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My Ultima Online adventure (Part 2)

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by Teslawear, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. Teslawear

    Teslawear Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Nov 21, 2011
    Likes Received:
    I remember geting into FL just as Dracus had been gone and they needed to vote in a new leader. It was between, Ooji, Cecil and someone else... I think Morolan. I didn't get a vote as I was just a "recruit". Ooji got voted in, and boom... Ooji was really the only leader I had ever known in FL... Little did I know Dracus the human as actually a real life friend who was often crashing on some friends couches here and there.

    So ok, one night I get to join a raid. "You need to go red", Ooji told me... Uh ok... I'll go red then. At the time all I had was Tesla and my crafter "Whitesnake", (Which by the way, if anybody has ANYTHING "Crafted by Whitesnake" I will pay TOP dollar for it... Although, you can just go and create a character named "Whitesnake" and GM a skill... Not that easy, all I crafted was colored bone items) I wasn't really sure what I was doing. I got to FINALLY be a part of my first raid rather then just be a ghost and check spawns. I remember we actually raided my Haven friends from MEC... What I was listening to in Teamspeak... was amazing, ONE man telling EVERYONE what to do, and everyone working like a well oiled machine... 50 something people in Teamspeak, and more then that doing the raid cause some people didn't have a mic and weren't in Teamspeak... Which Ooji later made it a rule, that if you didn't have teamspeak, you were gonna get booted. So on dial up pvping was HORRIBLE! But I didn't let people in on the fact I was on dial up. Cause I had my brother rig my computer to where dial up was pretty fast, and I could keep up, just when someone sent me an ICQ my computer would lagg like crazy. Anyway, I loved it, I ACTUALLY killed the GM of MEC, the most BLOODTHIRSTY woman EVER in UO... We took over the spawn, I wasn't allowed to hit the champ but I would be first in line for whatever scrolls came out (Not as a reward, but as a need for my character to progress).. At the time I was only GM focus and Anatomy. Ooji asked me what my skills were... I told him he was SO disgusted... I was 80 something swords, no tactics (Didn't know tactics mattered)... 90 something healing, and ALL skills turned up and had gotten most of them to 20. Had NO CLUE there was a 700 cap! So Ooji spends time telling me about my 700 cap and how I needed to be a dexxer till I get more comfortable with macros... Up to that point, I was only double clicking everything. AND that I needd to add CHivalry... Ohhhh... that new skill. Once I finally added Chivalry and learned macros... Game changer... I was able to kill things easier, stay alive, and heal myself. So Ooji dueled me (along with other players just wanted to unroll their epeen) maybe 100 times one night and told me what I was doing wrong, and taught me the science of pv. And how I needed better armor and to GM my skills... "Your goal for the next week is to GM these 6 skills.. Swords, Tactics, Chivalry, healing, Anatomy and Magic Resist, if you can't do that, then I can't let you stay in the guild"... FOr the next week, I BUSTED my butt GMing these skills, and I gotten EVERYTHING to GM except Chivalry.. I couldn't get gains but once in a while and it was the due day. So this is when I learned about 8x8ing. A friend took me on a boat and was gaining his magery, so he might as well teach me the tricks of the trade. So long story short, it worked, and I made the deadline. Ooji was SO impressed that I accomplished it that he gave me this amazing suit (Which today you can probably get for 5k gold in MASS numbers).. FULL 70's, AND gave me a Cleaver that had 30 SSI and 50 fireball on it... THEN gave me 5 million to insure it! I was SET for life! So I went through VERY crazy training, field training... A lot of people don't know that in FL's off time we were encouraged to go to Terra Island or somewhere remote and be two teams and fight against eachother to practie field fighting. I learned SO much... I actually learned SO much that I can't pvp 1 v 1 for ANYTHING today... I was a field/team fighter. My role was to basically be the bait. Being the bait helped me learn how to be aware of what everyone was doing... I had just enough hit chance to where I could get off a bleed attack on someone and have them attack me rather then attacking Ooji or someone else. My (personal) goal was to make sure I died more then everyone else. And I did... over and over again, as I was mostly on foot because I didn't have an ethy.

    At the time, I was tired of my mounts dying and being on foot all the time... I was pulled to the "Dark Circle" room in teamspeak and it was suggested that I look into buying a vet account off ebay... "Wait, you can do that"... I asked... "Yeah, you can buy gold, powerscrolls ANYTHING off ebay"... I get on ebay, and sure enough PAGES and PAGES or gold, and accounts for sale. 1 million gold: 25 bucks. 10 million gold: 200 bucks. Inquis resolution: 600 bucks! I go to the accounts... I find one account, 37 months with all GM mage, crafter, tamer and necro pvper and a all GM Pally for PVM: 1700 bucks... I contacted the owner and offered him 1k, he said no... I offered him 1100... "I am only gonna take what I am asking for it, it comes with 17 million gold and a 18x18 in Malas (At the time, there was NOWHERE to place a house... You spent 200k on a 7x7 ANYWHERE). I bought it right then and there, and retired my old, original account.

    I log onto this account, I didn't wanna tell ANYONE in Teamspeak that I had bought an account off ebay... But the guy that suggested it already told everyone. Whatever... I finally had an account I can do something with. (For the record, I haven't played my original account since early 2004). So, it was suggested that I use the necro for pvp. So I had to RELEARN everything on a necro... My field fighting was SO much easier, and so was my 1 v 1... I actually was confident enough that I could beat Moryia... I came to Haven and challenged him... "How did you get an ethy, bought your account off ebay?" Motherf-----! I couldn't believe he guessed it.

