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need help with sammy/chiv temp

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by silmsurion, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. silmsurion

    silmsurion Guest

    I checked the temp thread but theres so many that i cant find something close to what i am looking to do.
    My skills are:
    fencing 120
    bush 100 desired goal
    healing 80 locked
    chiv 70 locked
    parry 100 -114 with ring
    anat 110
    tacs 110
    focus 37.3 but want to attain more points so i can revert suit to darkwood. because it has hp regen and dci.

    im thinking of dropping tacs and anat and some chiv points.
    any temp veterans know how to make a sam-chiv temp with 60-80 focus points?
    Or should i look at some excellent focus jewels. thanks plz help.
  2. imported_GFY

    imported_GFY Guest

    You should be able to get by just fine without focus. If you have some on your suit and use a mana leech weapon you shouldn't have too much trouble.

    If you drop anatomy you'll loss too much on your heals and if you drop tactics you won't be able to use your weapon special moves.
  3. If you really want focus, you can easily drop 10 points of anatomy and tactics and add it to focus. You may not even see the difference.

    On the other hand, with a mana leech weapon and/or honor, you should never run out of mana. Even with a darkwood suit.

    For example. My sampire hunts in the citadel a lot. Very rarely, he dies. When that happens, I run off to the healer and put my suit on. At that point, I have no mana regeneration to speak of, and it can take an absurdly long time to get enough mana to cast even the most basic of spells. Darkwood armor sucks like that sometimes. So I run to the first gaman I see. I honor it. I kill it. Suddenly, I have half mana. If I really want full mana, I do it again. Then I'm ready to go back in the fray. All of my weapons have some mana leech, so if I ever run out of mana during combat, all I have to do is swing a few more times.

    On the other hand, sometimes I really want the ease of focus.
  4. silmsurion

    silmsurion Guest

    i have a spike with stam,mana, and life all rated at 42 and above. Has 41 di, and 48 hld. Im looking too fight swoops, lurgs and grobu...
    I have great success sometimes and fail miserably sometimes. Im somewhat confused as to why i can tank a swoop, and then die almost instantly to a non-paragon cu-sidhe. Miasma the same way. I can handle the lesser and greater miasma, but also fail alot too. I carry pots and use them alot. Also with the gargoyle thingies that spawn near miasma. I kill a greater miasma and a thingy kills me with 40 hp blasts with 70 fire. What perplexes me; Is that i see other players tank super monsters like they are killing a mongbat. When i try it i just cant seem too do it. What does anyone think I may be doing wrong, And what tips can be passed too me; So i dont have too keep passing gold from my tamer too this character. Also what is a good honor monster?
    I have 4 dots on the level follower.
  5. I'm one of those that can kill the Reptalons (what I'm assuming you're talking about with the "gargoyle things"), and it's primarily because of the template I'm using, along with the weapon choice. This is my template:

    120 Swords
    120 Bushido
    120 Parry
    90 Healing
    90 Anatomy
    70 Tactics
    70 Chiv

    120 Bushido & Parry are a huge part of this template, along with having max DCI. If you don't get hit, you don't get hurt. You also want to have as much HCI as you can get to work alongside LS from Bushido for those rare times that you run out of mana. For weapons, I've found that a weapon with both mana and stamina leech, along with SSI and DI, are the most effective. With this template, I've been able to solo both the para Cu Sidhe and para Balron. I'm still working on how to solo the Peerless that this template is supposed to be able to do. Even though I was able to get the keys for DH with no problems at all yesterday, DH drove me into the ground pretty fast.
  6. silmsurion

    silmsurion Guest

    Hey thanks everyone for the info and advice. I decided to shun focus and it paid off. I am doing alot better now. Just have too watch when the band aid completes its heal. So hard too do when all you see is perfection spam lol.
    Swoops, miasma, and everything else is falling like a log too a gm lumberjack.