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Napa Valley Guilds and Establishments

Discussion in 'UO Napa Valley' started by Lord Kalatar, May 8, 2007.

  1. Lord Kalatar

    Lord Kalatar Guest

    As the old guild thread was very out of date I have created a new thread for both guilds and player run establishments. Please refrain from posting any vendor house links here. What I mean by establishments are player run towns, musems, etc. Below you can find what you need to include when making a post in this thread.


    1) Guild Name
    2) Abbreviation
    3) Guild Master
    4) Brief idea oh the guilds purpose
    5) Any fiction that may relate to the guild and its origins.
    6) ICQ #
    7) A link to the guilds page if you have one


    1) Establishment Name.
    2) Brief explanation of the establishment itself.
    3) Any fiction that may relate to the establishment and its origins.
    4) ICQ # or contact information for anyone wanting to know more.
    5) A link to the establishments website if it has one.
    6) Location (please include coordinates, facet, land).
  2. Guild Name: THIEF
    Abbreviation: ^^
    Guild Master: Chad Sexington
    Website: www.uothief.com
    Forums: forums
    Purpose: Official bandage collectors of Napa. I mean stolen bandages... erm... uhm...



    *runs off giggling like a girl*

    Any fiction that may relate to the guild and its origins: Punch & Pie nights. 6:00pm EST.

    ---Company Policy---

    1. Live by The Code.

    2. Snitching Policy: Don't do it. Thou shalt not snitch on guilds doing spawns.

    3. Alternate Character Policy: Don't ask, don't tell if you don't want to.

    4. Red Gate Policy: You see a red gate, you take it.

    ***Company Policy may change without proir notice at any time at my discretion. All members are required to pay an annual Chad fee in the form of 1000 stolen bandages. All members unable to do so will be subject to extreme measures. If you're "into" extreme measures, said member will not be subject to any measure of any sort of any kind and must stay 100 yards away from Chad Sexington at all times.

    Guild Name: Men in Pink
    Abbreviation: PINK
    Guild Master: Laggy McLagerson (a.k.a. Chad Sexington)
    Website: www.uothief.com
    Forums: forums

    Purpose: THIEF Recruitment Stone. To weed out the bad apples. Every once in a while I get a PM or ICQ from someone wanting to join the guild. Sometimes it works out fine. Sometimes not. This was a problem, and I found the solution: Men in Pink.

    Yes, the men in pink robes and the humiliation by fire (fraternity style) idea is taken from S|S and their "pinkies." But I have some changes of my own. And I'm doing this for a couple reasons. Here are some guidelines if you want to join THIEF:

    -Screenshots & stories is what's going to separate THIEF from other thief guilds. (I tell everyone to do it, and no one ever does.)
    -New recruits must come to Napa, make two of their own episodes, stealing from other players in felucca, and post them on the Screenshot & Adventure Gallery
    -They can't both take place in the same location (Ex: One at the gates, another somewhere else. (No Yew Gate & Brit Gate don't count as different.))

    -When you're ready, I'll meet you in game on Napa with Laggy McLagerson. I'll hand you a pink robe & two books. Then you'll be a (proud) member of Men In Pink.
    -The two books are: "THIEF Company Policy" and "The Code."
    -If at any time a THIEF guild member snoops you, you don't have the books on you, or you don't have your pink robe on (newly rezzes withstanding), and they take a screenshot of this... you will lose all chances of being guilded into THIEF.
    -Plus, this increases your insurance costs by 1200gp, which I think is funny. [​IMG]

    -An "Aye" or "Nay" poll will be made in the members only forum. That will decide your fate.
    -All this before you get guilded.
    -This way if you kill me later, I get something out of you and I still win. ^^
    -Just remember, this isn't about looting bodies or killing scriptors. This is about using the stealing skill to take items from other players in felucca. If you can't do that, go somewhere else.
    -This is also about giving you a taste of what it's going to be like as a thief. This isn't like the "good ol' days." It might not be for you.

    If you're up to the challenge. [​IMG]
  3. kernelfault

    kernelfault Guest

    i am pretty sure im not even authorized to say anything on behalf of my guild, seeing as we do not openly recruit, especially on the message boards, but...

    Knights of Absolution [KOA] is here and still very much active.

    other than that... well that is pretty much that.
  4. five oclock

    five oclock Guest

    Guild: Justice Valor Honor
    Abv: JVH

    Guild leader: Sunrise.

