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New barbed kit changes..

Discussion in 'UHall' started by eolsunder1, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. eolsunder1

    eolsunder1 Guest

    So from what I gather, barbed runic kits, which are already easy to get, run 2 mil or so now, and make good armor, are soon to be even better?

    1) No mage armor property on mediable leather armor. Before this could lower the mod on leather armor made from a barbed kit. This isn't a huge deal, since you are already easy to make mediable armor with mods with cheap barbed kits. Now, you don't have to lose that mod, so better runic barbed armor.

    2) Elf armor won't have the nightsight property. Another "bonus" to easy to make leather runic armor.

    This will change alot of things. First, Elves will have a huge bonus with leaf armor, since this armor will neither get the NIGHTSIGHT or MAGE ARMOR mods on it, thus 2 basically useless mods have been taken off the list of mods. Thus guaranteeing almost every mod will be beneficial, compared to human armor which will only lose 1 chance for a bad mod.

    Personally, Every piece of armor I make from now on will be elf leaf armor (-2 chances for bad mods, thus elf armor will soon become higher resists, and better moddd). Every character I have is now going to be an elf, since they really don't have negative abilities, and soon their leaf armor will easily flood the market with good mod armor.

    How many people burn through barbed kits and cut up tons of armor that has the useless nightsight/hidden mage armor/etc mods on it. Lots. Don't have to worry about that anymore, just make elf leaf armor and 2 bad mods will never show up, leaving only a couple left.

    Just my opinion, im looking forward to crafting a ton of nice spanking new pretty much better elf armor now. The only bad thing i have to look forward to having on it is self repair and maybe HP bonus. Ohhh thats scary..
  2. well ... sorta "better" ...More like "fixed" to be honest ...
    Now Spined and Horned got "Fixed" AND "Better" ... and ALL three "just as easy to get" (as before)

    Spined and Horned got "better" ... Barbed just got fixed [​IMG]
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I wish they were easy to get I turn in 50 small BODs a day at least and can't get crap for a BRSK. Got all the smalls I will ever be able to use!
  4. I use my rejects to fill bod
  5. mmmbeer05

    mmmbeer05 Guest

    these bugs should have been fixed years ago