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need to beat factory

Discussion in 'Toontown General Discussion' started by da wiz guy, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. da wiz guy

    da wiz guy Guest

    hi, im new, and i am trying to beat the factory. i need help BAD. usually die over at the warehouse, once i was close enough to the factory foreman, though did earthquake and lost... i need help beating it! I WANT MY SOS CARDS!!!!!!!!!! :sad2:
  2. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    Are you wanting help to do a solo run, or just need help getting your merits?

    If you want to solo, then make sure you are doing short runs (see my thread about doing short factory runs), that will help you get the merits but also take a path that you can access all of the restock and toonup barrels, if you know where they are.

    If you need a guide on doing a solo run, then follow this (assuming you have lure, sound and all gags are maxed):

    Side elevator and both sets of cogs in the pipe room: Fog.

    Warehouse, go into the door (that leads to the steps where the cogs are), but enter at the very far left. This will put the level 5 cog on your right, which is where you want it. Then goggles, hose level 5 and both level 4's. Cream pie the 6.

    East and West silos: Engage one of the 6's (so it'll be on your right). Magnet, cream pie 6 on right. Storm 7. Cream pie 6.

    Center silo: Goggles. Kill the cog on far right (use cream pie if it's a 6, birthday cake if it's the 9). Then going from left to right, use Birthday cake to kill the cogs.

    I've never had to bail out to restart from following that plan.

    If you just want to get merits, then just go hang out at the side elevator (in nutty river district) and you'll find toons going there frequently. If someone runs up and hops on by themselves, try to hop on saying "Which way?", that will tell the other person that you will follow them on the run so they know you just want to complete a factory and not hijack it. If they say "Follow me", say "Yes" and "Which way?".
  3. da wiz guy

    da wiz guy Guest

    yes, i read that, but im trying my cog disguise. if i get one im lucky :sad4: and im daisy gardens i have: fruit pie seltzer flower pot and what is the thing that makes jokes? and 43 laff. and im doing this for the 80 jellybeans thing
  4. LadyMorrigan

    LadyMorrigan Guest

    Ah, so you need help to get through it. I could probably arrange that as I'm working sell on my cat (111 laff, maxed gags - dropless). Just not exactly sure when since I'm heading off to bed soon and I might not be getting online for an extended period of time until Wednesday - you might not want to wait that long. :\
  5. Stubby

    Stubby Guest

    Hi, I have a tan dog, Fancy Fumblemuffin, 53 laff, who is halfway through getting her sellbot disguise. I wouldnt mind going thru with you a few times. Going in with randoms is a pain!. Or I can take Stubby to help if you need a toon with higher gags. Fancy has level 5 throw and squirt, level 3 tune up, and level 2 lure. I am almost done with my sound training so I can start using that in a few days. Let me know which or both and I can pm you some codes for each if you would like. let me know - Sandi :popcorn:
  6. Holocog

    Holocog Guest

    On my other toon Flunky, I have organic lure, And im working on beating facs too PM me a code if ud like and maybe we can get a group of four!:stir:
  7. loadexfa

    loadexfa Guest

    I expect to be playing tonight and I need factories among other things for both of my toons. Though I may try to focus on cash for now so I can join in one of the CFO runs tonight. Feel free to send me a PM if you want a TF code. :)

  8. da wiz guy

    da wiz guy Guest

    thanks guys. ill pm my code to as much as possible. :grouphug: group to update our gags. p.s i have asked load exfa stubby and holocog for help! check your pm for codes. thanks
  9. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    I don't get what you mean by this.

    If you mean taking turns to get gags, that works. One person runs to the side elevator while the other(s) get gags and tp back. When I've done that, I've usually been at the elevator before the other person(s) would TP back. (And I'm usually tp'ing back fast enough that I get comments like "that was quick")

  10. da wiz guy

    da wiz guy Guest

    well, first time i tryed it, we would get points per group of cogs in factory. later on after a while, they do a short victory dance, no stats, until you beat the foreman (i think, or maybe thats the glitch) so, if we try to focus on getting gag points, we wont have enough to fight foreman, we go back to playground:)stretcher:), no gag exp. understand?
  11. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    If you are talking about gag training, then the factory isn't really a good place to do it unless you have really weak gags. I know that a LONG time ago, you used to be able to go into the factory and then for each set of cogs you defeated, you'd get your merits and gag points, and you didn't have to fight the foreman to get everything (or so I've heard). But for the last 2+ years, it's been that you have to fight the foreman to get your merits and gag points. After each set of cogs, you do a dance, but it's the same as if all players were to do the dance emotion at the same time.
  12. da wiz guy

    da wiz guy Guest

    good! all three of us are toon friends! now, you three make freinds with eachother in a relationship we can all talk to now (all out of my control.) but for now, im going to a :grouphug: reunion in utah for a week. luckily i just started summer today, so i have plenty of time! see ya! :thumbup1: never mind thos message! im back early! im gonna be trying to get more pieces (one down, 9 to go!)