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need help w/ bushido temp.

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Gunn1997, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. Gunn1997

    Gunn1997 Guest

    so i just reinstalled after not playing for about 4-5 years i suppose and im tryin to get back into it, but im just lost.
    so im trying to figure out a template, and trying to figure out how to get all this good gear people are using.

    so far im figuring something like...

    120 dex
    90 str
    40 int

    100 bushido
    100 tactics
    100 parry
    100 fencing
    100 healing
    100 anatomy
    65 chiv

    and the last 35 id just leave in spell resist until i scroung up some scrolls to raise bush/parry or something i suppose.

    is it reasonable to go this route? or am i gonna have to back off some things for resist? TBH id like to avoid resist, its the only useful skill in the game i never had the patience to GM lol.

    also how do you get all this new gear? these artis and whatnot?
    i read somewhere that the minor ones dropped off anything from the new islands, but after killing stuff for a couple hours i read somewhere else that they no longer drop.

    only got about 300k on my char, gave away everything i had when i quit so i cant afford to buy the stuff.

    also i have no idea what to even do, i hear a lot about paragons and champions and stuff but im lost on all that. as far as i know none of my old friends play so im lonely and lost lol.

    any help is appreciated

    Gunn of Sonoma, since 1997
  2. Hail Satan

    Hail Satan Visitor

    Sep 3, 2009
    Likes Received:
    dude, you've alot to learn.

    the best thing for you to do is bum some 110's off of someone because you've missed so much and find a tram guild that will show you the ropes.

    someones post won't tell you everything you need to know.
  3. First, welcome back.
    Bout time!!:thumbup:

    Ok, now then.
    Eat a 20 stat scroll for now (not that expensive), work on getting a 25.
    Then...set your stats like so...
    105 str
    120 dex
    20 int (mana)
    Go elf, for the 20 additional mana.

    Then...skills to shoot for as a start IMHO are..
    110 Fence
    100 Tacs
    110 Parry
    110 Bushido
    80 Chiv
    100 Anat
    90 Heal
    See about getting your hands on some jewelry to boost any two of these skills, by 10 points each (total of 20) and move the points around to 115 Fence, Parry, Bushido and 85 Chiv.
    Thatll help.

    Arty's drop that will help your template out, but they drop in doom, and your soooooo not ready for that till your capped in skills, stats, and have some sweet weps.
    Look around for a new person / returning person guild that enjoys helping out, If on atlantic, look for us in LIFE, as we do this sorta stuff.

    The forums on stratics have lots of good info as far as what to kill for gains, what to do for gains, etc. Check out the info there as well.

    As far as my own advice to you, I would suggest that you relax a tad and enjoy the ride, stop worrying about the destination at all!! You will get there, but remember that its about enjoyment, entertainment, and "fun", so dont do like a lotta folks do and complain about how hard the "work" is in getting their toons "done"!

    Since, as a prior player you should know that, theres really no going "wrong" in uo anyway!!

    Now, go get some!!
  4. If you're going straight Chiv Warrior I'd say it would be better to go with:

    100 Str
    125 Dex
    20 Int

    120 Wep Skill
    120 Parry
    120 Bushido
    100 Tactics
    100 Anatomy
    90 Healing
    70 Chiv

    See if you can contact Poo or Tina here on Stratics if you're going to be sticking with Sonoma. They've got a presence there and have stashes of armor and weps on just about every shard to help people out with.
  5. Gunn1997

    Gunn1997 Guest

    cool thanks, erm..how would i contact them?

    ive been trying to earn some gold to buy scrolls and gear and whatnot but im not really having much luck.

    only got about 350k, ive been killing miasmas with my mage hoping for some artifacts but no luck, hes only got 100 magery so EV fizzles a lot which makes it slow and difficult.

    after reading more on bushido i decided to just make a sampire i suppose, seems to be the way to go.

    for now im just grinding up the skills, and trying to figure out how to make some money.

    got a few chests from miasma but i have no way to open them and dont know anyone with lockpicking.

    i feel like a noob again lol. i cant even imagine how hard it must be to start this game from scratch now.
  6. You can contact either of them by sending a PM. Tina Small is one of the Content Editors here on Stratics, and Poo is a moderator for one of the forums, Bard I think. Between the 2 of them I'm sure they've got a GM lockpicker that can open those chests for you too..