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Necro-Mage: Wrestling vs. Weapons Skills

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Zenn, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. Zenn

    Zenn Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 30, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I have always had Wrestling on my mages but there are some fine new templates out there with Weapons skills that might be worth a try.


    #1 If one chooses to have a Weapons skill over Wrestling, will that mage get hit or disrupted alot more than if he/she had Wrestling. Would Protection be the easy fix for that?

    #2 If a Mage has No Wrestling or Weapon skills and chooses to just use the Staff of Magi or Swords of Prosperity with 0 Mages skill requirements, would he/she get mangled and hit alot more than if he had Wrestling or a Weapons skills?? Would the Staff of Magi/ Sword of Prosperity give proper defense and let a Mage cast or would he/she get dirupted all the time ???

    Note: I do know (assume) that if you get disarmed, your toast and will be hit alot and hard.

    One of the templates that looked interesting looked like this :

    Magery 105
    Med 100
    Eval 120
    Resist 100
    Necro 100 (+5 with Tali)
    SS 90 (+10 with Tali)
    Nox 100
    * Use Sword Of Prosperity or a Mage Dagger or Staff of Magi.
  2. In my experience, they are all the same (equivalent wrestling, weapon skill or magery with -0 mage weapon, or another option eval+anat) regarding how often you'll get hit assuming the same amt of DCI on each. With wrestling or eval+anat, you can't be disarmed, so those would be a little more defensive template-wise for PvP (I don't think any monsters disarm.) For PvP, I'd take wrestling or eval/anat over weapon skill unless you can fit in tactics for specials, weapons skill is just not worth the chance to be disarmed frequently without that extra offense that specials provide. Same thing with the -0 mage weapons, only resort to that over wrestling/eval+anat if your template forces it and you can fit more offense skills on, the damage those weapons do is small and does not alone justify their use.

    Even with 120 defensive skill and max DCI, you'll still get hit alot when fighting a 120 dexxer with max HCI. Use small spells, poison a lot, and try to stay alive long enough for them to run out of mana or for one of those 2-3 whiffs-in-a-row streaks to come along.

    Some people use protection when fighting dexxers, but if the dexxer is aggressive and has good equipment, you won't be able to heal fast enough with protection on to live through their initial dump.

    One thing to remember about the -0 mage weapons, they're all two-handed, so no shield for the DCI, you'll have to incorporate more DCI in your suit than you would for the other templates. You'll also have to consider you'll be at 0 defense when chugging if you use pots.