Alecksus and MrsWorlock. (I remember exactly how the names were spelled)... In hanging with those two, I met my first enemy in UO... Moryia. This dude was a jackass, he had a smartass comment for EVERYTHING! He was able to just **** me off telling me I had no life and that I was a noob... MAN did that word **** me off! I lied, I said, I had been playing since 1997... Not 100% a lie, but just misleading. He said "Where is your ethy statue... The eff is that? Told him I sold it. he replied with, "How much"... I told him 10k. Yup, busted... he knew better. Him and his buddy (Oddly, MrsWorlocks husband... WhiteWorlock) had a good laugh over it. I felt confident cause I had FINALLY killed that Ettin thinking I was king **** and had pretty much beat the game.

    "Don't make me kill you both"... I said

    He replied, "if you wanna do something about it, meet me at Minoc Fel gate!"

    I had never been to the gate in Haven, let alone Fel. I had only been pvming it up around Headless ones, and Mongbats... Oh and my one Ettin (Who at the time made a MUCH different sound then they do now). So I hopped on my horse and he hopped on his Ostard, and he led me to the gate. Got to Fel Minoc... and the eerie sound of entering Fel filled my speakers. I thought for SURE I was gonna throw up. I'm shaking, my hearts pounding... I was told when I first started that player Killers are ALL in Fel, avoid Fel and you won't get killed. So here I am in Fel Minoc... heart pounding, gonna vomit... I walk out to Moryia. He attacks me and kills me with total ease. Loots me and leaves me dead... Serious bro?!

    I get rezzed go BACK to Haven... He is laughing, he gave my armor to WhiteWorlock. They chopped it all up and smelted it all down. For over a MONTH I had been working on that armor... All gone within 90 seconds... Oh I was PISSED! AND determined!

    That's when I realized that wasn't the last time I was ever gonna be in Fel... I wanted to kill someone and be a jerk like that. Cause, being a nice guy in UO won't get you far beyond getting killed, laughed at and called a noob.

    So back and forth with this guy for months and months. Then I meet my next enemy... and later, friends... The MEC guild! I started bickering back and forth with the GM Anguissette. **** man, NOBODY likes me. At least she was standing up to Moryia, and backing him down. This is when I realized, there was MUCH more to this game then just killing an Ettin.

    So fast forward a year. Mid 2003... By this time, I had my own Runebook, my own house and a little cash, was visiting Despise dungeon damn near every day. People knew me but didn't like me but would still go hunting with me. By this time, Haven is the spot! We all spend day after day, night after night... ENDless days and hours sitting at Haven Bank bikering back and forth like a bunch of old crows... At the time, I didn't realize that this was the best time I would ever have... online. I had quit drinking all the time, I was single, and NEVER left the house... HAHA! Life was great! Had money comming in from royalties, so I didn't have to work. We all sat in Haven and BSed and did some hunting. Watched players come and go. There was about a solid 15 of us that every day and night would sit at Haven bank... and just... exist.

    One day, a few of us decided to get together and attempt a Champ Spawn. I was told that a Champ Spawn is where everyone is getting the power scrolls from and that it's 4 levels of monsters and a boss. Kill the boss the ground is filled with gold, and you get a random powerscroll. I signed up. We decided we were gonna do it at midnight.

    So I figured since I was gonna be in Fel later, I better get used to it. I went to Fel Brit gate... This is where I met my first red. I am out running around... Suddenly, I see a red name "Molasar", here comes this dude on a SEE THROUGH BEETLE! Blows me all to hell, didn't loot me and left. AGAIN!? I was STEAMED (More on this guy soon). Was that even another player? I go get rezzed open my body loot everything I had 1 by 1... (No auto loot at the time).

    Ok, we go to this champ, pop up slimes and rats... No problem... WOlves and rats... NO problem! Pop a few bandaids, good to go. Mages and Hell hounds... PROBLEM! Yeah ALL bad there. I get killed, so does everyone else... We all go get rezzed and try again... By this time... there is a SWARM of reds killing everything. ALL on invisable mounts... (Didn't know they were a guild cause the time, they didn't have the little guild tags next to their name). We get back to Haven bank... and we are just depressed... bickering among eachother, blaming eachother. It was horrible. I log off, go to bed, wake up the next morning... We all sat there... I said, "Wanna try again"... I kid you not, EVERYONE SHOUTED, "YES!". We were hooked to pvp... Weren't any good but hooked nonetheless.

