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Need some help with a template

Discussion in 'UHall' started by packrat, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. packrat

    packrat Guest

    I have a character I haven't used in a very long time and need to bring him up to date. I use to use him in doom and did pretty well. But, with the changes in doom I want to see if I can add or change him up. Here are his skills and stats.
    He has an all 70s suit
    50% DI
    23% hci
    21% DCI

    120 swords
    120 tactics
    110 healing
    110 anatomy
    105 parry
    93 focus
    72 chiv

    100 str/hp
    125 dex/stam 150 dex with extras
    25 int/mana

    I would appreciate some advice.
  2. Farsight

    Farsight Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    He would still do very well in Doom. The only change I'd make is exchanging focus for magic resist to counter the blood oaths.

    Then you'd be pretty much forced to carry mana draining weapons or having a lot of MR on your armor, but I think it's an acceptable trade off.
  3. onthefifty

    onthefifty Guest

    i had almost the exact same build as you and changed him for the better as follows which i highly reccomend.

    i would drop chiv and focus for sure. put on resist to 105 with res bracer takes it to 120. depending upon your a/c's age if 4 years you can just 120 res and have bracelet spot open for other mods. also take heal anat parry to 120.

    120 healing is awesome

    u need to get ur hci / dci higher. id reccomend spirit of the totem and the museum shield which has both 15 hci / dci. ring of the vile for the hci and switch out to essence of battle when needed. primer of arms is better than tov imho.

    so bottom line is u get an all 120's swordsman, which is an old fashioned trammel beater. he has 45 hci and 45 dci.

    i have this exact build and can take him anywhere in the game. i was skeptical losing chiv at first because i liked cw eoo, remove curse and scrd journey but i have not missed it at all. just get your lazy scribe mage off his butt to keep you in recalls.

    soulseeker is the best all around weap but i also carry good demon, scorp, undead (holy sword) and dispel weap.

    your dex is fine for 4 sec bandies.

    with this char i can solo most anything in ilsh. with my guild who runs the same build we stand side by side on the df in doom cross healing and donot die. same for getting dreadhorn keys.

    he can even handle himself for pvp but he is lacking a good godly sword for it. and his hld will never be in the 70's as he dosent run mace and shields.

    but imho its a great classic build which fully allows u to enjoy the game.

    healing to 120 is a chore. practice rezzing a guildmate for best gains.