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need advice on how to train my first tamer/bard

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by marlev, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. marlev

    marlev Guest

    Marlev's thread with questions and random stuff.

    Hello there!

    After some reading Im pretty much decided to train a tamer/bard. Important thing to note is that Im a new player starting on Europe shard so fresh account, no alts, no gold, no friends and no clue :D

    I found this and I wonder if its still a viable strategy to train:
    If no then whats most time efficient strategy atm to train.

    Im planing to train:
    Animal Taming
    Animal Lore
    + one random, not sure yet, it will be used only for PvM so advice needed :)

    Now +20 scrolls prices scares me, +10 are cheap, +15 are not bad but +20 are a no no atm. Which skills would you consider as a Must Have on 115, which on 110 and which can be left at 100?

    How much would I have to pay for Magery training suit on Europe (I guess I should ask somewhere else but oh well :p)

    How much would I have to pay for "basic" cheapest suit when Im done with training?

  2. Aibal

    Aibal Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Personally, I much prefer discord over peace when I'm running my tamers as bard/tamers. You can get by with 110's on Taming/Lore, Vet and Magery at 100/110. Music I'd take to 110 as well, but 115 would be better....however, leave it at 100 UNTIL you have your other barding skills maxed where you want them. I'd take discord as high as you could, same with peace if you decide you are going to have peace on the template. The 110 in taming/lore will give you max control chance on pretty much every critter in the game, while giving you a good bunch of stable slot bonuses. Anything over 100 vet is mostly for the extra stable slots, as the damage healed bonus is only incremental at that level.

    As far as suit prices, sorry. I don't play Europa and have no ideas on prices. For training magery max your lmc and get as much MR as you can if you are going to grind it out.
  3. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    I agree, Discord is much better than Peace. You can't even Peace-tame a greater dragon.

    For Barding tips, pay attention to any post made by Poo.

    For animal taming, start your toon with 50 taming. And then use this link below. Sort by skill and Success 0 pretames. Any creature around 50% taming chance will give you the best advancement. As you rise up in taming, check back and see if you should be taming different creatures.


    For scrolls, I would plan out your "final" spec as if you had the scrolls you wanted, but then use lesser scrolls on the way. You can usually pick up 110's pretty cheap in everything but magery (which will go from 100k to 1 mil)
  4. marlev

    marlev Guest

    Hmm well... I choosed Peace as a tool that would help me in my newbish adventures, to help me tame my first "serious" pets and maybe even save my life from time to time.
    But if its not that useful then Id rather make a tamer/mage or tamer/t-hunter as it looks more fun to me.

    What about skill training order? Is it still better to train "hardest" skills when Im low on overall skill points or it doesnt matter?
  5. Wenchkin

    Wenchkin Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 16, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Don't worry too much about the cost of scrolls at this stage, by the time you're at the skill level that you need a +20 you'll probably have enough stashed away hunting with your pets.

    I'd suggest you put shopping entirely on hold until you've had more time to see what you can acquire by yourself. The beauty of a newbie tamer is that you have pets who can kill things you certainly can't. They'll cover your backside if your armour's kinda tatty and you can loot progressively better gear as you go. Buying everything just means you'll end up hunting for gold to pay vendors for items you might easily hunt for yourself :) All my tamers have earned and acquired the kit and resources they needed from day 1, and if you're new to UO that alone will teach you a whole stack of useful things - resource collection, item properties and such. Looking for a guild will also help you a lot, as you'll get support in dangerous locations and access to the higher end loot.

    I start my mage tamers with 50 taming/50 magery, and usually their magery trains without any real effort on my part because I'm recalling around different spots and I try to cast the right level of spells to kill the animals I'm taming for gains. By the time I have to focus on training magery to finish it off, I've collected my own low reg cost suit and I'm ready to go. Here's a link to the FAQ on the spellcasting forums for magery, it has a brief guide to training the skill.

    Ok, more reading now.... This page explains about the Guaranteed Gain System (GGS) and if you scroll down there's a handy chart that tells you often you should get a GGS gain depending on the total skill points you're using.

    To get the best gains for your character you want to pick the hardest skills to train up first and train them first, then you'll easily keep your total skill points at the most efficient level (below 350). You can add in other skills as you go so you can get out hunting with your pets as you train, but it helps to get a head start on the tough skills if you can :)

    There's a stickied taming training guide on this forum which tells you what critters you should tame, and you can also look at the page here It'll explain how to train up taming and links to the tameable animals page. You probably want to bookmark it because it will tell you what to tame and also which pets you can control based on your current skill levels. Read all the pages in that taming profession guide and you'll have a really good grounding about being a tamer.

    I'd also recommend that you swap discordance instead of peace. It's much more versatile as a skill and if you really want to tame things safely you can always use honor instead. Having said that, practice and perseverance is more than enough to tame anything in game. I'd recommend you try lead taming on test centre to begin with, then if you die you won't lose insurance money on your Europa account - you get free gold on the test centre to play with :)

    And finally, Europa has some really helpful folks who take newbies and returning players under their wing. You can either ask on the Europa forum or just go to Haven in game and ask someone there. If you can get into a helpful group like that it'll really help you get started.

  6. marlev

    marlev Guest

    Nice lecture, I think I gained a few INT points IRL :D

  7. marlev

    marlev Guest

    EDIT: nvm problem solved, I had young player status, silly me :D

    hello there!

    so i raised my magery and started taming, I thought it will be "easy"... you know... tame one, tame another, release one, all kill, rinse and repeat. So I found a nice spot and started doing that, however something is wrong.
    I usualy takes 3-4 minutes for my pets to start doing any dmg. Yes, they are attacking but no dmg at all, even I cant do any dmg to released pet (and with 100magery I should. So Im asking how to fix that, is that normal?