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Need a High concentration of great hart/grizzly bear

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by vorius, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. vorius

    vorius Guest

    Right now my sweet spot for taming is great harts/grizzly bears/snakes

    Know a good place with a high concentration of any of these guys?
  2. Try around the Minoc and Trinsic moongates. Also, if you go NW of the Meer town in Ilshenar (go straight NE out of the Sacrifice moongate) you will find a lot of great harts (and hinds).
  3. vorius

    vorius Guest

    Oh wow, the spot you mention in Ishenar is perfect! no pests to bother me and plenty of great harts which seem to respawn very quickly. Thanks!
  4. Glad it's working. In the woods to the east of that spot (go south below the meer town), you will find grizzly bears.
  5. vorius

    vorius Guest

    Oh nice, thanks again!

    Do you know of any spots like this with something like white wolves ?

    I know the ice island on the original lands is a good spot just that they down respawn as nicely as this great hart spot.
  6. Instead of searching out white wolves, you could always try gaman. They're just slightly harder to tame than the white wolves.

    There are two that spawn sort of north of Zento in Tokuno (take the Makoto-Jima gate) and you can also find some below the Homare-Jima gate. What I like to do with the gaman is tame two, release one and have the other one kill it. They have a few more hit points than some of the other stuff you've probably been able to tame so you can get some nice vet and lore gains plus pile up a decent amount of leather for your tailor or to sell. I also work on my tamer's magery by hitting the gaman that's being killed with whatever spells she can cast at the moment. As long as the tamed gaman hits the released one first, the released one generally doesn't try too hard to maul my tamer! LOL They're also good for music and peacemaking gains if you're working on a peace tamer.

    If you have to, get some cheap taming jewelry with just a little bit of taming skill on it so you can tame the gaman. Bulls take just a little more skill than the gaman and you can also get some nice vet and lore gains (and some magery gains if you want) with them by taming two, releasing one and having the other one kill it.
  7. vorius

    vorius Guest

    Thanks for your help! This great hart spot you told me about is a dream come true. I am going to try to milk this spot for as long as possible- will have to check stratics for when they become too easy to tame...

    There are two major advantages here- one is there are no pests at all.. no ogres, no trolls, no mongbats. Nothing to interfere with your taming. Then the really big advantage is the second you kill one great hart another respawns- either on the same screen or just 1-2 screens away! So with this small spawning area you can start taming the next great hart within 5 seconds of successfully taming the current one. And there's about 6 of them which maintian spawn in this very small area.

    Are the gaman like this?
  8. Glad you like the spot with the great hart's. I think that spot is sometimes called Healer's Grove, but I'm not certain. If you're saving leather, the other nice thing about that spot is that occasionally the gypsies will set up camp nearby and you can bank the leather pretty quickly.

    At the gaman spot near Zento, the gaman respawn pretty quickly. Sometimes you have to look around for them a little, but there will always be two. It's another risk-free spot.

    I can't remember how many gaman spawn at the spot below the Homare-Jima gate. If you don't find any directly below the gate, run NE (don't go the other way!) along the road until you run out of houses and you should spot some more. That area is usually pretty safe, although you do have the chance that a ronin, a ninja, a bake kitsune, a tsuki wolf, a revenant lion, or a yamotso warrior will be hanging around in the area from a previous encounter with someone. But the gate's handy if you need a rez and there's usually a healer monk running around just to the north of the gate. (The monks are kind of fun to watch if something "bad" spawns, as they'll attack it for you. Sometimes the gaman will go after the bad stuff too, like the yamotso warriors. But generally they're very placid.)
  9. vorius

    vorius Guest

    Yeah, Healer's Grove would definitely make sense- besides the deer the area is full of healers! And they sometimes spawn as paragon too! Imagine my shock when I'm minding my own business taming when a rabid gold-skinned healer suddenly attacks me! I had to kite him out of the area so that I may continue taming!