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Napa News - Info from tonight's Stratics HoC

Discussion in 'UO Napa Valley' started by Guest, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Tonight the UO Developers and Others came together for a House Of Commons Q&A. EA employees seen there were:


    There were tons of questions, some dodged, some not, but the following over view may be of interest to some people. None of this is direct quote, but rather my impression and/or rewording. The HoC log can be seen here: HoC Chat Log


    Included in the Publish coming to a shard near you next week are fixes for most, if not all ML crafting recipes. Issues with bonuses not properly stacking should have been fixed on more than just Fletching Recipes.

    Housing Changes - Some may remember when the sripters' houses went up in flames it was said that the plots will not become available for placement until a fix for script placing could be implemented. Well, apparently they decided to do a once-over on the whole housing/IDOC system, and (once they fix the issue that is stopping houses being placed on Test Center) changes to vendor decay on IDOC/OSI owned houses should be expected.

    Crafting - From the sounds of it, Leurocian would like to continue working on the crafting system, including his special interest of making metal and dragon scale armor more viable. While no promises were made, nor firm plans, this appears to be an interest of his.

    Loot - It was let slip that the Live Team (Draconi and Adida) have discussed a pass at monster balance and loot. Leurocian stated he would pass along that some item properties (outdated slayers, particularly) should be looked at when/if they get to it.

    KR - GrimmOmen states that the animations for dancing and much more have been completed for KR, but due to wanting to keep patch size down, these will likely trickle in.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    "making metal and dragon scale armor more viable"

    What i would like to see is stuff like make each piece of certain metal armor you wear stack towards resisting a certain special. Like Plate Armor could resist AIs. Could add a downside to it like make Plate Armor more susceptible to Crushing Blows.

    The old way Dragon Armor worked MIGHT work now with a few tweaks, like Red Dragon Scale reducing Fire Damage by a set %, like resisting 20% of the damage a Fire Spell/Attack does, AFTER it takes into affect your Fire Resist, like a 60 damage explosion becomes 18 damage after taking 70 Fire Resist into consideration, then reduce the 18 damage by 20%, making it 14 damage. The % it blocks could be tweaked, would be similar to riding a Armored Swamp Dragon when you take damage from a monster. Pre-AoS, Red Dragon Scale also had the side effect of making you take more damage from Poison, not sure if this should be added back to it considering Red Dragon Scale already has low innate Poison Resist.