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[Stealing] Nefarious piracy, a tale of a villainous crime!!!(pics)

Discussion in 'UO Crime' started by Pirate Roberts, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. Pirate Roberts

    Stratics Veteran (LooT)

    May 16, 2008
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    I've spent years on this game, since September 1998. I've enjoyed watching the episodes of Belan and Galad and Crazy Joes LBSC. Last night I had another priceless moment in pirate history.

    I was out on my fisher, doing fishmonger deeds in an attempt to get some specific loot, and it is a grind. While visiting the docks of Britain I noticed a Gargish Galleon parked at the dock, a rare ship indeed, and costly. Out of curiosity I attempted to sneak on board and was successful. As I approached the cargo hold I could hardly contain my laughter when my nimble fingers were able to open the hold and find it full to the brim with livestock of the sea. Indeed this would lessen the chore of filling the vile fishmonger quests that I'm begrudgingly tasked with. On closer inspection I found a small wooden box containing rare baits and hooks to include lava lobster traps and nets. While on board my radar revealed an approaching vessel.

    I dove off of the galleon and onto the dock, quickly snatching my pole out of my satchel, tossing a line into the shallows and whistling a song of old, ( trying to look inconspicuous while I adjusted my tricone hat). The sailor came to the dock and to my surprise I was swift enough to join him aboard. He should talk to his tillerman about the security settings because I was once again allowed to pry open the hold. I noticed a bright white backpack amongst the vile smelling cargo of fish and filth. As I bellowed a disrtacting "hello", I sneakily liberated the package of my desire into my pouch. Feeling emboldened by my cleverness, I bid him farewell and casually strolled off of the ship, as he mumbled something about his never ending quest.

    I waved as his ship set sail again and I whistled my song of old. As he and his ship that was slightly lighter, disappeared into the horizon, I took flight back onto the larger vessel and summoned my packhorse and cleaned the hold. Since he was kind enough to leave his sails aloft, I tried my hands at the helm and set sail for the open waters, intent on finding a Pirate ship with enslaved orcs controlled by an evil Pirate Lord, unlike the gentleman pirate spinning this yarn. Before long my efforts were rewarded, and a cannon battle ensued, however my ship was unarmed. I watched as the stolen ship that so richly rewarded my pouch was reduced to a damaged pile of boards and torn canvas.

    As I recalled home, I commissioned a taxidermist to mount a large trophy fish that bore the name of a fisherman and victim of our chance encounter. This mounted hunk of slime now graces the walls of my castle and every passing glimpse gives me a brief pause and slight grin. Until next time my lovely's.

    Many thanks for thy unwilling contributions! ~ the Dread Lord Pirate Roberts (Guildmaster and Head Scaliwag of "Liberators of others Things (LooT) Legends, Pacific, Atlantic, Seige and Lake Austin.

    PR4.png PR3.png
    #1 Pirate Roberts, Apr 6, 2013
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