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Mysticism/Imbuing change = win

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Oakenwraith, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. Oakenwraith

    Oakenwraith Guest

    Simple suggestion, discuss.

    Make it so Imbuing gives LMC, possibly 12% at lvl 120, and possible an equivalent LMC cap increase. This would add benefit to both the caster and melee side of mysticism, or any class really, since it would lower the cost of spells and special moves. True, other magic skills do have 'requirements' to make their spells shine, but Imbuing itself should have some actual in-battle perk to it, instead of just a penalty for not having it. I really think this would fix a LOT of problems with myst/imbue that people seem to have.

    Change Eagle Strike to chaos damage. (you will see why in a minute)

    Create a new type of item, craftable by stoneworking and also lootable, called Figurine or something. These would require a gem to make, which would give it one of 4 prefixes. The Figurines would have 2 common minimum stats... -10LMC and "Affinity". The type of affinity would modify all chaos spells to do the affinity's damage type. I.E. - Player buys a Jade Figurine and puts it on. He is then penalized by -10LMC, but it is negated by his 100 imbuing skill (+10LMC). All the chaos spells he then casts, eagle strike, nether cyclone, nether bolt, do poison damage instead of chaos damage (hence the JADE figurine). Or, if he goes to do the drag champ spawn, he can put on a Saphire Figurine (possibly with extra bonuses if he looted it) and have his lvl 4 single target spell (easily spammable) and his Nether Vortex be of real use to him.

    A huge problem i saw with this skill, from the day we first heard about it in detail, was that it only has 2 spammable spells for pve, or even pvp. Boulder, which is of probably the worst damage type against bosses and mini-bosses as a whole, and eagle strike, which is a gimp version of lightning. The rest are either unspammable (spell plague) or not meant for doing large damage to a single target (nether vortex, hail storm). This makes it extremely hard to REALLY use mysticism to do different boss runs, because you have no way to chose a spell to spam, since you only have gimp energy spell, physical spell, or AoE spells.

    If these changes were made, a player with ONLY mysticism could make GOOD use of the figurines/chaos spells with its diversity, and incur a modest penalty for said diversity. Or the player could invest in 2 skills, mysticism AND imbuing, and have some of their otherwise unusable spells (the ones that require imbue to be useful) AND have the perk of freely being able to chose their spells damage penalty-free (or still have +2LMC at 120).

    I really think these 3 major changes, imbuing = lmc, eagle strike = chaos damage (spammable single target chosen damage type), figurines = change chaos damage, would really turn this entire 'mysticism/imbuing is bad' idea COMPLETELY around.

    Anyways, discuss. :)
  2. Oakenwraith

    Oakenwraith Guest

    No1 has any thoughts?
  3. red sky

    red sky Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I suppose the damage output differences would be okay, as long as you are required to have both skills. The +12 LMC is over the top though, especially if you are saying that by having 120 in each of these skills that you would have 52 LMC instead of the normal 40. That would make a huge difference in how much spells cost, especially considering you could make a mage template with these 2 skills. That's my 2 cents.

    P.S. I highly doubt this would ever get any consideration, considering there have been long debated changes that stem far back that have never been talked of by any of the Devs.
  4. Myna

    Myna Guest

    i am fine with mysticism/imbuing

    its like SS and necro, you cant be a good necro without SS, and SS alone is useless, so with myst/imbuing you even get a bonus having both skills, you can imbue stuff, so it isnt a useless skill like SS

    i know what you want, you want to squeeze as much as possible skills in one char, and you dont have the space for imbuing ... and i say NO

    if you want to cast that spells without penalty you need both skills, take it or leave it
  5. Oakenwraith

    Oakenwraith Guest

    I guess the +12 LMC (just from imbuing not from myst), without the +12LMC cap, would be more suitable then. Its meant to be a way to 1) give imbuing an actual in-battle purpose, 2) make it attractive in some sense to melee temps, and 3) give it a synergy with mysticism while 'cushioning' mystics ability to chose damage types in the eyes of non-mystic casters
  6. Oakenwraith

    Oakenwraith Guest

    SS alone is not useless, it lets you heal yourself. It has viable pvm/pvp useage on its own, imbuing has absolutely nothing to offer.

    And no, that is in no way what i want. mysticism is very flawed by design. if you go against a boss, you have two spammable spells, boulder and eagle strike. eagle strike is equiv to a lvl 3 magery spell, so its not much help. this leaves straight mystics with physical damage. have fun trying to be top damage in champ spawns with only physical damage.

    the suggestion i made gives mystics versatility in their damage type, reinforces the mysticism/imbuing relationship, and gives meaning to imbuing in battle as well as making high imbue and low mysticism viable for melee classes.

    mystic with no imbue - lacking in the support spells area but has access to all damage types at a high mana cost
    mystic with imbue - good support spells and has his/her own positive niche in damaging spells
    fighter with high imbue but low mysticism - only able to cast the lower tier spells that are oriented towards fighters but his imbuing makes those spells decent and lets him cast special moves, chiv, ninja, bushido cheaper

    when i first looked at mysticism i thought:
    1) well what the heck am i supposed to cast in fights, 1 dd spell and 2 aoe spells and one i dont even know what kinda dmg it will do
    2) did they just make this stuff require imbuing to make people use imbuing more, cuz this dosnt even seem to fit right, just seems wierd
    3) why does it outright require 2 support skills just for this one skill
    4) if imbuing is required for me to use half the spells at all, why dosnt it actually DO something for the other half?
    5) if i try and use this on my fighter, why would i want to have to have 2 skills at gm for the fighter-oriented spells to be even moderately worthwhile

    the suggestion is what i came up with. its not complicated IMO, and dosn't make mystics/imbuers OPd in any shape or fashion. just would make it be an actual viable alternative to magery... wait, i forgot... "a viable alternative to magery" was exactly what mysticism was supposed to be... snap.