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[Selling] Mystic Garden Stock 3/9 Marked Runebooks & More

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic Trade' started by LadyKeroOfAtl, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. LadyKeroOfAtl

    LadyKeroOfAtl UO Homes & Castles News Reporter
    Stratics Veteran

    May 24, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Mystic Garden Stock 3/9/2011

    Free vendor rentals are available!
    PM or ICQ if interested.

    Free Trinsic Rose Petals & Slayer Musical Instruments.
    Free Goods For New/Returning Player.. Armor, Jewels, Other Needed Items.
    Public Dye Tubs & Rune Library.

    Gold Skulls 110,000
    Music Gears - Normal 10,000 Uncommon 40,000 Rare 110,000
    Repair Deeds - Tailor, Tinker, Smith, Fletcher or Carpenter 250 per
    Kasa Of Raj-in 1,000,000
    Wrath Of The Dryad 40,000
    Robe Of The Equinox - Elves Only 60,000
    Crystal Item Deeds 5,000
    Grapes Of Wrath 2 for 350
    Enchanted Apples 2 for 350
    Smoke Bombs 10 for 1,250
    Stone Furniture 1,000 - 10,000 per
    Bola 2 for 15,000
    Arcane Clothing 750 Per Piece

    New Fishing Rewards - Stock Changes Daily

    115 Eval Intelligence 2,500,000
    120 Parrying 1,100,000
    110 Chivalry 8,000
    110 Mace Fighting 8,000
    115 Mace Fighting 50,000
    110 Resisting Spells 150,000
    115 Stealth 80,000
    110 Parrying l 80,000
    110 Eval Intelligence 200,000
    115 Necromancy 110,000
    115 Discordance 50,000
    115 Chivalry 75,000
    115 Peacemaking 50,000
    115 Provoke 50,000
    115 Veterinary 45,000

    Natural Dyes 20,000 - 350,000

    10 Furniture Vendors Including Deco/Furniture Sets.

    Imbuing Resources
    Stock Changes Daily, Heavily Stocked At The Moment.
    Essences: Singularity, Order, Precision, Diligence, Feeling, Direction, Achievement.
    Faery Dust, Goblin Blood, Vial of Virtiol, Boura Pelt, Crystalline Blackrock, Void Orb, Silver Snake Skin, Chaga Mushrooms, Parasitic Plant, Daemon Claw & More.

    Currently Stocked Marked Runebooks
    This isn't the full list of all runebooks we make.

    City Books:
    Trammel or Felucca Cities (Marked at banks) 20,000
    Trammel or Felucca Mage Shops 20,000
    Trammel or Felucca Smith/Tailors (8 of each) 20,000
    Ter Mur Royal City 20,000
    Ter Mur Holy City 20,000
    Umbra&Luna (8 of each) 20,000
    Trammel&Felucca Fishmonger Locations 25,000
    Bowyer/Fletcher Locations 20,000
    Compassion Locations (Places to pick up escort quests) 20,000
    Faction Sigils & Signup Stones 30,000

    Resource Books:[/B]
    3 Book Felucca Resource Set (Mining locations w/ forges, fields, leathers) 110,000
    Felucca Mining 30,000
    Trammel Cave Mining 20,000
    Resource Gathering 20,000
    Felucca Resource Gathering (Cotton, leather, wool, hay, bones, sand, fertile dirt) 30,000
    Lumberjacking 25,000

    Hunting Books:

    3 Book Hunt Set Seperated By Gold Loot Amount 175,000
    Trammel Dungeon Entrances 20,000
    Felucca Dungeon Entrances 30,000
    Malas/Tokuno/Ter Mur Dungeons & Spawns 20,000
    Peculiar Seed Hunting Locations 20,000
    5 Book Karma Set (4 High karma books, 1 Negative karma book)

    Quest Books:
    Two Book Felucca Virtue Quest Set 110,000
    Humility Cloak Quest 75,000
    Bleach Quest 20,000
    Ant Hive Quests (Naturalist & Friend of the hive. Comes with guide book) 25,000
    Elf To Human (Trammel and Felucca in one book. Guide books available.) 25,000
    Human To Elf Quest Set (Trammel and Felucca in one book. Comes w/ guide and all quest items needed) 45,000
    Collectors Quest 20,000

    Misc Books:
    Green Thorn Book & Guide (Locations for the various ways to plant green thorns.) 30,000
    Mounts Of Sosaria 20,000
    Felucca Zoo Collections 20,000
    Felucca Taming 30,000
    Three Book Taming For Gains Set 110,000
    Four Book Donation Set For The New Britannian Ship & Guide/Info Book(NPC shops to buy the items needed to donate.) 165,000
    Samurai Empire Locations 25,000
    Mondains Legacy Locations 25,000
    Mondains Legacy Felucca Locations 25,000

    If You Can't Find A Rune, Goodman's Rune Library's Memorial & Museum (Directly Across The Road From The Library) Has A Teleporter That Links To Mystic Garden!