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[Discussion] Need Opinions on an odd item.

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by Lord Mercer, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. Lord Mercer

    Lord Mercer Guest

    I bought this book on a hunch. I'm looking for any opinions and how you have come to your conclusion. Here is the little story.

    My friend who has since quit used to be a collector, and I remember seeing a book titled like this inside of there house, although I can't say for sure what it said. But when i saw this book for sale I immediatley thought of my old friends collection so I bought it.

    I have shown this book to over 25 different people and I have gotten varied responses. Some say it is clearly an HTML book, and even though it has no html code there was a bug that allowed that to happen and that is all that it is.

    Other people have told me that this book was part of some quest, although no one offers what, or when. Inside the book it mentions tokono shadow dye, so it cannot be *that* old. And that it was given out by a seer as a gift to players.

    Heres what I observe about the book, from a completley objective standpoint.

    The letter on the outside is larger and of a different font than you see typically in other html books, which i have posted examples of. Because of the chopping of all of the pictures to fit them together, the apparentness of the difference of the text is lessened.

    On the outside cover, the "About Leprachauns" title is on the left margin. While on the inside cover, the title is centered. In the other examples of html books, when there is not a code in the title the book will automatically go to the left.

    My thoughts are that if the Leprachaun book was indeed HTML that the title of the book simply could not be to the left if the inside of the book is centered, with no obviously HTML. If there is a hidden html code, wouldnt the title on the front cover and the inside the book have to be centered?

    Now when I bought this book it came with the other book in the bottom right hand corner. As you can see both books are titled by Historian Laurette. They both also use <next> [next]. Is it possible that the leprachuan book is a legimate book and that the other is a copy? These items came from an idoc, so the seller told me. Maybe the orignal owner was a collector of books.

    I suppose it would just strike me as odd if this book was html, that the person made two different books titled by the same person, but one with a visible code and the other without a visible code. I have been told that there was a bug that allowed HTML to be placed into books and jewlery to where the code was not visible. Does this possibly mean that these books were both created by the same person, but possibly at completely different time frames? That would have to be the case if that scenario were true.

    This is probably alot of text for a simple little book but I think it is a very interesting item. If anyone would be so kind to post examples of books they have that could show the differences or similarities.

  2. DevilsOwn

    DevilsOwn Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Oct 27, 2003
    Likes Received:
    pic doesn't want to cooperate :(
  3. Lord Mercer

    Lord Mercer Guest

    Sorry about the picture. Try right clicking ita and opening it in a new window.
  4. of The Ring

    of The Ring Guest

    ok now, i have a copy of that "about Leprachauns" book as well. it is display in my museum. go to the 3rd level and you will see a display table with stacks of books. go thru them and you will see that book with a green title.

    ok so, what is the conclusion?

  5. Jasonleebeck

    Jasonleebeck Guest

    I don't know who's house that is exactly, but I can tell you the owner was at my museum and stole a bunch of items from me. Granted I should have been more careful with who I let in my house but needless to say, that person is someone NOT to be trusted. And if you are reading this, please return them to me and contact me via ICQ. No strings attached, no hard feelings, just please return them.

    As for the book, I seem to recall them being a GL event. Sorry I can't be of more help, still a rather bit let down and ashamed at myself as well:sad4::(
  6. Zynia

    Zynia Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Jun 16, 2005
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    I saw Mercer's book. Have not seen yours yet Ring, but my conclusion of it was it was just a nicely written html book, and sealed.
  7. Lord Mercer

    Lord Mercer Guest

    Anybody else have any opinions on this item? Or possibly any pictures or examples of books that are player made with hidden html codes to which we could compare and contrast them.
  8. kray2s

    kray2s Guest

    i will try to grab pics for youif books are still there - however in minoc on the europa shard there is a group of houses that formed the valorian player town. Their rune library and other buildings (if they still stand) had many examples of the html coding for books! I will do my best, as i say, to go grab you a pic of a few asap.