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New! Catskills' Listing of Guilds, Vendor Stores, Taverns, Towns, and Player-Run Establishments

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Guest, Mar 6, 2005.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The Old thread is just that with alot of dated information. Going to start this new thread. I will remove the old thread sometime in the near future and include a link to it in this thread. So let everyone know whats going on with your Guild, Vendors etc.

    Guildmasters post information about your guild, contact information & guild webpage addresses here!

    Also, post your announcements, advertisements and locations of your Player-run store, Player-run Tavern, or Player-run Town here!

    This thread is ONLY for Guilds to post descriptions and contact information about their guild and for announcements, advertisements and locations of Player-run stores, Player-run Taverns, or Player-run Towns!

    Please do not make other types of posts to this thread because they will be deleted! For discussions about other guild-related topics, please start a different thread!

    Posters, keep in mind, that if any of your guild's information changes, or if you'd like to add event information, or a "currently recruiting" notice, just edit the post you have here to include the extra information! (In case anyone is not aware that you can edit your own posts)
  2. Hail and well met, traveler! The Knights of Yew are based in the Aegis, a glade just east of Empath Abbey, northeast of Yew Proper, and southeast of the Yew Moongate. We strive to live by the Virtues, as taught by our late Lord British, and the Principles, as revealed in the teachings of the blessed Saint Gideon. Our mission is to aid those in need, to help bring balance into a land overrun with evil and to be examples of the Virtues. Our path is not easy nor for the faint of heart but we are bound by our word and our honor to live as a Knight should.

    All well intentioned visitors are warmly welcomed by the Knights. The Knights Rest, is open weekly from 9pm to 11pm Moonglow Time (EST), though we host an active tavern night on Mondays. Our good friends, Jack and Galena of the Saints & Spirits, also open their doors every night, but especially on Thursdays from 9 pm to 11 pm by the Eastern Reckoning. Jack can even occasionally be coaxed into a song. All citizens of good intent are welcome to join us for drinks, including the house recommended Minocian Stout, freshly prepared meals and desserts, and a great time with the company of good people. Bards, troubadours, poets and musicians are also welcome to come and weave thier craft for our patrons. (ooc: Please keep in Mind we are a role-playing guild and ask visitors to roleplay as well)


    Out Of Character Disclaimer:

    We are a roleplaying guild based in the town of Yew on the Trammel facet of the Catskills shard of Ultima Online.

    The Knights of Yew is a guild devoted to the maximum enjoyment of Ultima Online for its members. We strive to uphold all the Virtues within the game and keep ourselves above reproach. We are a guild firmly rooted in the concept of "Brotherhood" for all that the term implies. We do not condone mindless player killing and as such shun all those who participate in player killing. Yet neither are we a guild of bounty hunters or revenge extractors and do not require our members to participate in such activities. We see the Knights of Yew as a large family and actively encourage all members to assist each other wherever possible, within the constraints of the game and our policies. We are a roleplaying guild, firmly committed to staying in character at ALL times, with only the rare exception of sanctioned OOC events, which are voluntary for our members.
  3. Malac

    Malac Guest

    A large parchment note is nailed to the door of Empath Abbey. It reads...

    The King returns...

    In response to The Clarion of Connemara, the Emerald Guard of Connemara is to be reinstated. Head General Malac will be recruiting strong arms and hearts to the defense of king and country. All who would stand for the general peace and wellbeing of the citizenry, honesty and valor, simplicity and joy, shall be considered Children of Connemara, and all of her children are welcomed.

    Posts of the Emerald Guard:
    Ranger's Division
    Leader - (None yet appointed)

    Warrior's Division
    Leader - Prince Aramis

    Mystic Counsel
    Leader - Archmage Figol

    Royal Armoury

    Children of Connemara:
    Members of court
    Crafters, vendors, service industry
    Clergy (general earthen spirituality, order, dre)
    Sciences (chiurgeon, alchemists, theorists, thinkers)
    General citizenry (farmers, non-skill-based producers, town drunk, etc.)
  4. Gildar

    Gildar Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Apr 22, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Hey hey!

    Do you know lots about the History of Catskills? Specialize in knowledge about a specific time period or group? Happy to share your knowledge with others?
    Then the Historians of Catskills might just be for you!
    The only requirements are that you be able to get along with the guildmaster (Myself [Sahra Swift]) and be willing to share your knowledge with others.

    Don't know a lot about Catskills History? Want to learn more? Than look around for someone wearing a Historians of Catskills badge. If whoever you ask doesn't know the answer to your question, they'll probably know where to find someone who does.

