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Necro/Mage or Tamer/Mage ?

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Guest, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi all.

    Gonna post this on the necro forums too.

    I'm looking for mainly PvM with some PvP in the future. I got my Mage semi done with 80+ magery. So for my mage part i got magery, medi, eval & resist.

    I started off with 50 taming. But i find taming a chore to raise. Currently taming polar bears near Deceit. At 52.x skill currently.

    The lure of necromancy seems likes its easier to raise.

    So tame, lore & vet OR necro, SS & weapon skill?

    Whats the advantage for both templates ?

    (Note i played UO many yeas ago during Lord Blackthorns revenge for like 2 months. Just came back into UOKR/Mordain's)

  2. Tulianya

    Tulianya Guest

    I myself am thinking of making a necro/tamer which is posing me some troubles decision wise.

  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ok for Tuli on necro/tamer - your going to run into problems getting pets to the stable to allow them to bond, without magery you have no gateing ability so if you tame anything you cant ride its gonna be a long walk.

    To the original poster both a necro/mage and a tamer/mage are very powerfull templates while I cant comment on PvP both of these templates work very well for high end PvM.
    Yes your correct in that the necro/mage can be done fairly quickly - they work well in Doom guantlet, champ spawns or whatever your pleasure, I have a couple of these created on a few shards.
    Tamer/mage - can take a long time to GM but works well for most high end monsters ingame though with the mobs you can get at champ spawns they can be hard to control your pet at times and without others there the DF would chew thru your pets quickly but for most other creatures in game and even most paragon versions they can make it easy to kill and still wear a high luck suit w/lo resists.
  4. Tulianya

    Tulianya Guest

    Oh, I would have magery for my transportation. Necro/SS/Magery/Med/Taming/Vet/Lore I believe is what I would have... not 100% sure. I just like pets, but the dumbness of Vortex/Bladespirit get a bit boring for me at times. I want something I can care to try and keep alive, so taming is the result. I don't need to max it and frankly I don't want the "uber" pets, I just want decent enough ones that I can train and keep happy.

  5. If you're like me and rather impatient, choose necro/mage. That character can be fully made in a week of hard work. The tactics involved take longer to learn... but at least you'd have the skills.

    Tamer, to date, can not.

    On the other hand, once your tamer is finished, and you've found a decent pet, and you've trained the pet (another long process in some cases), and you have the right pets for the right places, and you've trained the pets for the other right places, and you've practiced the tactics unique to that pet (anyone who says it's just "all kill" has never been a good tamer), then you have one of the (if not the most) most powerful characters in the game.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi, thanks for the info.

    Is weapon skills important for a Necro/Mage ? Since I would have 1 left over skill.

    100 Magery
    100 Medi
    100 Resist
    100 Eval
    100 Necro
    100 SS
    100 ?? (Weapon Skill or Anatomy or Wrestling)?

  7. If you have a mage weapon, no.

    And I would recommend using that last 100 skills to spread among your afore-mentioned 6 skills to take them all over 100. On the other hand, you could be like my off-my-normal shard fun character and not have the gold for the 110 and 115 scrolls, in which case, take spellweaving for a week, see how it works out for you. Or inscription. Or poisoning (though if you can afford to train poisoning, you can afford the afore mentioned scrolls).

    My Europa character that I can't play right now due to extreme lag is 100 in all your sklls plus spellweaving. I only use the spellweaving for nature's fury and dryad allure really, so maybe inscription would be a better choice.
  8. Afari

    Afari Guest

    If you used a spell channeling mage weapon in doom wouldn't this mean you couldn't benefit from the slayer spellbooks though?

    Would it be possible using lower med and relying on wraith form mana gain to some extent?

    120 Eval
    120 SS
    120 Magery
    120 Resisting spells
    105 Necro
    60 Meditation

    Assuming about 40 necro from items we'd have space for 95 Wrestling.
  9. Doom is a special case. If you're with other people, then you don't need the mage weapon, since other people make great meat-shields. You only ever need to worry about one enemy at a time, except in the case of the dark fathers.

    If you're alone, then Doom is much too slow for my tastes.

    Of course, the mage weapon advice is only applicable when you can't get away from your enemy (i.e. in the Citadel). With Doom's wide open spaces, it's easy to get away and let your elementals or vortexes take the damage.
  10. With the exception of pain spike, which is a good closer, but nothing else in PvM, that combo does wonders against the spawn as well. Or just corpse skin, fireball fireball fireball.

    Poison spike and strangle are also good against certain mobs.
  11. Afari

    Afari Guest

    Ah ok, one thing I did notice, even with low stats, in wraith form fireballs gave me more mana back than they took to cast. I'd guess with decent SDI gear you could throw a few out occationally to top up mana?

    With things like Evil Omen on DF spawns, will they be instantly removed by someone else or is it only the next negative effect from the caster?