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[Archery] Need input on playing ABC archer

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Fumoffu, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Fumoffu

    Fumoffu Guest

    I made myself an ABC archer from the threads in this forums and I do use EoO, Lightning strike, honoring, and all that, but having a hard time with him.

    However, I'm just wondering what makes ABC archers so powerful or so I hear. What situations are they good in? Are they good for doom, peerlesses, champions, or best in groups?

    More specifically, I was wondering how ABC archers deal when there is many mobs around you. I was trying to do Fan Dancer Dojo where you have one daemon, and 2 fan dancers spawning, and many little headless ones. Unless I have a magic shortbow for lightning, it was difficult, yet the magic shortbow didn't hit very hard. My sampire was easier in this situation.

    How do you play your ABC archer?
  2. You'd have better luck with a smaller group, but even that room is manageable as long as you maintain your distance from everything, which in that room is very possible just by leading everything around in a circle.
  3. aarons6

    aarons6 Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 14, 2007
    Likes Received:
    the main thing about abc archer is the bow..
    while magic shortbows can be very fast, they do little damage..
    find yourself a good crossbow with hit mana leech and stam leech with 30+ ssi.

    suit setup is also key. you need alot of stam 160+ for fast bow swing, 140 true dex for 4 second heals, and alot of hit points.

    do NOT use EOO when there are more then one kind of mob. this will result in pretty much instant death. while EOO is nice for the damage increase, it makes everything else do more damage to you. even the little guys will hit hard.

    and also do not use DF when you are being hit by a mob. this lowers your DCI and it can go neg.
  4. Fumoffu

    Fumoffu Guest


    I have 145 dex and 167 stam, so I think that's okay.

    I also managed to pick up a 20,000 gold crossbow hml 37%, hsl 44%, hll 37%, SSI 35%. looks okay for a starter

    Is DCI important? I have very little of it. I loaded my armor and bracelet with SI, MI, and MR.

    Also, how long does consecrate last? I know it depends on karma right, but there's no way to actually tell...or do i just keep consecrating after every mob?

    Hey Connor, I was reading one of your other posts about abc archers, and I actually used your template for mine, but you mentioned that you did peerless and champs. Do you mean u do some of these solo with your archer?
  5. Diomedes Artega

    Diomedes Artega Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 9, 2008
    Likes Received:
    You are an archer, so DCI means little in terms of PvM. It is nice to have a little bit, but you should be keeping your distance from what you are fighting anyways.

    Consecrate weapon should be used when you see that your attacks aren't doing as much damage (there is no magic formula or number for when to use it). Use the spell too much though and you're going to sap your mana fast...which isn't a good idea (ABC archer or not).

    Some champs you can get the job done solo while using an ABC archer. This isn't something elementary however, and takes quite a bit of knowledge and practice.

    Additionally, one bow never, ever made an archer. I use a multitude of bows depending on the situation and what type of mob I am fighting. e.g. If you use a regular x-bow on a dragon but you have a comparable dragon or reptile slayer, then why not use that?

    Don't use Enemy of One in large groupings of fast mobs. Do lead the mobs you want to fight. Always kill the weakest mob first. Even if a fast moving and hard hitting mob is after you. Just keep your distance from the lethal mob and finish the weak mob off first.

    Magical shortbow is a fine weapon, but hit lightning means little if the bow has no DI to begin with.

    Not to be too critical, but it seems like you should be using lightning strike more. There is a reason the ABC template is so powerful. That...is one of the reasons. If you don't have 120 bushido, you're only hurting yourself.

    The concept of:
    Honor, perfection, lightning strike and weapon specials pretty much sums up the ABC archer.
  6. Fumoffu

    Fumoffu Guest

    Thanks for the many helpful advice :thumbsup: I need to just get use to playing him as well I think. I have 120 bushido and I do lightning strike. But yeah, I need to get more bows for different situations, and take out the weak mobs first. Making sure I don't get hit and keep moving.
  7. Yes, my archer can solo both Dreadhorn and Travesty, but what I'd really meant by that was that he's the one I use when I go with friends to fight any of the Peerless. He's a dps powerhouse, and makes the fight that much shorter. He can also solo all but the fleshrenderers in Doom, although DF's take forever, so it's not really worth it. He's more of a group character, even though he can, and has, solo'd quite a bit of stuff on his own.
  8. mjolnir131

    mjolnir131 Guest

    you don't play an ABC you fly them.you have to feel it,learn each and every monster. some mob's you want a magical short some you want a composite