    Sahra Swift

    OOC disclaimer:
    HoC is a roleplaying guild, but to a very loose level. All I really ask is that no one walks around talking about anything obviously not UO on a regular occasion. The occasional OOC conversation is Ok, but should be avoided whenever possible. We are a waring guild, but only those who understand most of the members are not combat oriented characters. You shouldn't have to worry about getting in fights if you don't want to. If a situation arises where you are, I'll most definately bring it up with the opposing person's GM, and peace the guild if a resolution can't be achieved.
  5. Cerdic was born in Lower Saxony in 467. He lived in the northern part of Saxony on the west shore of Jutland, in boglands opposite Odense, which was a city named after the most renowned king of Saxons, Oden. Cerdic was a direct descendant of Oden and Freya, Saxon conquerors and later gods. This was a time of transition following the defeat of Rome by the Celts, when tribes once loosely classified as Celts by the Romans were beginning to migrate, expand and form larger units in the early stages of nation-building -- and Sosaria rests in their path ...

    Saxons are looking for members who wish to combine RP with warring. We encourage those new to RP that want to learn more about it and are looking for a guild that is willing to teach them . We also need HLs with other guilds interested in the same. New guilds wishing to get into RPPVP or older guilds coming back are encouraged to contact me. ICQ if interested in either joining for HLing. ICQ #9563237 AIM: ajabfl
  6. The Soldats

    The Soldats Guest

    The Soldats
    <br>Leader-Clive Dauthi
    <br> Clive the leader of the Soldats, a guild that hides the truth, and is the truth at the same time, based on power and lust and heigh social activity of the most dangerous kind.
    <br>Has strong Ties in Toku, along other key holdings around the relms.
    <br>Desc-The Soldats are a Neutral Guild, who help good and bad to meet there own goals. They are loyal to the Lourien Goddess of Death and Rebirth called the Noir.
    The Reason for The Soldats is known only to those of extream social value.
    <br>Looking for- Members who might be intrested in Helping Creat the new and fun Lourien Race, members who wish to serve in a both active military, Trade, and Polotical guild.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Lock Picking house open on Catskills!
    I am happy to announce the opening of my Lock pick house! I have over 560 locked boxes. 320 of which are GM level boxes.

    The Treasure hunter Rune Library is Virtually Complete!
    <u>We now have a complete set of treasure map runes-all sites-FEL and TRAM</u>
    <u>As well as various other locations required to train an aspiring Treasure Hunter</u>
    <u>I am Pleased to announce we also have a collection of Dungeon chest locations...very fun..very dangerous!!</u>

    New eddition,,,complete set of map locations by co-ordinates both facets!
    For those that perfer that technique!

    We also Now have a vendor ( Inga the Treasure Hunter) selling small amounts of blank scrolls, shovels, lockpicks. and Greater Poison Kegs. These items are discounted and in limited volume each day. This isn't a money maker, but more of a convienence for anyone that ran out, or forgot to bring supplies

    This is still a work in progress to some extent. Ultimately I hope to use most of the Tower as a Treasure hunting resource facility. Any suggustions are appreciated!
    Coordinate x 1531 y 1952 (Trammel)
    28 Deg 49 min S
    14 Deg 37 min E
    There is a book on the floor with instructions. The locked boxes are in the metal chests along the wall!
    Good Luck, and let me know what you think!
    PS.I would like to thank Leigh for all her hard work making the GM skill level boxes for me!
    Thank you to Anne, Gwen and Tal and Desperado for helping with the rune library!
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Don't forget to stop by The Black Dragon Bar &amp; Grill in Luna. We are the only evil themed shop in Luna. Cant miss us Hope to see you there
  9. Scotia

    Scotia Guest

    I would like to invite everyone to visit Yew Gate OutPost.

    We are located right there at the Yew Gate in Tram, you can't miss us! [​IMG]

    Stop by and say Hi, if there is anything we can do please let us know. We will do our best to get you what you need.

    We have Barbed Kit &amp; Horned Kit Made Armor, Enchanted Food, Instruments, Aids, Pots, Repair Deeds &amp; more.

