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Need help on PVM Fighter template

Discussion in 'UO Players Corner' started by Neku, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. Neku

    Neku Guest

    Hey I've just returned to UO recently (I quit before the introduction of scroll of powers.)
    Now those new skills such as chivalry and bushido look so new to me.
    I really need some help for a PVM template.

    Currently, my warrior skills are:
    Swordsmanship 100
    tactics 100
    Resisting spell 100
    healing 100
    anatomy 100
    Lumberjacking 100
    magery 100


    well...I guess this is horribly out of date now :sad3:
    Also I guess no one kills liches or lich lord now? What do warriors usually kill for items and money now? :thumbup1:
  2. I have a healing Paladin in that he uses bandages as well as spells.
    Anatomy - 100
    Chivalry - 102, target 120
    Focus - 90, locked
    Healing - 100, target 95
    Resist - 88+, target 100
    Swords - 115
    Tactics - 105, target 100 altho 115 possible

    Dropping healing and tacs down and locking focus will allow resist to hit GM by itself. I could use a ring to boost it by my jewelry is tuned for mods to stats, DI and HCI. Armor is all 70s in resists.

    Stats -
    base STR - DEX - INT: 100 - 100 - 40 (ate some stat scrolls)
    w/mods HP - STAM - MANA: 112 - 110 - 51

    He is Knight of Compassion ... meaning topmost level from doing escorts. When he resurrects, the ghost is revived at 80% health and 2 seconds with a bandage they are full health. He will use Noble Sacrifice rez only outside immediate battle areas due to the fact he will be VERY vulnerable until he can regen all his stats. But it's nicve to rez 6 or 8 folks all at once - at 80% health.

    He hunts Crystal Elementals when mules need gems for magic stuff. As for dungeons, various ... Deceit for the brazier pull at least; Shame for resist training at least level 2; Despise for resource gather of hides for the tailor; Hythloth and the Demon Temple. If I can team up with a good peacer or tamer, Destard 1 is fun - the Greater Dragons take me out if I'm solo. They have a nasty attack and high damage.

    Liches can be mean if you are not ready ... they can cast necro spells like Corpse Skin, Blood Oath and others. These are not typically resisted to any extent by Resist. BTW, Resist is not like you may be used to ...it's effective only with basically level 1 spells used on you (clumsy, weaken, feeblemind, etc). nerfed from the good ole days of a shot at resisting an e-bolt.

    There are Champ spawns all over so hunting is really up to you and any hookups you can get. You do need more INT than you have, and get some stat and skill scrolls!!
  3. Solikos

    Solikos Guest

    I am in a similar situation, which makes me far from an expert on this subject.

    However my build looks much the same as the one above... Many people have suggested the following build:

    GM Swords
    GM Tactics
    GM Anatomy
    GM Healing
    GM Parry
    GM Spell Resist
    GM Chivalry (Recall, Heals, Buffs)

    *Note: Parry, Spell Resist and Focus all seem to be variables. I decided to depend less on my Magic, and thus don't plan on taking any Focus (which provides quicker stamina and mana regeneration, and apparently allows you to wear some different armor and use different mounts).

    Worry about getting skills to 110 or 120 once you've gotten this far. But yes, from what I've been told about my previous build(s), you are outdated... Chivalry seems like an almost -must- for fighter characters (or Bushido to a lesser degree, and Ninjitsu for PvP).

    As for what to kill? There is a lot of new content that I have yet to experience. But once you are tougher than nails and have a couple buddies, there are some very interesting dungeons with powerful drops. I suggest making some friends and/or getting into a guild.

    ~ Solikos
  4. Pickaxe Pete

    Pickaxe Pete Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 27, 2000
    Likes Received:
    There is nothing wrong with this template. Get yourself a good spell channeling axe with mana leech and swing speed increase, cast protection, tweak suit resists to match as you spy some affordable armor options. Consider doing the human to elf quest for additional mana. Get some LMC gear like totem of the void (try for 40% LMC someday). Have fun.