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Need general help on PvP dexxer monkey

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Sun of Nothing, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. Sun of Nothing

    Sun of Nothing Visitor
    Stratics Veteran

    Jan 12, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Hello everyone, I'm new the the forums. I read it alot but never really registered. XD.
    I kinda need help on my PvP dexxer I assume is what I'm going for. I've played Uo for years but I'm just getting into PvP a bit now and wanna get better so advice on PvP is welcome. I'm not really looking to becoming like a legend or anything just decent PvPer who can run around fel with the reds and kill some peepz and not die every second. ANY device you have on my skills stats build suit or anything or even just pvp tactics would be great.
    120 Swords
    120 Tactics
    120 Anat
    110 Healing
    110 Parrying + 10 from Jewel
    75 Chiv
    60 focus
    Adds up to 715 skills which is my current cap.

    No 4/6, I run protection.

    I don't join factions so no faction arties big disadvantage for me. I haven't really gotten around to running pots apples and all that stuff. and I wanna ask if it's really really needed for pvp dexxers cause I really don't like using them. And + I use shield so yeah.

    Current suit is:
    15 LMC
    45 HCI
    34 DCI
    9 MR
    4 HPR
    1 FC and 2 FCR
    Stats are 100 STR 130 DEX and 71 INT
    110 HP
    138 Stam
    81 Mana
    Weapon wise:
    I got 24 HLD Kryss and 30 comes from MS Glasses
    42 FB
    24 Life Leech
    40 DI
    Base damage is 34-40
    I do 11-12s to someone with all 70s and 6-8 with fireball
    and I use a pretty decent Bone Harvest for mortaling and cleaver for poison and bleed. I don't usually poison the kryss but will get to that eventually.

    I... beat all of my guild at pvp, although that's not saying much as they're all trammies who bank sit and shop all day. But I was able to take Mortal + para + mare and a dread mare at once without dying it was from a tamer/archer. (I ran and hit obviously) I killed the mare and pet owner. Thanks alot in advance for any tips on anything at all.
  2. I'm not much into the PvP aspect of dexxers, but just from a quick glance my first suggestion would be to get your dex up to 150. Anything under 140 adds 1 second to bandages, along with any single hit dropping you 1 tic off your swing speed. You'll also want to look at boosting your fire resist up to 85 to account for Corpse Skin. Someone else with more knowledge might disagree with me, but I'd also suggest dropping Focus completely, drop Healing to 10 and putting Bushido in it's place with the points that are left.
  3. Kellgory

    Kellgory Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    May 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    If you put on Bushido, I would take it to at least GM and higher the better. That will probably mean dropping focus, taking healing and anat to GM and chiv to 65. It will also mean having to drop the shield. On the upside is that you will be able to block with a one handed weap and chug pots if needed easier. Plus pickup another way to heal using confidence. You can also check out some swords weap that require Bushido in order to use their specials. Some can come in pretty handy.

    While pots is not necessary for PVP they can come in handy, although the proposed changes involving immunities may affect their use in the near future. Apples are also nice to carry around to help remove curse, but then again you have chiv which can pretty much do the samething. The one thing I would carry is a trapped box since you have no resist spell, and even if you did I would carry one as backup. Once people know you have no resist and don't carry a box, they will be casting paralyze and para blowing you like crazy.