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MyAlganon Community goes Beta

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by _zigzag_, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. _zigzag_

    _zigzag_ Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Apr 5, 2004
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    <div align="center"><h2><strong>In anticipation of its massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) Alganon, Quest Online releases MyAlganon.com</strong></h3><p align="left">&nbsp;</p><p align="left"><strong>Chandler, AZ - (PRWEB) February 16, 2009</strong> - Online Gamers want enhanced community features. While it seems everyone has joined wide-scale communities such as MySpace and Facebook, most agree that those communities don't cater well enough to any specific niche. Populated with add-ins and advertisements, the experience is less than exceptional. How does one curtail the noise and create a gaming community that appeals specifically to the online gamer? It seems that one company has developed a solution.</p><p align="left">Quest Online, LLC has created its own MMOG Community System that will directly integrate with its upcoming MMOG, Alganon. <em>&quot;Enhancing the online community experience has been one of our goals from the start,&quot;</em> explains Quest Online's President David Allen. <em>&quot;After a significant amount of research, we knew we needed to come up with a place that was media-rich and engaging for today's avid gamer. We established a commitment to meet the needs of our target market. As a result, we have created the MyAlganon system to serve as the gateway for the upcoming release of Alganon, due later this year.&quot;</em></p><p align="left">To help meet the requirements of the upcoming Alganon Beta, Quest Online is launching MyAlganon.com into the gaming community, enabling them to sign up and gain deep insight into Alganon, as well as establish dialog with the growing community of gamers.
    </p><p align="left">The MyAlganon community website offers:</p><div align="left"><ul><li>Early signup for Alganon and access to the Beta phase of Alganon</li><li>Player profiling and networking that enables players to build up social activities outside the game and stay connected with friends.</li><li>User-generated content through blogging, news, articles, guides and more that can serve as an important source of information for any MMO gamer.</li><li>Content such as previews, reviews, interviews and videos developed by our editorial staff and the community, all of which is intended to guide players through the world of Alganon.</li></ul>Creating a MyAlganon account is free! The MyAlganon.com Community features: Guilds, Blogs, Pictures, Videos, Groups, and more, all appealing to the diverse set of communication and media elements that gamers seek. Additionally, one of the more compelling reasons to join is connectivity to our development team - as an avid gamer, your feedback counts! Future enhancements include direct ties into the Library, Auction, and Study systems of a player's characters.
    <div align="left"></div><div align="left"><u><strong>About Quest Online, Inc</strong></u>.<br />Founded in early 2006, Quest Online, LLC (http://www.qol.com) is a privately held corporation focused on the creation of next generation online games. <br /></div><p align="left">&nbsp;</p><p align="left">&nbsp;</p></div>