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need your oppinion about certain weaps pls.

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by arkanos, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. arkanos

    arkanos Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I started back in 98, left around AOS and came back 3 years ago so I cannot say I am a new player, but I was never much of a fighter.
    Also I don´t know much about the different modern templates (my fighters were without chiv, bush or necro until recently - simply used to like the old style).

    When looking at loot I find things that some others may consider valuable but I don´t really know why. So I finally came up with 2 examples and would ask you to look at them and tell me if they are valuable for certain templates and if so, why.I chose the following cause they are examples for many others I don´t find a use for.

    1.) Bow ( 5 properties - relic if unraveled)
    Spell Channeling
    Mage Weap -21
    HSL 42
    HLL 44
    FC -1
    DI 48

    Now I know this bow has no SSI and is of no use for an archer. But is there any template this bow would benefit? Mage tamer helping pets, or mage doing extra damage? Or is it simply a bunch of unfitting mods?

    2.) Radiant Scimitar (4 properties - could be imbued further)
    Spell Channeling
    Mage Weapon - 22
    HLL 60
    DCI 12
    FC -1

    Ok, if I got it right, mage weapons are only good for defensive purposes, correct? You don´t actually want to deal damage. So I guess the HLL is rather wasted? And is this a decent mage weapon? I could max the DCI and even make it -20. if I lower the HLL I could put another property on. If so what would be useful?

    I am not asking to make great weapons out of these. I only want to understand what´s desirable for certain templates.
    If they are junk simply tell me but please add why.

    Thanks a lot,
    Aris of Europa

    P.S: ooops I have one last question if you don´t mind: does vamp form work well for archers (with leeching I mean)? Thanks
  2. nukeman8

    nukeman8 Guest

    sorry to semi hijack your post but im in the same boat as you.
    Been playing on and off for years and never gotten far with a serious warrior character, mainly for the same reason, never known what properties are good and whats not.
    My crafter has literally hundreds of weapons/armour stored up as i think they are good but havent ever had the knowledge to say for sure.
    Trying to find out anything information on things like this is nigh on impossible, Things like the maximum possible resistance total on 1 piece of armour?
    What properties are worth looking out for and why?

    I only recently found out that HLL has been nerfed to the ground and isnt worth looking out for.
    So any sort of guide or information on the above would be a life saver