    Time went on for a few months of never being able to kill anything, but we learned where all the spawns were, and with EVERY new spawn we discovered we SWORE FL "Didn't know about this one"... To this day, I still laugh thinking they really had no clue about this hidden champ spawn"... HAHA. But there was ONE time on Terra Island, where 17 of us got through a spawn, KILLED Coon, and got power scrolls... FINALLY!!!! We all get BACK to Haven, and are SO impressed with ourselves (my first scroll I ever got was a 110 Anatomy, I still to this day have it on an account I keep open just to hold my first ever house full of first ever items, and the original Tesla character) it's a 7x10 in Malas somewhere) we wanted to do it again, we go back and on Dial up, it was SO laggy, but I still enjoyed it. Got raided by FL. THIS time, I was tired of it. I followed one of them who got killed by spawn... (Nobody would rez him cause they didn't wanna go crim cause they had two more spawns to raid)... SO I followed his ghost to his buddy who had a gate open, I go INTO the gate.. BOOM! I found the headquartes... Marble Island! And there is where I meet my longtime friend (still to this day), Ooji. He rezzed me up and told me to leave... Opened a gate for me, and I said, "I wanna join FL". EVERYONE laughed at me. "Just go" he said. I went through the gate thinking I would NEVER find that island again. (At the time, Ooji had a stone tower as the guildhouse).

    A week goes by, I completely seperate myself from hunting with my original crew. I meet two people opening red gates to "free stuff, a house just fell, need help cleaning it up"... Walk through the gate... BOOM dead... DAMN IT! Lost my beetle, and all my armor. (At the time Beetles were insanly tough, my beetle "Ringo" did all my killing for me). I go back to Haven, and meet the ringleader of all that nonsense, S'pore Vampire. Him and his two buddies Digileo and Shabby would kill EVERYONE who went through the gate and fell for that trick. I told them, I wanted to join and do what they do. They said yes.... No guild just a few ******* players. They said they were gonna go do a spawn, and that I should come with... "What about FL" I asked. "We'll kill em". Really, 4 guys against an army? So we do the spawn... watching these guys use spells VERY differently then my previous clan. FL comes in... It's a BATTLE, and MY team is winning!! Molasar (remember him, first ever red to kill me) comes in with a few of his red friends, and helps us beat FL and keep the spawn... I was SHOCKED! Champ is down, I get a scroll... THen they all attack me, and kill me... "Day 1, lesson learned". Well, I did say I wanted to learn how to pvp. So they rez me up get me back to the house. FL is waiting (didn't realize his house was on Marble Island)... It is a freaking WAR! Oh my GOD! I cannot believe what I am seeing... I get out there, I can't get killed someone keeps healing me... So I go and I fight, never once dying cause of these two healers. I am the bait, while all the reds attack me, my crew kills them one by one! What a system! ONE guy starts to get away... and his is bleeding and poisoned... I chase him... BOOM! "You have gained justice"... OH MY GOD! I KILLED SOMEBODY! What a feeling!!!!!!!! I was completely hooked.

    For the next few months, I practiced with these guys, they taught me SO much... SO MUCH!! Then they all joined FL. And I was left hanging out to dry. I had turned my back on my Haven friends (Hunting wise, we still BSed all the time at the bank) and my pvp clan was gone to a guild that declined me.

    So ok, I decide that I am gonna start my own guild. I make a guild, "Baptized by blood" and I go Order... Ok... Uh... Everyone is orange to me. AAAaaand now I am getting killed at Haven Bank, over and over again. I ICQ S'pore and Digi... they put their blues in the guild. There, now I have a little help from my "friends". After the battle later that evening, I meet a blue Molasar... He tells me he wants to join the guild. I take him to my stone, and invite him. He's in. He offered to buy the "Hooded shroud of Shadows" locked down for 100 million... WHAT?! "I wish to release this"... boom disappears. WHat the heck?! He said, "aww man, I heard about items falling under houses"... But he said he was able to fix it, it's a new AoS glitch that has to do with guildstones... Make him the GM (I think at the time you had to vote) and he can fix it, he eventually became GM of the guild, took the guildstone, kicked me from the guild... I got screwed out of my shroud AND guild.

    Screw it... I went back to Marble... BOOM killed instantly. As a ghost I told Ooji and everyone... I am not leaving until you guys accept me into the guild. I at outside that stone tower for 14 days! 2 freaking weeks!!!!!!!! Then I see it "You have been granted access to this house". I go in the house (still a ghost) rezzed by Ooji, and invited to the guild. I was FINALLY a member!!! I could not wait to get back to Haven to show everyone! They were SHOCKED! I was a "recruit" for "The Empire of the fallen Lords"... 2003 was a good year.

    Ok, part two is gonna come later.. maybe tomorrow as I need to get some sleep. FOrgive all the bad grammar and punctuation. I just need to close this chapter in my life, and move on from UO. And this is the only way I know how. Part 2 comming soon.