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Need Ninja/Fencer advice on armor.

Discussion in 'UO Players Corner' started by chanshaw, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. chanshaw

    chanshaw Guest

    What stats should I get for my armor on my ninja fencer? Like what would the dream suit consist of?
  2. aarons6

    aarons6 Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 14, 2007
    Likes Received:
    ill take a shot at this since nobody else has..

    a suit would be based on your play style and your purpose.

    ninja/fencer i assume is for pvp.. i would recommend factions, but if not its ok.

    no factions..
    i would recommend against using too many artifacts..
    maybe the spirit of totem (15 HCI + 20 str) and stormgrips (25 DI). those are good pieces for any dexxer.
    if not the spirit of totem, use mace and shields (30 HLD), or folded steel glasses (15 DCI). really depends on your style.

    from there you build the rest of the suit..
    going with totem, stormgips. you need 30 hci, and 45 dci and DI.
    what i would do is.
    25 EP
    15 dci
    15 hci
    25 DI
    (you have one more spot for maybe some int, str, dex, or a skill being a stealth ninja you need skill id run +10 of something and lower DI to 16)

    that will give you 45 hci, 30 dci and 75 DI (57 if you used +10 skill)
    the 50 ep will make you max out your stats easy.

    the rest of the suit will be.
    mr2, mana8 and lmc8 plus resists to get you all 70s. its pretty easy actually..
    easier with faction..
    you also need some dci, so you would need that spell focus sash, 5dci, the quiver 5dci and a conjurers garb if you can get one.. 5 more dci.

    now you would have.
    40 dci (45 with robe)
    45 hci
    75 di (over 100 with wep)
    mr 8 (10 with robe)
    32 extra mana
    32 lmc (42 with totem of void)

    for stats.. id run 255..
    you have 125 dex (130 with crim)
    you have 120 str (+20 from totem) and
    you have 10 int (if your elf you will have 40+32 mana)

    if you imbue carefully you can prob add some stam increase to the suit.

    this would be ideal..

    now for factions you have some more room to have stam increase 5 on every piece..

    your temp should be like
    100 hiding
    120 fencing
    100 ninja +10 from jewelery (110)
    110 tactics +10 from jewelery (120)
    120 anatomy
    90 healing
    80 stealth
  3. Quilnn

    Quilnn Guest

    MINES IS BETTER THAN HIS ^ Lol, J'k, but seriously....

    Factions would probably be your best bet. Cheaper items with big boosts. Joining factions doesn't really give big cons out there, pretty much 90% pros. the 10% would probably be the stat loss from dying in Felucca from an enemy faction's player.

    For your skills, I suggest:
    120 Fencing
    120 Tactics
    120 Anatomy
    100 Hiding
    90 Healing
    90 Ninjitsu
    80 Stealth

    This is your basic ninja template: As for a ninja, your main form of defense would be Mirror image and DCI (Defense Chance Increase) Do not rely on parry, rely on mirror image because all the attacks geared towards you will direct towards a mirror image of yourself. I suggest a maximum of 70 dci. which can be obtained with jewelry (30 dci), quiver (5 dci), conjurer's (5 dci), fey leggings (20 dci), and either a weapon with 10 dci or the 10 dci talisman.

    For hci, i suggest a spirit of the totem for the high strength boost and 15 HCI (Hit chance increase), plus a handy 30 HCI from your jewelry set.

    Total, your jewelry set should consist of 30 Hci, 30 Dci, 40 Di, 30 Stealth (or something else, stealth works well at 90 anywho), and 30 ninjitsu.

    Your armor set should consist of:

    -Spirit of the totem
    -Fey Leggings
    -Rune beetle carapace (Important: the 3 mr 15 lmc and 10 MI you just can't leave this out)
    -Conjurer's Trinket (If you can, or unless you want to run with 10 dci tally. The conjurer's trinket offers 10 hci and 20 di with undead slayer. Always a plus imo)
    -Jewelry set (As explained above)
    - A ninja weapon (If you chose a conjurer's trinket, consider putting 10 dci on a weapon. *A warfork for a weapon could be a priority for disarming and bleed, or a dismounting weapon such as a lance. Consider integrating a weapon with ninja specials)
    -Crimson Cincture
    -Cloak of silence (Lucky these came out! PIMP with 10 stealth, just what a ninja needs)
    -Quiver of infinity
    - Arms, gloves, and gorget should consist of a total of 24 LMC, 6 mr, and MI. The rest can be directed towards resists unless you prefer something different.

    Now let's step back and have a look:

    The suit will consist of -

    55% HCI (With Conjurer's trinket 10+ HCI)
    70% DCI
    100% DI
    39% LMC
    34+ MI
    9 MR
    70+ Skill Bonus
    21+ Strength (1+ from conjurer's trinket)
    5+ Dex
    Drinking and agility and strength pot will max your stats out. Forget the EP, it's useless when you have healing, mirror images, dci, potions, and the famous Wolf form + hide combo at your disposal.

    Overall, it looks pretty damn impressive. :dunce: