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Need help training White Wyrm and Nightmare

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by keysersoze, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. keysersoze

    keysersoze Guest

    What are the great strategies? WHere should I train?

    I know a lot of people still have this combo, what worked for you?
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    funny you should mention that... I was training both last night on a shadow elemental. I just found a nice cave that my miner could pull an elemental up on, I moved deep inthe cave so it wouldnt wander off and then recalled/logged out to my tamer. got the mare, rode out, set the mare on the elemental and then summoned the ww to me. remounted the mare to switch off targets to the ww (more hp to play with), dismounted and had the mare attack.

    It wont increase spell resist because the elemental doesnt use spells but for the rest of the skills it's pretty decent. About 2 hours saw alot of gains (except to my vetting, not even .1 )
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    This is my favourite guide for what to hunt and when.

    Training Guide

    It's a little out of date, but you can lore your favourite new spawns and see where they fit in too. Basically, I train pets with monsters that are around their melee skill range and where possible I use casting monsters to gain in resist.

    You can disco pets to help things along a bit too.

    It's also possible to gain some skills by parking at a shadow ele etc, but I much prefer monster training as it's less boring and more lucrative. Otherwise you're costing gp in bandies all the way, which with the boredom seems silly to me [​IMG]

  4. I'm like Wenchkin, I'd prefer to go out and hunt rather than use a shadow elemental for training.

    Some of the monsters that I've used over the years for training WWs and nightmares are demons, imps, sphynxes, revenant lions, onis, bake kitsune, rune beetles, serpentine dragons, blood eles, poison and acid eles, dragons/drakes. I think you should see a trend here...mostly stuff that's a bit on the tough side and uses magery. It's also stuff that a well trained nightmare can handle alone (maybe not the paragon versions) if you sometimes want to focus on just your nightmare. You can also hunt stuff like orc brutes, ogre lords, rotting corpses but magic resist isn't going to raise.

    I've noticed that imps, while not much of a challenge for a WW, seem to give some nice resist/magery gains. That makes a place like the hedge maze give you some decent gains if you can't get into some other place, although the loot's pretty pathetic. Do it in Fel and you'll get double fame, probably not run into anyone else and it's instant recall out if you do. (Just be careful with the teleporter pad coming out of the house basement...it's easy to get yourself stuck on there in Fel.)

    Another possibility is up the hall from Victoria in Doom (to the west) to hunt rotting corpses, liches, and some other assorted stuff. Also, north of the Citadel in Tokuno there's a spot where you can find rotting corpses, liches, and some other undead type stuff that will keep you running around a bit and has a nice mix of casting and non-casting monsters. There are also lots of fun places in Ilshenar.