    Thanks and have a great day!
  10. Mable

    Mable Guest

    The coven of Bishs is currently recruiting. We need members for various reasons. Mostly we are looking for Mages that will be training spell weaving when ML comes out. We currently dont have enough members to have 5 characters in a weaving circle. But if you dont fit this particualr criteria dont worry we still would love to hear from ya. Heres a discription of the guild The guild has 20 + characters but consists of only three human members lol. Me, my best friend in the whole wide world, and her husband. Our guild requirments are loose to say the least. Newb, vet, returning vet, it matters not, if you are truely a Bish we will accept you. What it takes to be a Bish will become clear after hanging with us for only a few minuetes in game. We are not a roleplay guild, though you would think we were with the rediculous accents we use in game, in chat, and over messangers. Basically if your looking for a guild where you can relax, be yourself, be crazy and be Bish then we would like you to join. You can PM me here or you can ICQ me at 98-750-444. Newbs defitnly welcome. Two out of three of our members are long time vets and will gladly help you.
  11. Arwen53

    Arwen53 Guest

    Hello Catskills, Just letting everyone know about the New Vendor House for "DP" The Defenders of the Peace Guild located in the Tokuno Islands. I think Charmed One has done a very nice job. Let me know what you think. Visit our webpage for all the Guild info. And Thanks in advance. [​IMG] Zoomtown
  12. CharlieTib

    CharlieTib Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jan 28, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Hail all ,I am Charlie Tiberius ,Empress of Purple Guardians of Honor,(PGoH). We have a home situated just outside of Trinsic.Any and all good peaceful folk are welcome to Olympus. We are a guild who follows the virtues and builds to achieve a family type atmosphere. We are always taking applicants for new Guardians any who wish to apply are encouraged to read the codex found on our skypage listed below.The Galehaven is now open!!!!A tavern night for role players,located in Umbra.Galehaven is open Saturday 10 pm EST. Also for other events PGoH has the Entertainment Villa open for any who wish to use it for functions in or out of the PGoH guild.

    Strength and Honor

    OOC info:
    We are also a role play guild,in party or guild chat OOC speak is fine however we ask that you remain in character while speaking in character,we understand mistakes however *smiles*. We are constantly working toward more events and such and the website(skypage) lists anything we are doing and is viewable by all,so come check it out and ask any PGoH member if you are interested in joining or contact me directly my icq is 176782236.
    pgoh website/skypage www.thehonorempire.net

    Empress: Charlie
    Emperor: Kodoz
    Senator of Trades: Doc Vale
    Senator of Genesis: Piper
    Dragoon Centurion: Uthan Elgof
    Decurion: Callista
  13. Gildar

    Gildar Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Apr 22, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Sahra Swift's Library is now open to the public. It can be located in Malas at 17d 51m N, 11d 15m E. If you don't want to try to find that by foot, then there is a rune at my stagehouse (as well as one at the library back to the stagehouse), which is located due south of the Aegis glade, just north of a Castle. The Aegis glade is the first glade located due SE from the Yew Moongate (Trammel).


    The following is a random sample of the books located in the Library:
    A Grammar of Orcish, by Yorick of Yew
    A Letter, by Giddeon Night
    A Song of Destard, by Kraven the Tamer
    A Welcome, by Lord Blackthorn
    Baase y Argyle III, by Bardagh Decoo
    Black Magiks - 1, by Tatinana &amp; Ariel Joy
    Church of the Blacksun, by Zarcof
    Dear Mishca, by Brand
    Drakov's Journal, by Drakov
    Fellowship of Halcyon, by Batlin
    For My Love, by Fingolfin
    Here we fell in love, by Fingolfin
    Journal of Greld Vol.2, by Sage Greld
    Lady Mishca, the Jewel of Kinship, by Banor Hammerfell
    Mishca's Song, by Conchobhar
    Of Eilistraee - Aims, Credo, Ethos, by Atre
    Our Love Vol. III, by Fingolfin &amp; Mishca
    Prophecy of the Shrine, by unknown
    Sealed and neatly adres, by Esme Tenebrae
    Taming Dragons, by Wyrd Beastmaster
    The Book of Mengst Volume 3 of 3, by Kironius Mengst
    The Major Trade Associations, by Pieter of Vesper
    The Shadowheart Part One, by Kith Kanan
    The Spell of Focusing, by Scaramandine
    The Twelve Swords, by Frederick Saberhagen
    To Mishca, by Fingolfin
    Travel Records, by Valeri Travesque
    West of Trinsic Volume I, by Salvius

    There are currently 292 books located in the library, with many more expected to be added soon.

    In addition to the books, there are a few small displays, a small rune library, a lecture hall, private rooms for studying, a group room perfect for discussions, and a "ritual" stage on the roof (please refrain from using the magical currents on the roof for magics that effect unwilling beings).