    We play for Justice...We play for Valor and Honor above all. We play to have fun. But to also kick some butt. If it be pvp or pvm.... We strive to be the champs at quests and keeping our lovely world Napa Valley up and running for the future generations of the wolrd....
  5. Guild Name: Grim Faeries
    Abbreviation: GRIM
    Guild Master: Xidhe (myself)
    Brief idea of the guilds purpose: Grim Faeries are a dark, mischevious group who don't like others intruding into Felucca.
    5) Any fiction that may relate to the guild and its origins:
    "Be afraid
    It's a Faerie raide
    If you desecrate
    We will retaliate!"
    6) ICQ #: PM me via Stratics if you think you're worthy of joining, or to cry because we weren't nice to yooooou!
  6. Antera

    Antera Guest

    Guild Name: Guardians Of Darknezz
    Abbreviation: GoDz
    Guild Master: Antera
    Purpose: Play the game, have a laugh or 2, kill a few things .. ok kill ALOT of things, both PVM and PVP we're equal opertunity killers

    Charter: A good Beating never hurt anyone

    Little About us: We're mostly Vets (players not characters min age 4 years to oldest 9 years) Godz has been around for 2 almost 3 years, our main rule is have fun, it's a game play it as such, we have no drama (that comes from the younger players), and i won't guild any of those but more then happy to bounce them when the show starts, we have both PVM and PVP characters so you can expect to see us everywhere
  7. sirTEDLEY

    sirTEDLEY Guest

    wax museum of napa valley

    i try and maintane a wax museum the vendors are close likenesses of people that has donated stuff the vendors are whering artifacts and old stuff that was made long ago , the chests in the main hall upstairs are open to all to view i buy new stuff as i go andsome vendors sell stuff to help also get new artifacts etc etc as napa grows i try to keep the museum growing .

    my museum started just after trammel started i started in fel with a 7x7 then moved to a small tower in trammel then when malas was born i moved to a 18x 18 in the mountains north of luna my museum there was placed by xion a very close friend of mine at the time [​IMG] i decided then to be different and make the vendors look like friends a new kicker to the museums ive seen and there all great . alot of the items where donated and is great to see other players donateing stuff to keep napa alive to any and all museums .

    if you yould like my icq number to ask or even see my museum please contact me here via a im ty .

    i dont have any links or pictures to my museum but like i said if you wish to see oplease contact me thank you

    my museum is located in trammel on ice island south side of the island and west of the shrine near the ocean

    92o 22'N 170o 52'W (B)

    gl and hope to see yuor visit thank you .
  8. Otis Firefly

    Otis Firefly Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 17, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Guild name: Chaotic Creed
    Abbreviation: C!C
    Guild Master: Otis Firefly
    Purpose: PvE..Kill or be killed its your choice, just laugh insanely while doing it
    Charter: same as above!

    Chaotic Creed is always recruiting! we are good people, just a little on the insane side of the map!, anyone interested in learning more about the guild or interested in joining
    pm me!
  9. talween

    talween Guest

    Knights of Dragonkind
    Loauri or Lori for short
    To help new and returning players get a good start in the game.
    To have a stable platform for the players, with established ranking and scheduled events
    Wanted to do Dragon Knights when I first started the guild but that name was taken.

    We are a 2+ year old guild, with 2-4 hunts a week depending on the week, with a calendar for the guild and anyone to look at.
  10. Kirthag

    Kirthag Former Stratics Publisher
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Benefactor

    Feb 25, 2004
    Likes Received:
    1) Establishment Name. - Llama Head Tavern
    2) Brief explanation of the establishment itself. - A venue for story-nights, and will be the kick-off for pending events (to be posted)
    3) Any fiction that may relate to the establishment and its origins. - coming soon...
    4) ICQ # or contact information for anyone wanting to know more. - 55-948-266 (Kirth)
    5) A link to the establishments website if it has one. - new one coming
    6) Location (please include coordinates, facet, land). - 48o 0'N, 65o 31'E in Trammel, due north of Cove's front gate, the last house you'll find before hitting water.
    new picture coming
  11. Drazasamus

    Drazasamus Guest

    death seeking thrillers
    the guild leader is Drizzet Do'Urden

    we just like to have fun... more of a social guild really
  12. Skyline Napa

    Skyline Napa Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Aug 12, 2011
    Likes Received:
    Confederacy of Walmart?
    Our guild is laid back helping new players and returning player get back into the game. Just a good way to get people to do hunts.

    If interested ICQ me 639104163
  13. Washington

    Washington Visitor

    Jan 21, 2015
    Likes Received:
    UOS, we are dedicated to having fun, supporting new players and more! We are VERY active.