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Need advice on Samurai/Paladin

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Goodoljoe, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. Goodoljoe

    Goodoljoe Guest

    Hello all,

    I have been only playing for a few months so please bear in me if some things obvious elude me [​IMG] . Im currently working on a samurai paladin,he used to be a sampire but changed it for plain healing with bandages,its not to bad combined with confidence.(got jewels,ossian grim and tali,guess i could get cursed versions of the +20 bracers for cheap too).The reason I did this is healing give me more flexability,or thats my impression.

    I can solo big stuff ok,paragon titans arent usually a problem,can do miasma,but sometimes a tough paragon pops and well,its not pretty..havent tried Doom but im pretty certain il get owned.My problem is always the same,I burn out my mana REALLY fast,and on prolongued fights i usually sit at 0 mana in hopes bandages alone will keep me alive(which usually dont against big stuff).My best weapon is a plain soulseeker because i havent found anything better.Problem are probably my stats but I dont want to change them all time without proper advice,they are along the lines of like:

    110 str
    110 dex
    like 20 int(yes lol)


    110 sword
    115 parry
    110 bushido
    85 healing
    100 tactics
    100 anat
    70 chiv

    Cant go further atm because lack of powerscrolls..(im also caped at 700 [​IMG] atm )

    Gear Wise,its nothing spectacular

    Helm of Insight or Ancient Sammy helm
    Heart of Lion
    Fey leggins or Royal Ember
    Virtue Boots (better than using shoes I guess...)
    Resilliant Bracer
    -Rest is just misc semidecent stuff but pretty vanilla,its not specific for anything and not that great.

    I can buy stuff in worst cases if i sell some junk I got spread all about for quite some penny,but since I have no idea what to work toward to atm..
    Well i gues im not to specific on what I ask,just gave an overall view of my character,if you could please advice me on what im doing horribly wrong and what other ´´OK`` things can be improved,id be most thankfull.

    Thanks a lot

    BTW a tamer bud tamed me a lesser hiryu to ride,i bonded him today.Are they any better than a armored swampy?what so special about them?
  2. Kakitasteel

    Kakitasteel Guest

    It looks to me like your on the right track w the skill pt's you have jewelry is gonna be what helps the most in my opinion.

    until you can afford the scrolls to max out swords, parry, and bush... to make the most of a samurai/chiv char you'll need really good jewelry.

    you mentoined running out of mana my suggestion is to incorporate as much HCI into your ring brace combo as you can, or you can sell some stuff and get some armor w/ man reg.... actually i'd do both.

    looks like you have the DCI dept covered.... i'd suggest getting a pair of mace and shield glassess for the resists, hit low def, and str, dex bonus they provide.

    w/ HCI on your jewelry even if you have no mana your more likely to hit thus leeching back stam, man, or hp.
    if you can find a good ring/brace w/ HCI, dex, and a skill you want to raise would be perfect..... not always the easiest to find or the cheapest but it is possible.

    another essintial piece is a jackals collar boosts dex by 15, 2 hp reg, and 23 cold resists...
    higher dex = faster SSI, and healing time for your bandies. (I'd sugg atleast 90 healing w/ enhanced bandies)
    should be able to find a few tokens for pretty cheap on most shards to get ya the fountains.

    as far as mounts go i have a lesser, and a swampie... the lesser just stays in the stables for the major baddies the swampie w exc armor reduces 20% dmg which really helps in my opinion.

    so i'd suggest picking up the following pieces to maximize the effectiveness of your suit.
    jackals collar
    mace and shield glassess
    rune beetle carapace ( tunic MR 3, LMC 15)
    ring HCI,dex, resists, healing,parry, chiv etc.
    brace same as ring
    sleeves resists, man reg , LMC

    this is what i have setup wise ..... just rem you gotta use what works for you.
    the following is what suit i use for my samurai's, and i can kill para succubuses, oni etc, i am not an elf so i havent tried the darkwood armor but 150 dex for fast heals, and max ssi to me works best for my play style.... it took along time to find the right gear and it's still a work in progress just keep testing out diff combo's of gear and use what works for you.

    this is what i currently run atm. i have 2 suits 1 is a sammy/ pally #1, #2 is pure sammy.

    #1. 34 HCI,44 DCI, Mr 1, HP Reg 4, HLD 30,Dmg inc 45,all 70's resist's, str 120, dex 150, int .34

    only 710 skill pt's but i lucked out and found the right jewelry for resists, skill's, and HCI/DCI.
    template is 120 swords, parry, bush, gm tact,anat 90 healing(gm w/ enhanced aids) and chiv @ 81.

    mace and shield
    heart of the lion
    legs of bane
    horned sleeves MR 1 18,22,7,6,18
    crimson cincture
    primer on arms tali
    quiver of infinity
    ring str +5, HCI 14, DCI 11, energy res 11
    brace chiv 12, parry 11, DCI 13, cold res 12, poison res 11

    #2 temp is 120 swords,parry,bush, tact, anat ,110 healing. str 108, dex 150, int 50.

    HCI 31, DCI 28, MR 3, LMC 21, HLD 30,HP Reg 4,Ref phy's 9. Dmg inc 66, all 70's resist's

    mace and shield
    legs of bane
    Barbed sleeves Ref phy's 9, 19,18,5,22,17
    crimson cincture
    primer on arms tali
    quiver of infinity
    ring str + 6 , HCI 11, DCI 12, LMC 6, cold resist 11
    brace dex + 4, DCI 11, dmg inc 21%, fire resist 11, energy resist 15
    Bronze robe + 3 phy's resist
  3. Dalamos

    Dalamos Guest

    I run a samurai/pally as well and your skills look just about spot on for what I use as well. The power scrolls will come sooner or later.

    I know the biggest thing i do on mine is try and max out DCI and HCI. It really does make a big difference.

    Also make sure you don't use a shield. Not even knows that when you have bushindo using a shield makes your parry chances next to nothing.
  4. eolsunder1

    eolsunder1 Guest

    Mana is a huge problem for most warrior types because they lowered the mana regen you get off armor which cripples a warriors mana regen even more. Some ways to keep mana going.

    Mana reg items. Of course
    A weapon with very high hit mana leech

    Without any necromancy, thats about it. Many that do have necromacy just go about in wraith form to get mana back. Its tougher with no necromancy now that meditation etc is a requirement for max mana regen from armor.