    *post last updated July 8, 2006*
  14. I would just like to announce the opening of the Imperial Entertainment Arena, it is a role play based events however focused to more of a lighthearted atmosphere. Its open to all and if you have an event you would like to use it for just icq me 176782236. THere is a message board on the front step so you can also place requests there. It is located on Ice Island, just look for the multicolored roof.
    And I would also like to open an invitation to all to the GaleHaven Tavern.It is generally open Monday,Friday and Saturday at 10 pm EST.

    Thank you for your ear and i hope to see you all soon!!
    Charlie Tiberius ,Empress PGoH
  15. LadyCarlin

    LadyCarlin Guest

    The Keepers of the Seven Seals is currently recruiting mature, some-what experienced players. Our goal is to bring the Catskills community together in a positive and insightful way. Any and all applicants must be 15 years of age and up.

    What do we offer?

    I'll tell you.

    Every other Saturday we host a live, public Auction at our Guild Hall in Serpent's Pass, Trammel. We encourage guild members to help and submit items. All submissions from the guild are completely free of charge. Meaning, the Auction Staff does not take 5% out of his or her submission. (Please read our Auction Information at our website here: http://www.geocities.com/keepersofthesevenseals)

    Every Saturday that does not fall on an Auction date, we host public raffles. Anyone may participate. We usually raffle off gold prizes, which look something like this...

    First Prize = Half of Funds Collected
    Second Prize = One Fourth of Funds Collected
    Third Prize = One Eighth of Funds Collected
    Fourth Prize = One Eighth of Funds Collected

    All of the money from the tickets that sell are included in the prizes. K7S does NOT take any money from the raffle. It is simply free gold.. Why, you might ask? We just love doing it.

    We also host Scavanger Hunts &amp; other fun giveaways.

    Every friday we participate in the Friday Night Hunt with Anne Nomilly and O*S.

    Guild privledges include (but are not limited to):

    Ventrilo (Voice chat server)
    Forum Boards
    Guild Meetings
    Guild House &amp; Box Access
    &amp; More.

    Our weekdays are usually "free for alls", which include anything from Peerlesses, Ilshenear Champ Spawns, and everything else you could possibly think of.

    We like to think of ourselves as a family.

    If you are interested in possibly joining us, please leave me a message at 174759044 and *please* put something in the Authorization box pertaining to the guild.
    Please keep posted on the Catskills calender for our upcoming events!

    Thank you [​IMG]
  16. Chinsei

    Chinsei Guest

    The Lost Society Of Mistas, has formed a Player Town of some 13 properties North West of Luna. We have tried hard to create skill-specific buildings like Tailor, Smithy, Alchemist etc, as well as non-specific buildings like our Chapel, Tavern and of course, Guild Hall. Come up and visit with us. We're very proud of our little piece of UO.
  17. Thanks to Vallend for stopping in and visiting our fair city
  18. The Kingdom of Connemara was a nation of prosperity and peace, led by a noble man with a different view on how people should be led. He believed that those within his governing were his charges, not his subjects. They should be protected, not ruled. He would give his people a structure and a direction, and would intervene on their behalf, but would grant them greater access to learning and luxuries than the rulers of other nations, as well as including them in all pertinent decisions. He was not so bold or conceited as to believe he had created a utopia, but his hope was that Connemara was something close.

    Many times, Connemara was invaded by nations who considered it weak for the way it relied on its people, or by those who were jealous of what King Durreah had created. The stalwart Emerald Guard redoubted every attempt. The walls of the keep were never once breached. That which many thought to be Connemara's weakness was its strength: its people were proud and dedicated rather than oppressed and ignorant. In fact, the eventual downfall of Connemara came from no other source than mistaken identity, but that is a story for another time.

    Today, the lands of Connemara are lost, but the nation lives on as an ideal. The once-and-future-King, Aedon Durreah, rises once more to rebuild that which he had lost. He sees before him a world that is lost in disarray, scattered across many continents. People fighting with each other with no clear concept of why they do so. Unjust and unfit rulers who either wontonly attack undefended nations or rot their lives swilling ale. He sees the once shining capital of Sosaria overrun, and no force rising to meet the danger.
  19. Oldschool Will Never Die (Ownd) - a guild for those who long for the days of old. Order vs. Chaos, tank mages and townies, the trinsic invasion, and any number of other relics of the past are more than just stories here. Looking for members, only those who walk the walk. Old school dress style; neon-clad beetle-riding elves need not apply.

    Also willing to ally with other old school guilds. Alliance would be named Co-ownd.

    ICQ 60408528 or find us in Skara and Vesper.