    "Your gonna be VERY disappointed when you spent all that money and I still kick your ass"... he said.

    Off to Fel Minoc gate I went. And this time he brought his buddy WhiteWorlock. We get into a duel, I completely forget what to do, and die instantly... nothing to loot cause everything was insured.

    "I'll rez you up man, good battle... your doing better" he said as I am OoOoo Oo o o ooO ooo cussing him out. I let him rez me... BOOM rezkill... GRR!

    "Are you really that stupid. I am GM Spirit Speak, I can see everything you say"... he said.

    He leaves, and his buddy tries to rez me with Bandaids... I get rez... BOOM rezkilled by him to... By this time he calls back Moryia, and they BOTH are laughing at me... I am sitting in Teamspeak not wanting to tell everyone that everything we had been working on for the last few weeks wasn't working. By this time I am STEAMING pissed! I call Digileo and said I needed help with two guys at Fel Minoc gate... He shows up and wipes them both out. Rezzes me, and off I go... STILL pissed.

    "You learn a lot of textbook fighting from these guys... You gotta fight dirty man, you have a necro, use bloodoath and maybe precast a rev"... he suggested.

    My thing was always be a fair fight cause I didn't wanna kill someone then have them go back to town and say I cheated... Then I realized, Digi was right. So he taught me dirty pvp. And it was FUN!

    2 years passed and FL is changing... Ooji isn't on a much anymore... Cecil has pretty much taken over and put me in the "protection" guild "FLC".. Where Ooji and I came up with the idea that FL would allow people to do spawns while FL surrounded the spawn and protected them from ANY raid, and FL would make a million gold (which still at the time was a lot of gold). To introduce this... ooji dcided that the shard was gonna be allowed a "free" champ spawn day where ANYBODY could go do champs and not get raided, if ANYONE raided a spawn... all they had to do was ICQ a member of FL and BOOM 50 of us killing the raiders. And helping the blues finish. EVERY spawn was busy those days! Then we announced that FLC was gonna be created and you had to pay 100k a month to be amember of this guild, you would get your own Teamspeak and everything, and were allowed to do spawns at will... And when Ooji didn't play as much and Cecil took over, I was moved to that guild fre of charge... I had pretty much been removed from FL. SO I left FLC and FL alltogether...

    I tried joining MEC cause at the time their numbers were growing and they were becomming a big pvp/spawning guild who could give FL a fight. The FIRST day I joined MEC, we did a spawn, and FL raided and killed EVERYONE but me... I got killed by the spawn, and ooji rezzed me in front of everyone. Sent the GM of MEC a ICQ saying that "Tesla had nothing to do with that, and he is just a friend, he did not betray you whatsoever".... After some convincing of me (And Ooji on a blue comming to Haven) that I was innocent...

    Anguisette had just added 4 new members to the guild who were "blues from another shard" (Shard xfers had just become available)... We had a guild meeting at the MEC guildhouse... During a modivational speech from Ang with around 40 MEC members on the top floor... I notice that Suddenly Ang is exploded and flamestriked... then poison and killed... The 4 members left the house and ran outside... When they went outside they were SWARMED with hidden FL members... and everyone was killed. ooji had came up with this plan to "kill the queen and her knights". And this was my first day in the MEC guild... Who got blamed for everything.... me! The 4 members from another shard were actually alts from FL characters. This thing was put together SO well... But alas, I was booted from MEC, and was pretty much all alone...

    So for the next year, I decided to start my own guild "Metal Babies" (\m/)... A few months after having this guild MY numbers were getting bigger and bigger. THen one day in Haven I see a blue Molasar... I said, you know what I would LOVE to have you in this guild with me, even if for a few days and a few battles with us. He joined the guild, I kept waiting to get screwed over... It never happened, and today he is STILL one of my good friends outside of UO... I remember recently telling him about the guild stone and shroud incident... He laughed about it. But there is nothing to gain from that incident except a lesson.

    So after around a year of (\m/) being all over the place... I got bored with UO and just ... quit... I quit for 3 months. When I came back nobody from \m/ was left. FL was being ran by a guy named Arycke, Accessdenied (Who I gave SO much good stuff on his first day playing UO) and ... Man what was that other guys name... Not Cecil... But I think it started with a C... Anyway... It was a team of 3 running the guild with Accessdenied being the main GM... I figured I could get back in with him at the helm... He at least owes me that... "We took a vote and all three of us decided that your not gonna be rejoining FL"... So I just ignored it, and made a crafter named "Tesla Wear"... For the next year all I did was craft and sell and save my gold. My goal was to have one billion gold... I met that mark... three times over. I had SO much gold that there was really not much more I could do. And at the time, everyone was duping items... I logged on one morning to Haven, and found three bags in a drawer in the bank.. I opened one bag... FULL of Hats of the magis... "bank" took them all. Next bag... FULL of Ornys... put that in the bank... Next bag was FULL of Inquiz!... Wouldn't fit in the bank so I took it to my house... I sold off EVERYTHING! Made around 1 billion gold... I go pulled into jail, my account banned for ever... I had no proof that I didn't do all that. All my gold, house, and everything was gone... forever.

    I took a year off. I came back around 2007 and FL was ran by Arycke alone now... I had bought another account from a friend for 500 bucks. AND then the ULTIMATE pvp house became available... He big 18x18 at Fel Yew gate... I bought the house for 250 bucks in real life cash! I just gotten this new account was getting into pvp again, and then came along the "new" FL... Hag and Sargon.

    Part 3 will be up soon. It should be finished then. Again, sorry for the typos and bad grammar... But it is what it is.