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Need advice on template...

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by huskiblu, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. huskiblu

    huskiblu Guest

    I am re-re-returning player to UO (quit twice now, or three times, but always come back) and I have never had a tamer before. The past two weeks I have been mulling over what to have. Now I want to have fun, not to get the maximum "l33t lewt" out there. I also can't afford the best powerscrolls either, so I am limited to 110's or 115's. So here is my template:


    Str: 125
    Dex: 50
    Int: 50

    Animal Taming: 110
    Animal Lore: 110
    Veterinary: 100
    Musicianship: 110
    Discordance: 110
    Alchemy: 100
    Magery: 60

    Also, I plan to use a rune beetle/nightmare for this tamer. Yeah the Cu's are nice, but rune beetles look like a lot more fun for me. I also plan to play as a human, so I can carry more (for potions), as well as the "jack of all trades" (20 skill points I think) in each skill, which would help a bit in mana regen and other things. Also as a human I will have more HP, always useful I think. Ill use a runebook to quickly recall out with recall scrolls, but the magery will help in addition if I need to do some minor healing to my pets. I can also use items to bump up my magery higher if need be, once I get taming and such their max.

    Musicianship and discord are obvious. Discord stuff when my rune beetle/nightmare attack it. I really don't need peace to tame stuff, cause I have my mate who will help me with that.

    Now, why alchemy? Well I have a pure mage already, so didn't want that again. But, alchemy can be useful. I have the stat potions to help out when needed. Healing and cure potions to help out when I get hit. Invisibility potions to hide me when I need to hide. Confusion potions to throw out when I need to make a quick run away. And attack potions when I may need them to get those last couple hits in (barring I hit my own pets).

    So, what do you think? It sounds like a lot is going on, but I think it's like most templates with a bit of alchemy mixed in.
  2. huskiblu

    huskiblu Guest

    *bump* Don't you find it annoying when someone views a new post but doesn't comment? [​IMG]
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well, it's an interesting template, I'll give ya that much.

    There really are no right or wrong tamer templates, Huskiblu. To be perfectly honest with you, it's very much a style thing.

    I personally happen to be more effective (and therefore more comfortable) as a tamer + mage skills char than I would at an alchemy + tamer template.

    I make use of a great many spells which are not available to me in pot form, be it offensively (paralyse, curse, mana drain, direct damage spells, etc) and/or defensively (what if I am unable to recall out or if I want to invis my pets as well as myself?).

    If, however, *you* are able to use alchemy as effectively as a weapon & as a means of defence, then jolly good luck to you.

    I'd be curious to know how you fare and remember, too, it might well be worth testing out your template of choice over on the Test Shard.

    I like to hit Test Shard especially with some of my more eccentric template choices. There's a lot to be said for discovering template holes to plug *before* you invest in scrolls and/or commit skill points (or even armour & items) on your production shard.

    Good luck & good hunting!
  4. I am working up a new tamer I am going to use the Bird Lsayer Tali 5 tame / 5 lore, with a tome of lost knowledge 15 Mage

    with those I plane on being a
    115 Tame (120)
    115 Lore (120)
    100 vet these will allow me complete control and able to res / heal all pets

    Magery 100 (115)
    Eval 100
    Med 70 to help out with mana regen

    Finally 120 Spell Weaving this can be turned into any other skill you want

    - but with this setup I will be able to handle any pet with ease and Vet / Heal thru any PvM situation as long as its not like more than 3 super drags on my super drag.

    Hope this helps.

    Also i would strongly agree with lady Nico and hit Test