    Edit: rofl @ PGoH. So many years later and it's still funny.
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

  21. Hail, milords and miladies. You are hereby invited to the most grandiose event in Sosarian history. The Grand Opening of The Battle Arena on the Catskills shard-located in the swamp north of Trinsic in Trammel.
    We are currently looking for the very best one on one duellers for a new concept called The Battle Arena, in which we want to crown one champion as the very best fighter in all of Sosaria.
    The Battle Arena will be putting on its first display this Friday night, April the 6th at 9:00pm, EST. Please come and see what this is all about as Maximus Lozier battles Edward Delinden.
    If after watching the event you are interested in competing for The Battle Arena Championship please contact...
    [email protected]
    AIM: UOBattleArena
  22. Nema Tode

    Nema Tode Guest


    The horror that he brings, the horror of his sting,
    The unholiest of kings, The Black Widow.
    --- A.C.

    [/ QUOTE ]
    Awesome quote :)
    Ever listen to his radio show? Its a hoot :)
  23. "The Cats Alliance Trust (CAT) has begun!

    If you’d like to start a GRI Role-Playing (RP) guild, please do so. Remember to let me know so we can ally your guild to our other RP guilds. We need to do this quickly. So, even if your guild is only a glimmer in your eyes, start it up so we can ally immediately.

    You are invited to join one of the guilds we have created (see below) or to create a new guild with a theme you prefer.

    In CAT, so far, we have:

    Loyal Fury (TORM) – Kachina, GM
    Theme: "To deliver justice to the evil, dishonest, and wantonly destructive; to serve as the sword arm of justice &amp; the righteous fury of the just, enacting vengeful wrath on the evil and deceitful."
    Guild Color (for Events) – Crimson &amp; Blaze

    Ripple in the Pond (RIPL) – Poe, GM
    Theme: RIPL stands to remind us that we are responsible for our actions. Nothing we do affects us alone. A pebble thrown into a quiet pond produces ripples that reach from the place of impact all the way back to shore. Each person we meet, each monster we kill, even the roads we take all have an affect on another at some point. In the words of my “sister” I say to you, “Redemption the goal, Influence the prize.”
    Guild Color (for Events) – Invulnerability Blue &amp; Black

    Society of Shadows (S*S) – Bellal, GM (Mort in GRI)
    Guild Color (for Events) –

    Thanks! Go Team!

    Contact me: 207-625-694", Kachina

    It seems we need to ally all guilds before declaring war...
    It seems we cant ally anyone after we war one guild, is this true?

    So basic plan is this...
    - if you have a RP guild alone in the waters and you can ally and develop your own guild.
    - if you have ideas and you want to try them, you are welcomed.
    - if you see ways to develop the current guilds, go for it.

    The TORM guild welcomes all Paladins, we'll defend Haven and try to defend the Land...
    Once you reach Defender rank (finish all 8 virtue quests), you will be given Emmy status and the right to lead the guild... this was the way we found so everyone has an equal voice...
    The S*S guild are our first, hidden, line of defense... little is known about them...
    The RIPL guild is our core... still "under construction"... waiting for your ideas... your peebles in the lake of creation...

    More guilds are welcomed to join and have fun... but always under these basic three rules:
    - no foul language
    - no disrespect (please follow the common ROC)
    - no pking (unless under the common ROE)

    Diplomats have already been contacted and interaction started long ago...
    ex. the day the evil drow came to catskills, our exposure of the LICH plan, etc...

    Guess this is it for now...

    (ps: thank you melanie for calling me to defend the event yesterday... i had a blast fighting 11 vs 1... wasnt healthy but it was fun...)
  24. We are retired... :p

  25. Black Sun

    Black Sun Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Mar 19, 2003
    Likes Received:
    The Dragons Lair Vendors. Just outside Destard, Trammel. Stocking everything you need for a successful dungeon crawl.

    Bandages (both regular &amp; enhanced)
    Regs (both regular &amp; necro, bulk &amp; loose)
    Rez scrolls
    Potions (night sight, heal &amp; cure)
    Bags of Sending
    Translocation Powder
    Archery ammo
    Repair Deeds
  26. LadyCalina

    LadyCalina Guest

    -+-=-+- Bear Point -+-=-+-

    A player-run city of almost ten years, Bear Point consists of both private residences and a shopping district. It also boasts a men's club, women's club, tavern, and several rune libraries.

    Since its days of fame, BP has managed to maintain a fairly good business and even has some shops in Luna [​IMG] If you wish to set up a vendor with at any BP Luna shop, please PM me and I will pass on the message to the BP Founder.