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Need help on template

Discussion in 'UO Bard' started by imported_armed4Fun, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. All my uo life ui've mainly usedd a tamer(tame/lore/vet/mage/med/weaving/hide). iwant to expand and try a bard. ui dont even know how to use a bard or the benifits. Ive started this template
    taming 87ish
    lore 90ish
    vet 90ish
    music 99
    peace 95
    magery 50's i think(enough to tele, arch cure heal invis.)
    Am i wasting my time. i do mostly duo peerless. Is this what i need for keys and battling parox, melly,trav, shim? what is better if not this. Thanks in advance for any help i desperately need and can't find no info on taming n bard thats not 5 years old
  2. The reason you can't seem to find information on some bard skills that isn't newer than 5 years old is that the skill hasn't changed in 5 years. So the information in the threads above still apply.

    As for what skills you use, it sounds to me like you could use a little discordance in your life. Putrifier can be a nasty beast, but 28% less Putrifier (at legendary music and discord) is basically a really big teddy bear. So rather than peace (which I admit is a great skill for some situations), go with discord.

    And I usually duo heavy hitting monsters as well, but with different combinations for different monsters (for example, never take a tamer to Paroxysmus or a necromancer to Travesty). My bard combination has me as a bard (provoke, music, discord, magery, meditation, spellweaving) and my friend as a tamer (taming, lore, vet, magery, meditation, spellweaving). That combination of skills is extremely devastating against anything.
  3. Interesting. my girlfriend has the exact template as yor friends so ima store tame vet lore peace and pick up the skills you have. do you use any wepon?
  4. I carry swords of prosperity, mostly because I'm stupid and use myself as bait rather than the tamer's pets who can actually take the punishment. So a little protection and a lot of luck help. But they're mostly for the luck.

    My friend carrys a boom stick for the benifits. Since she keeps a pet and a dumb bard between her and the enemy, she's usually pretty good with that as a "weapon."

    But our offensive power comes from nature's fury, energy vortexes and a whole arsenal of tamed and untamed creatures. It's great to hunt when everything on screen is either under your control or being killed.
  5. Haha. its just funny when yo talk about your partners suit, your saying my girls suit. She isnt seeing you too is she??lol j/k. i cant wait to try this out. im guessing since you mentioned sop for the luck you wear a luck suit? should i try more for 70's or say...luck, mr, sdi , lmc? i have 6 kits i could possibly burn to get a suit of choice. thanks again for help.
  6. Honestly, you should hold on to the kits and go with what you can piece together at first unless you have an ultimate suit that you can use. There isn't much worse than paying or working hard for a great suit and finding out that you have the wrong suit for the job.

    As for the rest of my suit, I have a little bit of luck (somewhere between 500 and 600) with a lot of elemental protection and almost no physical protection. I used to have a pure luck suit with little defense but it didn't suit my style, so I sacrificed a little bit of luck and a little bit of LRC (when I always hunt in groups, I never risk losing my body/reagents anyway) to get my defenses up.

    But overall, my suit is nothing special.
  7. Yea i have tons pieces from peerless ive grabbed. A 100% lrc with mr 6-12 with crap reists would be simple then build from that. as far as kjewels go i guess ill see which skill is most pain in the a$$ to gain in and use em on that. for skilling ill throw on a cursed, mini arty, crystalline, n borrowed from other chars suit to have mana n magery to defend myself with invis and ev's. just got a mark two nights ago but its the music peace one not the disco one [​IMG] that'd been perfect.
  8. oh ya, do you even bother with fairy and imp scrolls? they're pretty worthless i've found
  9. That's more of a SW forum question, but I'll answer that here.

    For PvM usage, they aren't worth much. The imp is a good addition if you've already summoned a demon (having demon pack instinct) but for most cases energy vortexes or earth elementals are better to have along. Fae are good because they cast a lot of spells, but again, the high level mage summons are better.

    If you're ambushed in a champion spawn, a few fey could easily turn the tide of a battle. With one spell, you could have 4 or 5 (depending on if you're riding a horse) spell casters on your side. Sure it only takes one hit to kill them, but that's 6 seconds that your enemy isn't casting or attacking you, sometimes giving you a chance to flee or arrange for other defenses.

    For the tamer, fey and imps are just for training. There's a level of weaving that is difficult to get by without one or the other of those spells.

    Outside of champ spawns, I've never used one of those spells effectively.