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New and after a half decent suit for pvm + questions

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by lancelot99, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. lancelot99

    lancelot99 Guest

    Back from a loooong break and one of my main characters was a samurai with 120 bushido/parry/mace with gm heal/anat/tac and 40 or so in necro (wraith form) ? and have a few questions...

    1, would this build be ok for most mobs? ( i don't mean to solo peerless etc) but good for say shame lev 4 bloods/miasma, paragons etc...?
    2. How much would a decent pvm suit cost me (someone to make and imbue/reforge a set) ? (Europa shard)
    3. i'm using winds Edge, is it still a decent weapon?

    Thanks for advice ...
  2. NBG

    NBG Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    May 15, 2008
    Likes Received:
    You will need spirit speak if you are going for wraith form template or you will not leech any mana at all..... normally wraith guys do not run healing and use SS instead. Your main source of heal would be curse weapons.

    Suits can be fairly cheap for wraith when compared to sampire, you will want to figure out if you want to carry reagents or add 100% LRC to the suit. This depends on if you plan on casting any necro spells on a regular basis. You can probably get some newbie 70s suit together for fairly cheap then farm for mats to get a decent suit together.

    Winds Edge is not idea anymore because you can make just about any type of weapon that will work for you. If you are using mace fighting, you can try war axe for AI, bkacstaff for wirlwind and then imbued tessen to use feint with.
  3. Ludes

    Ludes Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Feb 25, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Can you elaborate on this please? I also have a new sampire..(just hit 50's in skills) and I'm still not sure how to do a good suit... since I'm just a beginner LRC isn't important I'll get that on my master or grandmaster suit..
  4. Gorbs

    Gorbs Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Nov 5, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Someone check my math.

    For a wraith:
    If you are doing 6 piece woodland armor -> imbue -> enhance with heartwood your suit will be 42-36-24-60-24 before the exceptional and arms lore bonus. I believe you need to cover 13-39-46-10-56 to get all 70-70-70-70-75 in wraith. That's 164 resists from the exceptional and arms lore. If you can create a lot of pieces and do the math combining them to not waste any of the arms lore/exceptional you will only need to cover 44 resists from imbuing. If you craft perfectly it can be done in 3 imbues. If you just do a good enough job it should be easily achievable in 4 or 5 imbues. That leaves a lot of room to add stats to your suit. You could fairly easily put together a suit that is 70-70-70-70-75 with 24 HPI, 42 SI, 42MI (no essences or special materials needed) and have room left over for a couple other properties, assuming you are willing to use the forged metal tool to ensure your enhance does not break the item.

    For Ludes' sampire:
    I'm fairly certain you posted that you're using elf in another thread. Woodland pieces have a base of 5-3-2-3-2. I'll assume you will enhance with heartwood (2-3-2-7-2) bonus, but bloodwood is also an option (3-8-1-3-3). If you use 6 pieces of woodland armor, the minimum resist for your suit will start at 30-18-12-18-12. Your target resists are 70-95-70-70-75. After the heartwood bonuses your minimum resists will be 42-36-24-60-24. This means between exceptional/arms lore bonuses and imbues you will need to cover 28-59-46-10-51. If arms lore + excep bonus is 20 points per piece that means your resist imbues will need to cover 74. You can add up to 15 resists with an imbue, so at a minimum you will need 6 imbues to reach the goal. This, of course, assumes you craft normal -> pof -> imbue -> enhance.

    The tough part would be crafting enough pieces to have to ideal pre-imbue resist spread. Normally, I craft a ton of pieces and set aside any that have a minimum resist value. Your maximum post-imbue resist for fire (+15) is 18 on these pieces. As an example, to get your 59 resists, I would try to get four pieces that had 3 as their fire. I would imbue three to 18 and one to 17. Your ideal spread will have exactly 10 of the bonus resist in poison. You will want to consider the resists for the other four element types as well. The perfect pieces would have exactly 10 bonus resists falling in poison. Anything over 10 in poison will mean resists were wasted (kind of...there is always corpse proofing). Anything less will mean you have to use an imbue on poison that might not be optimal intensity usage.

    After you crafted and identified your pieces that can be combined and imbued to 70 you will get to work. The steps will be as follows (per piece):
    1. POF to as much as you want.
    2. Imbue property 1
    3. Imbue property 2
    4. Imbue property 3
    5. Imbue property 4, or resist 1
    6. Imbue property 5, resist 2, or resist 1.
    8. Enhance with heartwood and pray for either 10 DI or 10 HCI

    You'll have to determine what properties to add (LMC 110, HPI 110, SI 110, MI 110) to your pieces. +15 resists is 100 intensity.
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