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Need some advice please

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by DDesire, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. DDesire

    DDesire Guest

    Hello! :)

    to keep a long story short.. I played UO back in the day and I returned a couple weeks ago :)

    And the most fun I'm having right now is with my tamer ( had a freakin blast fighting invasion monsters, shame they are gone :sad4: )

    Anyway, so I see everyone and their... is running around with a greater dragon, but I've hated fotm/foty in every game I've ever played so I'm gonna go against the stream and could use some advice :)

    gonna run a runie/kirin combo so..

    is this runie any good?

    fresh tame, it's only a 3,7 rating but it's has almost everything maxed except the very lousy energy resist.
    should I keep looking or is this good enough? if I would dream and raise its energy resist to 50 which is still low for a runie it's suddenly a 4,1 runie..


    and now to my bigger problem.. after going through 400 kirins ( I know the number cause I started at 0 donation and reached 100 000 when done )
    these are the best that I found...

    all 3 fresh
    first a 3,8 kirin


    the second a 3,7 kirin


    and the third a 3,9 kirin


    and last but not least.. I got a 4,1 Reptalon I was planning on using besides the above combo.. are they any good at all? :)

    thanks!!! :bowdown:
  2. RichDC

    RichDC Guest

    Reptalons are fun but kinda useless,

    I cant quite rate your rune beetle as yet, it appears quite solid on resists and stats, however you missed showing us his poisoning and eval. IMO these are the 2 most important things (besides Phys/fire resist and mana) as it affects the stregth of poison and there 400+mana dumps.

    Ki-rins...your on your own here :) most of the time i see mares but hey dont give in, as your the only one to use stick with it...you may start a trend (to be honest youve kinda perked my interest again in those wierd horses!) but i cant tell you how good they are without looking up stratics, im about to go home so im not gna do that :p
  3. uoBuoY

    uoBuoY Guest

    For my money no single pet or pet combo (capable of tanking) delivers more damage/second than a Rune and a Kit. Some people disagree but personally I chose a Kit over a Mare because Kits have much better resists (can tank in a pinch) and nearly 4 times the mana as a Mare. Kits mana dump like pigs and their laugh just kills me! Then again, ya can't ride a Kit.

    Back when the Devs first introduced the ability to Lore a pet's stats, resists and skills, I decided to replace virtually every pet in my stables and I vowed never to keep any pet under a 4.0 (a la Pet Calc). Since then I discovered how insane that goal was and I revised it to nothing under 3.8. Still 75% of my pets on two maxed-out Tamers are 4.0 or greater. My best is a 4.4 Cu. You just have to kill a lot potential pets (e.g. maybe a 1,000 Kits) to find the keeper(s)!
  4. RichDC

    RichDC Guest

    Ill be honest and say stay away from that pet calculator, i used it a few times and tested with 2 rune beetles.

    The first before skills was rated a 4.summin
    The second 3.5

    The first had higher skills (except the key ones), anyways i put theses critters to the test...and ill tell you this, the 4. summin got his butt handed to him many times over as it had lower phys and slightly less hp (alot more mana/poison/strength and dex), so i kept the 3.5 and its never seen me wrong, can tank pally baras does insane damage.

    My point is read into what you will and use what tools you can...but think about your enemies, are they gna be hitting more, casting more, are you even going to use the beetle as tank?

    In your case if your using a ki-rin you are going to need near max resists/hp/str/and dex...mana and poisoning eval should be a lower concern for you.

    Oh and remember they do need love :)
  5. Farsight

    Farsight Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Whether your pet is a good pet or not depends on what you're going to use it for.

    For example, if you're only using that pet against Thrasher, Coil or Miasma for helping to build armor, then defensively, it's a very good pet. It should also be the equal of a greater dragon against Putrefier (all physical and poison attacks from that one. But you also have to look at it's offensive capabilities, such as high str, EI and poison skills.

    Myself, I'd probably look twice at it then throw it away. It's pretty bad if you fight magic using creatures.
  6. DDesire

    DDesire Guest

    thanks guys!

    My runies posion is 119 and eval is 101, but I've pretty much decided to keep it couldn't find any runie even close to it's stats/resists.. just a shame about the energy resist else it would be a near 5 star

    And going by what you guys are telling me, my kirin is hardly ever going to tank unless something goes wrong :D
    So the most important stats would be str/int ? followed by hp and resists? ro am I thinking wrong?

    max stats for a kirin would be.

    HP: 210
    STR: 325

    and resists would be


    I don't look that much on the kirins current skills since I'm gonna aim at maxing them out anyway so would be equal :)

    thanks again ! :bowdown:
  7. Farsight

    Farsight Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    The first thing I look at at any pet is the physical resist. I want the highest possible physical resist in any pet because most of the creatures out there do a lot of physical damage, so physical resist is key. The exception is the case of a pet that's designed for a certain situation. Like I'd want energy or cold resist for a pet intended to work in the crystal dungeon. So without max or near max physical resist, I wouldn't even consider any pet.

    Since all of your chosen pets fit that requirement, they're all keepers.

    Next I look at the intended use of the pet. For a purely tanking pet, I would then focus on fire and energy resists. For my purposes, all greater dragons are simply tanks, so I want near max physical, fire and energy resists from that. Then after the resists are checked, if the wrestling can go over 100, I look at that. A high resist dragon with high wrestling, for example, will rarely die.

    For an offensive pet, my second check is on the offensive capabilities. For example, is a rune beetle's EI and poisoning as high as I can get it. My rune beetle has low EI(101), and if I were looking for one today, I'd probably throw it back even though it's poisoning is 120.1 which is very good. But considering that most opponents have high magery and can cure poisons easily, the damage done by EI outweighs the damage done by poisoning in most cases. In the case of creatures that don't get skills over 100, then no checking of max skills is needed.

    After that, I check strength. More str = more damage, which is good.

    Then I look at the resists.

    So looking at your kirin, I see that they all have good physical resist, so by that standard, they're all very good. Since you want to use them for offense and not defense, the first and second are better than the third. The first has significantly less intelligence than the second, so I would likely choose the second over the first, even though the first kirin has slightly better resists. The 4 hit point difference is hardly noticable.

    But all three are good kirin.
  8. DDesire

    DDesire Guest

    damn thanks alot Farsight.. really good info from all of you guys :)

    Feels wierd that the second Kirin with the lowest score is going to suite my needs the best :)
    but I'll stick with him and start the training.. maybe someday I'll find a 4+ kirin

    So my combo should work relatively ok except against energy mobs..
    which I could bring out my reptalon against! woo.. lol..

    What spells are energy based? I thought it was only ebolt..

  9. RichDC

    RichDC Guest

    E-bolt and lightning, and spell weaving thunderstorm spell. rest are mainly cold and fire.

    As i said earlier...dont rely on that calculator,

    Another example of its meaninglessness comes on GL's chicken fight club, my Bake of i believe its 3.8ish (long time since i checkd after this) has never lost even to a 4.2 i tamed for a friend(both are 7xgm). Its not accurate in my opinion, your best bet is to know what kind of thing you want to fight(if alot of group peerless for example you will need max mana/str to do the most damage. And in rune beetles case max eval).

    Edit: A good way to judge a pet, is to lore it and check its barding difficulty (so long as skill range is similar)

    Good luck btw let me know how that combo works.