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New Bard... Barding in Doom

Discussion in 'UO Bard' started by Mordakian, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. Mordakian

    Mordakian Guest

    I am back to UO after 5 or so years, after being on for 3... I saw the brith of moongates and moonstones... back when the forge in Brit was the hottest spot.

    Nevertheless, I need help understanding Doom. I saw the changes that were posted, which increases artifact dropping and would like to participate.

    Can someone outline how I should attack each of he bosses with my Pure Mage/Bard Combo? Or should I just try to make some other type of character?

  2. Gilla

    Gilla Guest

    ****You can not Provo the DF onto anything, You must provo the spawn onto him****

    Darkfathers (Deamon): Cast EE's and attack him, Provo the spawn(the stronger ones). Dont bother with the easy kill spawn. They do very little damage to the DF and he one hits them. I say Mummies and up provo. When you have enough spawn or there is a lot of people attacking the DF then you can cast on him. I suggest Energy bolts.

    Room 1 (Undead): EE's and Spam Fire Balls. If you EE's go down don't bother wasting the mana on more. Just keep spamming Fire Balls.

    Room 2 (no slayer, Fire and cold damage): Spam Fire balls or Flames if you have the mana pool.

    Room 3 (Deamon): EE's and Spam Fire Balls. If you EE's go down don't bother wasting the mana on more. Just keep spamming Fire Balls.

    Room 4 (Undead): Energy Vortex's and Spam Energy Bolts

    Room 5 (Deamon): EE's and Spam Earthquake

    If you can discord all the better but if your on a shard which will have a large number of people in Doom with the new changes. You will want to get in as much damage as fast as you can so your on the "Top of the damage list"

    Deamon and Undead Slayer spell books and instruments will help greatly.

    hope this helps
  3. Trukx

    Trukx Guest

    Here is my now revised bard doomer temp:

    110 SS
    110 Weaving
    120 Magery
    120 Eval
    120 Music
    120 Disco

    Through equipment I'll cast wraith form. Equip demon/undead slayer book. Disco target. With my eval and SDI on my equipment (82% w/ scrappers, 57 w/o but with slayer book) i FS the DF for 200+ when he's disco'd. I never run out of mana w/ the leeching from wraith form and the high damage output.

    If you are on a crowded shard weaving can take on a life of its own---get a lvl 5 down there w/ all of the other players. Using that, i re-equip scrappers, cast arcane empowerment and hit regularly for 700+ w/ WoD, which at lvl 5 focus you can start fairly early--i'll land 6-8 depending on the crowd. If i cant get a decent focus, i just stick w/ magery.

    This temp has done really well for me the past couple of days.

    If you are running a pure mage/bard you may want to consider focus as well for the additional mana regen as well as max MR on your suit. I dropped med for SS because after the first day I did not have enough regen even w/ 120 med and some focus to last the entire duration of 5-10 DF's. Provoke is still good, howver i stoned that off as well because it was just too chaotic on my shard and I did way more damage w/ magery.