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Need some Technical Help

Discussion in 'Age of Conan Stratics' started by Sarg, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Sarg

    Sarg Guest

    Didnt exactly see anywhere else to put it except general discussion. When i run AoC, it goes through to Reading Local Files or something. Then it says it is Up-to-date and i press play. Then this comes up:

    Failed to Initialize Rendering Subsystem.

    Does that mean my computer can't run it? what would i have to upgrade to run it? Thanks!
  2. Ironforge

    Ironforge Guest

    I would make sure you post about this on the main AoC forums as well Sarg. I have never seen or heard about this error and since this community just got started you might have better luck of finding an answer in the main forums.
  3. Ironforge

    Ironforge Guest

    Nevermind found you sort of an answer from the main forums........

    I receive a "Failed to Initialize Rendering Subsystem" error when I press play.

    Solution - This generally happens because your video card does not properly support Shader Model 2.0. SM2 is required to be fully supported in order for Conan to launch. You will receive this error with very old nVidia/ATI cards and most Intel Integrated Video chips.

    If this doesnt work go to the main forums and copy the error into the search and you will get a whole list of posts.. hope this helps

    This is the post from the Funcom QA Manager that had the above answer in it.

  4. Sarg

    Sarg Guest

    Thanks, but i can't post on the main forums because, well, i haven't put in my Credit card stuff to pay for it. I was gonna see if i could atleast run it and get to the log-in menu before i did that, so i can't post on there.

    EDIT: Neverming, saw that link at the bottom. Thanks

    EDIT 2: Gah, it seems like i can't play this game afterall, since i have an Intel Video Card (i think :) ). That sucks. Paid 60 dollars for nothing :'(.
  5. UrsusManor

    UrsusManor Guest

    I just bought a weapon at the trader from an other player, but it hasn't appeared in my inventory. Does anybody know when will i get it??? Do i have to wait until the seller jumps online??
    Thanks for the reply in advance.
  6. SWATJester

    SWATJester Guest

    It's sent as an attachment to your mail, you need to check mail to pick it up.