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[General] Need some advice on suit building

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by Zigge[IMP], Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Zigge[IMP]

    Zigge[IMP] Visitor

    Jul 2, 2012
    Likes Received:
    Hey there!

    I´ve never been a fan of flavor of the month templates and tend to go my own way when building a character. I´ve got a soft spot for dexxers, always had, alway will have. Been playing with melee combat skills since early T2A and I´d like to think I know how to use them well enough. My problem (having been gone from the game for 6-7 years) is the new complexity of various mods and min/max weight of items.

    I´ve got 2 crafters with the following skills combined: 115 smithing, 115 tailoring, 110 imbuing, GM carp/fletching/tinkering/LJ/Mining and armslore. I´ve also gathered 3 oak runic saws, 4 ash saws, 1 barbed runic kit, 1 spined runic kit, 2 DC hammers, 1 shadow hammer and got several BODS to fill for copper/bronze hammers should I find the time and energy to mine for the required ingots.

    I need the help of the resident crafting experts to use all these skills, tools and materials to craft a suit for the below explained template.

    The Legendary Paladin
    120 Swords
    120 Tactics
    120 Chivalry
    115 Anatomy
    105 Healing
    100 Resisting Spells
    40 Parrying
    Total Skillcap of 720
    Stats are:
    115 Str
    125 Dex
    10 Int
    Human (though this is subject to change if I cant jam a decent amount of mana/int increase into my suit)

    What I would like to get out of this template is Power. The ability to demolish dungeon dwelling monsters, defeating a champion spawn, venturing into Doom to pay the Ol' Darkfather a visit or simply just try to stay alive when hunting in feluccan dungeons.

    I havent got access to alot of money, nor artifacts. I´ve been lucky enough to have a soulseeker drop for me, aswell as one of them new Covetous arties, Hephaestious (or whatever that shield is called). Over 7 characters I´ve got approximately 500k to my name. I will (or atleast give it a damn good try) gather all required mats for imbuing, smithing, tailoring or carpentry myself, aswell as crafting the bits on my own (why else would I have crafters eeh ;) )

    So speccs... I was hoping to put alot of mods into this suit. My min requirements are:
    45 HCI
    45 DCI
    FC 2 (minimum, preferably FC 4)
    FCR 4 (can probably go for less, but my experience with less hasnt been all that great)
    LMC 40
    Dex inc 15 (minimum, I need to be at 140 dex)
    +30 parrying (got +10 from my shield, need +15 on both ring and brace)
    As much stamina, HP, Int/mana, str and damage increase as possible.
    70/70/70/70/70 resists.

    I know I'm hoping for alot here and with a bank limit of 500k I cant really afford most artifacts (Even though Europa isnt as expensive as some other shards) I can probably find (gods be willing) a few "lesser" artifacts on my own by fighting ML named creatures or doing abyss spawns / Navery, should that be deemed required to realize the wishlist above.

    Please help me find a way to create a suit able to fully make use of my Paladin.

  2. RazicGL

    RazicGL Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Dec 26, 2009
    Likes Received:
    First things first, get your imbue up to 120, its really not viable to get the highend pieces without 120 :)

    While your template looks fairly solid if you want to be an out and out powerhouse I would suggest a "sampire" check out the warrior forum for template details.

    With regards to the suit I usually have my melee chars as Elves, for the simple reason the have more mana AND you get to use Woodland armour. For starting out don't overlook things like stormgrips, heart of the lion and other "minor" artifacts such as the ancient samurai helm, they are cheap and can be a real benifit, e.g HoTL 15 DCI and decent resist, same for ancient sammy helm, all of which can leave you with free jewel slots.

    to get the best out of each piece you would really want to craft a base piece, reforge, PoF then imbue then enhance to get extra resists / properties. to do this you will need a forged tool of artifacts and also runic tools, the runic tools and PoF can be obtained by completing bods and the forged tool can either be bought from players or for RL cash from the uocodes section of the website. this gives you a 100% enhance chance on craft skills without this you WILL destroy the piece you just crafted and refoged/imbue so dont try it without hehe, as for pieces you will want to craft from regular wood/leather/iron then work out the resist bonus per piece and make pieces with the right resist spread to rach all 70's (note if you use a sampire fire resist needs to be 95). Corwinxx a a very experienced crafter here on the forums plays europa so I am sure he would be able to give some pointers in game (his sig says so hehe)

    for me the template does need some work (i play melee chars also and love my sampire) so check out the warrior forum for a few ideas on some newer templates or older temps reflecting in game changes to skills.


  3. Zigge[IMP]

    Zigge[IMP] Visitor

    Jul 2, 2012
    Likes Received:
    I thank you for your input RazicGL :)

    I do know of the different sampire templates and I´ve given variations of those a try, but I dont really enjoy the playstyle all that much. Its a really powerful template, but to me it's too stereotypical. I do however have my own variation of a sampire (though most would laugh at my interpretation and thus it shall remain a secret until I´ve successfully used it against something dangerous, or completely disgarded the concotion. :D )